Skin Moles Flaking

Flat WartCommon warts are skin growths caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV). The HPV virus causes a fast growth of cells on the outer layer of your skin. Common warts differ from moles in that they are not cancerous. Warts are usually harmless and often will fade away on their own. But you may find common warts troublesome or embarrassing, and you may want to find a treatment to rid yourself of the offending wart.

Common warts will usually grow on your hands or fingers. To help prevent common warts from spreading to other parts of your body or to other people you can seek various forms of treatments. Unfortunately, common warts may recur after treatment, and they could be a persistent problem.

Below are some types of wart which have been identified. These warts differ in shape and body location affected. These include

  • Common wart - a raised wart with roughened surface, most common on hands, but can grow anywhere on the body;
  • Plantar WartFlat wart - a small, smooth flattened wart, flesh-coloured, which can occur in large numbers; most common on the face, neck, hands, wrists and knees;
  • Filiform or digitate wart - a thread- or finger-like wart, most common on the face, especially near the eyelids and lips;
  • Plantar wart - a hard potentially painful lump, often with multiple black specks in the center; generally only found on pressure points on the soles of the feet;
  • Mosaic wart - a group of tightly clustered plantar-type warts, commonly on the hands or soles of the feet;
  • Genital wart - a wart on the genitalia.
  • Periungual wart - a cauliflower-like cluster of warts that occurs around the nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

    my skin is dry and i admit i scratch. like my skin flakes, my mole does too. is this normal?
    it's like a flake of skin comes off and it's darker pigmented. should i get this checked out or is it normal?

    • ANSWER:
      anytime a mole has iregular coloring in pigmentation and or is itchy / flakey it should be checked. better safe then sorry.

    what exactly causes skin problems?
    i men significant skin someone has ....say...lots of acne, moles, flaking, blackheads, cysts, blemishes, things like that.....

    is it really jsut bad luck..or is it caused by something internally??

    • ANSWER:
      I used Tetracycline, Proactive, Retina A and had many expensive facials with less than good results. This has worked for me and many many other happy people.

      Go to pharm., Drug store, or Wal-Mart, buy "PURPOSE" bar of soap - Blue box - Made by Johnson & Johnson - wash your face with this 2-3x's per day. Also pick up a LOW strength Benzoyl-peroxide cream, apply the cream by dabbing to the individual blemishes.... DON’T rub it in works using a oxidation/reduction reaction. It will unclog
      dry it out and bring it to a head...DON’T over use this or put anywhere else on your face. It will cause drying and make you look worse.

      Salicylates such as found in regular aspirin among other products work very similar but also remove layers of skin...other over the counter creams with this product will dry out pimples but maybe too hash and cause surrounding skin trauma..
      I have seen many people recommending crushing aspirin and making a paste which probably will dry out the blemish but again pretty strong and probably will cause more tissue damage and bigger scars as an anti inflammatory probably would take the redness out... again pretty harsh for sensitive skin.

      Also, If need which probably will for moisture ASK FOR "NUTRADERM lotion" - the original not the new stuff, this works great and wont clog pores or leave a residue on your skin...Any lotion that is completely oil free and hypo allergic should work but again I recommend Nutraderm. I have heard from people online that "Purpose" also makes a lotion that is good, Neutrogena, and Nivea make good products also. I recommend Nutraderm from experience and my dermatologist.

      "Purpose Bar" & "Nutraderm" are oil free and hypo allergic they contain no perfumes and are great for both men and women. I have also heard great reports of this soap helping improve skin tone. Some people recommend the "Purpose liquid soap" saying
      that the bar did dry out their skin some. The rational behind using the bar is that there are no ingredients in it that will clog pores, and according to dermatologists they recommend the Bar. I have also heard good responses from "cetaphil soap". These products are safe for all skin colors and tones. I highly discourage use of Proactive and other harsh chemicals for people with some natural color in their face due to the bleaching and drying effect it has shown in many many people.

