Facial Mole Removal

Facial Mole On CheekFacial Mole Removal – Removal of Moles on Face

Are there DIY facial mole removal methods that really work?

How much is my mole removal going to cost me?

How will my facial mole look during the removal and after?

Will there be a scar? Does removing a mole hurt?

These are all of the questions I had when I finally decided enough was enough with my facial moles.

I did my homework and sifted through a lot of information on the web about facial mole removal and how to get rid of moles on your face (some of it very odd) and then tried some sensible natural facial mole removal remedies.

Learn a single method for mole removal that works amazingly well!

The good news is facial mole removal does not have to involve surgery (which I tried) or expensive lasers, but you must be a bit patient and you cannot be careless when using home treatments for facial mole removal. You do not want to rush things and end up with an infection or scar.

The way I look at it, I have had these moles for 40+ years. I can take a few days to get rid of them for good.

3 Approaches to Facial Mole Removal

1. Facial Mole Removal with Surgery. You may have thought surgery was your only option for body or facial mole removal. This is certainly an option, but it is only one of three main options you have.

You and your doctor can discuss different surgical procedures. The main options available will be to cut it off, burn it off (electrosurgery or electrocautery) or freeze it off (cryosurgery/cryoblayion).

Remove a mole without surgery how to easily remove a mole from your face without surgery

I had a mole on my inner leg cut off. The procedure went smoothly and the scar was visible, but small, mostly because that particular mole was up off the skin and attached by a stalk. If Mole Removal Scaryour mole is big you may need stitches, which will leave a scar. This is a top consideration with facial mole removal.

The problem was that my doctor did not tell me the cost to remove a mole using surgery. The mole removal cost me $400 and was not covered by insurance. Wow! Then to rub a little salt in the wound my doctor sent the mole to the lab to make sure it was not cancerous - another bill over $100.

2. Laser Facial Mole Removal. Another option is to get rid of a facial mole using a laser. This can be effective and while a scar may still appear, it will likely be less than through surgical removal.

There is a common misconception that laser treatment is this wonder treatment that removes moles or other blemishes without any visible scar. I caution you to ask your doctor for before and after photos of others who have used this method for facial mole removal. You may be surprised.

laser mole removal on faceThe challenge with laser mole removal is finding a doctor to perform the treatment and then paying for the facial mole removal procedure. This is typically the most expensive of your three options and unless the mole is suspicious, you may not be covered by insurance.

One other consideration with laser facial mole removal is that lasers may not penetrate deep into layers of the skin; therefore, a mole that has pigment layers below the skin surface, may not be completely removed.

3. Natural Facial Mole Removal. A nice alternative to surgical or laser facial mole removal is to use natural products that get to the root of the mole and remove it.

I do like solutions that are do-it-yourself and I did not even know natural facial mole removal at home was an option until after I had the surgical mole removal done on my leg.

Before & After Mole Removal. Read about natural mole removal methods and view before & after photos.

Facial mole removal is very similar to removing other skin blemishes. The secret is to expose the mole to ordinary home ingredients, but do it over time so the mole naturally recedes.

Because I had a facial mole that was located right above my upper lip, in a very visible part of my face, I wanted to Natural Supplies For Mole Removalmake sure I did not make matters worse with any home remedy. I researched quite a few options. There are a number of mole removal products that seemed worthwhile and some odd concoctions that I felt people just made up.

The Best Facial Mole Removal Solution - Removing Moles from Your Face

I found a great report called Moles, Warts, & Skin Tags Removal. I was partially drawn to it because my husband has skin tags, so I felt like I was getting more for my investment. Plus, I could return the report if it didn’t work for my money back.

I recommend you follow this report and experiment first with a mole on your chest or elsewhere on your body that has similar characteristics to the mole on your face. That way you can test it out and be certain of how it will look during and after the facial mole removal process.

It doesn’t take much to remove a mole; you prep the mole and then apply this paste from ingredients you can purchase for a few dollars at your local grocery store. It takes many applications, but the moles fade nicely, and when you follow the directions it does not scar or turn ugly.

I do recommend the mole removal report. It will save you money and here is a link for a special low price on the Moles, Warts, & Skin Tags Removal report. It is also nice because you can work at your own pace and comfort level.

Good luck with your facial mole removal! Let me know how you are doing and feel free to send me before and after photos.

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