      Additional TIPS: acne, pimples, etc are frequently cause by a bacteria or hormone issues that cause clogging of pores. DON’T PICK POP POKE (your hands are the dirtiest part of your body) and will cause: infections, spreading of germs, more breakouts and scarring
      DON’T EVER listen to people online who tell you to scrub your sensitive skin or use harsh chemicals such as: Lemon juice, vinegar, alcohol, etc... DON’T EVER use that APRICOT CRAP!!! DON’T USE PROACTIVE- this is expensive and harsh it may kill the bacteria because also Benzoyl based wash but will irritate skin and cause bleaching of face and neck.... Other similar treatments may work.. Also things such as Accutane but have SERIOUS side effects such as Major Depression, & birth defects in unborn children, among others
      If you wear make up make sure it is oil free, & hypo allergic...Eating healthy...Drinking plenty of water.. Changing pillow cases freq. ...avoiding dirty sports equip. such as helmets...can not hurt...Acne/pimples again are caused by pores/hair follicles becoming plugged up, this plugging then causes an inflammatory reaction - redness and infection (pimple) head is dirt or old oil trapped in pore, while a white head is the same thing you just don’t see the dirt instead you see white pus (lymphocytes that accumulate in the area to fight the infection) It has been shown in many studies this most often not caused by what you eat (chocolate etc... or how clean you are) but most often by either excess oils plugging pores or a bacteria on the skins surface. - Proactive works in some people because it is a strong Benzoyl peroxide based washed but is most freq. to strong
      for people with sensitive skin - this is why alot of people get excessive drying and flaking, rashes, bleaching or breakouts from the product. Retina-A does decrease the bacterial growth on your face but also removes dead/living skin, this can work well in some individuals and has been shown to reduce wrinkles and scars but again I feel this is pretty harsh on sensitive skin prone to breakouts. If you choose Retina-A never use this product during the day only at night due to the sensitivity it will give you to the sun. You must also get a prescription for this product and I really don't believe it is worth the damage it does to your skin. In some rare cases for very deep/large boils and cyst types
      of pimples oral antibiotics maybe needed but I would first recommend trying "purpose" and a low dose "benzoyl-peroxide cream" along with a good oil free moisturizer "Nutraderm... etc" this does work well.

      THIS WORKS FAST AND CHEAP!!! I no longer get expensive facials, take oral antibiotics, or even NEED makeup... I am very happy - Have very good skin... and have many many other happy friends... THANKS again to my WONDERFUL DERMATOLOGIST... TRY THIS!! GOOD LUCK.... PS. "PURPOSE" costs about ---------------------------------------------
      ----PSSS---sorry so long I have to keep adding more information to this to address common questions that always being asked....

      OK more additions to this here are 2 links to yahoo question and answers... given from people who used Alcohol and toothpaste and I just added Apple cider vinagar to try to cure pimples:;_ylt=AmzOIbplZR3F9am.9lClrzvsy6IX?qid=20070320000738AAGNkw4&show=7#profile-info-MykwsVrgaa;_ylt=AnI6PETXLwBFMhXf3GTNhRkAAAAA?qid=20070318151922AATb6bm&show=7#profile-info-cAExBdQdaa


    is there really a relationshp between skin heallth and inner well being?
    i ask becase my brother has always had very low self esteem...and depression...and has had almost ever skin problem imaginalable....

    lots of moles, acne, flaking, blackheads, cysts, white colorations.....

    and its just really odd to me.... and i heard recently how you feel can affect yuor skins health and stuff is there anytruth to that???
    he gets common warts al ot too, and skin pigmentations...

    • ANSWER:
      diet effects everything, i used to have really bad acne and low self esteam, i went to see a nutrionist and ever since i changed my diet(the biggest change adding more fruit and vegetables) my skin has improved i have more energy and feel so much better. I think your brother should consider doing the same a gp could point him in the right direction

    Should I be worried my abnormal looking moles are cancer?
    I have a couple of abnormal looking moles that I've been ignoring for a while, and I'm finally going to a dermatologist this Wednesday, and I'm freaking out nervous.

    I'd always heard that moles smaller than a pencil eraser are nothing to worry about (mine are just a little smaller), so that's why I've ignored them, but I was looking up stuff online, and they do fit several of the rest of the signs of cancer: abnormal coloring and shape, and occasionally flaking skin. So, I'm freaking out now, since I've been ignoring these moles for a while (probably the last year).

    I'm only 25, and I didn't even know until recently that someone my age could get skin cancer. I was actually watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians and found out that Khloe has had skin cancer, and I freaked out because she's a year older than me.

    So, I have a few questions:

    What are the chances that an abnormal mole is cancer? Is it possible to be showing the signs and it not even be cancer?
    What are the chances of it being melanoma as opposed to a less dangerous cancer? My friend's dad died of melanoma, and it's really freaking me out thinking about it.
    Also, most of the time do they just need to remove the mole, and that's it? I'm okay with that, but further treatment really scares me.

    • ANSWER:
      I think it's pretty easy to "imagine" the signs of skin cancer. I don't say that to be rude, I'm just saying I do that too. I have one on my shoulder right now I'm a little freaked about, but it will probably turn out to be nothing like the rest of them.

      In any case, freaking out isn't going to do you any good. You're getting them checked out, which is good. That's all you can do. So there's no use worrying. I'm sure they're nothing, especially if they're small like that.

      Even if they do find cancer, chances are they'll just cut the mole off and you'll be fine.

      And on the tiny chance it does turn out to be bad news, you're going to buck up and handle it like a woman! It's not a death sentence anyway, and you'll do what you have to do to get well. ;-)

    new moles, paranoia?
    I am paranoid about moles. Every time I see one that I don't think was there before, I get really scared. I'm 17 and have tanned skin (my mother is from Thailand). A few weeks ago I noticed a mole that I had never seen before, I don't know if it was there or not before because I never looked. Now I get really paranoid and look at my moles all the time, to try and see if they are changing or growing. This mole that I am worried about, its about 4mm big and dark brown, its slightly raised and oval shaped. After I scratched it for a while the skin around it flaked a bit, but it didn't bleed and it doesn't hurt. I'm scared of doctors so don't tell me to go to the doctor. It sounds ridiculous, right? Tell me I'm worrying over nothing. How can I chill out? I read alot about stuff I'm worried about, which seems to make it worse and put ideas in my head (like skin cancer). I read that 'rapidly changing' moles should be a worry, but what constitutes as rapidly changing? Help!
    also, I don't spend much time in the sun at all. I never sunbathe.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok first of all its common for new moles to appear around your age so stop panicking. Melanoma (skin cancer) are usually blackish moles that increase in size over some time. They also are not generally raised but tend to look like they are under the skin. My advice to you is not to panick and monitor your new moles if they spread to change colour at all get them checked out right away. but don't go to the doctor just because you've seen a new mole. New moles will pop up here and there in your life try not to pick at them because they can get infected and just monitor them for change in colour and shape OK! I'm sure your fine by what it sounds though

    What's wrong with my skin?
    This morning I woke up and saw that I had these 3 discolored mole things on my shoulder. I thought they were just flakes of skin so I tried to scratch them off but they're like attached to my skin. They're not that big but they look like little white bumps. It's not acne I'm sure. I've had some of these before and idk what they are and how I can get rid of them!

    • ANSWER:

    please take this simple poll?
    if a person you know had all sorts of skin lots of acne, moles, flaking, blackheads, cysts, bruises easil, etc....

    would you simply find that to just be terriby bad luck??? or would you think their is something wrong internally....and suggest a possible investigation???

    im just interested in you unprofessional first impression/instinct vote now..


    • ANSWER:
      they should probably see a dermatologist... there could be an underlying condition that can be treated...

    I have HORRIBLE skin please answer:/?
    Okay so I'm going to be 17 soon and just since the year that I turned 16 my skin has been HORRIBLE. People always think I'm so pretty but only because I wear alot of good qualty make up and usually only see people at night so there's always good lighting..But if they saw me during the day..with no make up on.. they wouldn't think I was so pretty then:| I have HUGE black heads..not just like 2 here and there..I mean all around my chin, all on my forehead, all on my cheeks, on my nose, and around my nose. I think it might be from using a gel cleanser but I'm not sure..there huge and gross especially in sun light, but there not really noticable after I put my make up on..Plus I have mild acne on my cheeks and forehead which is SO annoying..It's not bad with make up on but you know the texture thing its just gross and looks so bad with out makeup again..Plus I have sensitive skin or something I think because I have fair skin and it gets sooo red! like the creases around my nose is so red, and my cheeks get splotchy red. I have like 4 dark brown sun spots from this summer I never had before:| I have one on my temple that's really noticable, 2 little ones on my chin, and another one on my other temple that's a little lighter but I still notice it..I have 3 "indented" chicken pox scars from when I was like 5, two on my forhead and one by my hairline, like by my ear kinda. I just get up and look at myself everyday with no make up, and feel SO bad about myself. I always think why can't I just have normal skin like all the other girls my age..Plus I have a mole about the size of a pea on my forehead I think is totally gross..and pretty noticable veins and bags under my eyes. Most of the stuff I have is perminent I know which is why I feel so hopeless I think..I always think I wouldn't mind if I had *this if I just didn't have *this. like I wouldn't mind if I had pimples so much if I didn't have such reddness and blackheads or moles or whatever. I really want to get my mole removed, but my parents won't let me...Plus I have really dry skin. It gets like all flaky in the winter and I have to pick the flakes off, and then my skin gets EXTRA red for the next hour..I'm sick of feeling ugly:/ since my skin got bad and I have been wearing a little more make up to cover it people have been making comments about me "always having to look good" and they just act like I'm a super ficial shallow person or something which I'm really not... Just any expierence or any products you think could help would be much appreciated..

    xoxo Nicole♥

    • ANSWER:
      AWWW Nicole baby girl i feel your pain man..
      Try alpha hydroxy acid moiisturizers
      what they do is they take of the dead skin and reveal your beautiful complexion
      They are basically fruit acids like glycolic acid which is from sugar cane
      which dissolves the glue that is holding the dry flakey,blackheady pimpley skin on
      Trust me on this one
      it should take like a month sinse skin cells take 28days to regenerate

      A couple are
      Avon clearskin proffesional

      they also have a product that reduces eye bags and that..

      and kiss my face peaches and creme alpha hydroxy 8% check reviews of that too...

      Lil research here & there and your sorted

      Take care beautiful x

    Guinea Pig Skin Problems?
    I have noticed that one of my guinea pigs has very dry skin, some of it even flaky. Just like she has eczema or something. I have also noticed like a black mark on her, like she has a mole on her and this is also flaking. She doesn't seem to be in pain and she isn't itchin. I've made an appointment for the vets but I would just like to know if any other guinea pig owners has had the same problem and if so, what casued it?

    Many Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Could be mites, could be fungal, best let the vet decide as there are different treatments depending on the underlying cause. Could even be hormonal (might be a sign of ovarian cysts).

    Moles on my scalp. Should I see a doctor?
    I've got these two raised moles on my scalp and they're starting to worry me. I'm pretty sure I only used to have one. I don't know what colour they are or what shape or anything like that because I can't see them, but I asked my friend to look at them and she said they look very red and irritated. The skin on them peels off and flakes. I'm pretty sure they bleed sometimes too, but I can't be sure. They itch too. I'm barely able to wash my hair because it hurts to touch them. Do you think I should get them checked out?

    • ANSWER:

    My moles are falling off could that be a cancer symptom?
    I have had little red bumps on my arms and five of my moles have fallen of in the last week. They are on my arms and like flake off and then I get a sore that takes forever to heal and scars very bad. I am on acutane for acne control so my skin is very dry is that what could make them fall off? I have been really tired lately and had low back pain and stomach pain but those could be symptoms on anything. I am only sixteen and I don't think that someone my age could really have a problem like this. I mean I have never even been in a tanning bed so why is my skin all weird?

    • ANSWER:

    Could this be skin cancer?
    I'm a 20 year old female.

    For as long as I can remember, I've had a small mole on my stomach. It started off a brown/tan color but a few years ago, it got darker to the point of it being black. At the time, we just thought it got darker, no big deal.

    Within the last couple of weeks, the mole seems to have gotten even darker and is now looking different. It feels as though it is a scab, and is flaking off. When I itched it a few days ago (out of pure instinct, not on purpose), something black flaked off of it. It is tender to the touch, so I just leave it alone.

    A friend was recently diagnosed with Melanoma, which is what made me think it could possibly be skin cancer. I have fair skin & have never been able to tan, which I heard were things that put you at a higher risk for cancer.

    Is this something I should be concerned about - or am I just overthinking it?

    • ANSWER:

    Weird mole due to hormones/BC or skin cancer??
    About a week ago I noticed that a mole I have had for as long as I can remember had turned slightly red around the edges and seemed like it was slightly growing/spreading out. The skin was not raised any more than usual, however about 2 days after the initial sight, it had like a tiny scab/dry spot that flaked off.

    I am unsure why it has changed so suddenly. All of the research I have done shows that it may either be due to skin cancer (which I have a history of in my family) or hormonal changes (I started Birth Control about 3 weeks before I noticed the change).

    I have consulted my doctor who can remove it, but she is unsure what the problem is. I can have it sent in for a biopsy, but I don't know if it is worth the money and effort, not to mention a noticeable scar.

    Does anyone know if BC can cause such a sudden change? Is it harmful to me? Should I remove it and have the scar there if it is just the BC? I can't get into the dermatologist so I'm with a general practioner.

    • ANSWER:
      I have alot of moles and have been on birth control for several years. The birth control has never affected my moles in any way. Is the mole on an area of your body that you may just have scratched it or clothing irritated it? If not you should really see your doctor. I have had two moles removed and sent for biopsy and they don't leave a huge scar. The scar to me actually looks better than the mole. If you have a history of skin cancer, you really should'nt play around with it. If you are worried about the cost of the biopsy, think about how much treatment could cost if it is skin cancer and you put off getting it treated? Good luck, hope everything works out for the best.

    Diabetes? Lupus? MS? What's causing all of these symptoms and pain? Started with a simple hairline fracture?
    I hairline fractured my Left arm Radius about 3 weeks ago. At first I thought it was a sprain or bruise so I didn't have it looked at immediately. My hand had been tingling and feeling numb and as the pain increased my fingers got colder and started turning blue, so I went to the dr. They confirmed it was a hairline fracture, it was affecting vascularity and had injured the radial nerve. I have developed wrist and finger "drop" (Radial Nerve Palsy) since the injury, but I have also been having a lot of other symptoms appear. I have peripheral neuropathy in my other extremities and I've been very sensitive to heat and cold. My hands will get ice cold and discolored for no reason. I've been having very dry, cracking, peeling and flaking skin, especially on my hands, feet and face. I don't know if it's fluid retention or just swelling but from the waist down there is excessive swelling and is painful in my feet and ankles. And over the last 3 days black spots have been popping up all over my chest, torso, back and arms with only a few on my face or legs. They look like black pimples under the surface or moles almost, they seem to have a "root" and only retract back into the skin when squeezed. What could be causing all of this?? I know nerve damage takes time to heal but this feels like more than just nerve damage. And i can't find any other skin conditions that look like what I have. Any help, ideas, suggestions are very appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn't sound like MS, and I am not familiar enough with the symptoms of diabetes or lupus to give you a proper answer there, but you need to go for another doctor check-up right away and make sure you inform the doctor about all your new symptoms.

      All the best to you.

    An already strange looking mole got sunburned.?
    I ad a dark brown mole (round, not big or special) on my back. A few years ago it got a little lighter and the pigments around it in a circle seemed to die. So it then was a round, light brown one with a white ring around it.. I saw a skin doctor about it and he said it looked ok but that I should 'keep en eye on it'..

    This is 3 years ago now, last week I got sunburned on that area but didnt think much of it- today the skin felt weird and and gave it a light scratch and the skin came off (flaking, normal after a sunburn I thought) but it was ONLY over the mole and the skin now feels constantly moist and the mole is red not brown? Is this because of the sunburn and will pass or should I check it out..

    The skin around is already turned tanned and is no longer burned, only the red mole now :s

    • ANSWER:
      go to the dermatologist to have it looked at

    What is it and how do i remove it?
    I had a little bump under my skin under my eyebrow and i poked and scraped at it to see if it would go away but now it has turned into a big lump that looks like a mole and it bleeds whenever i poke it or try to get rid of it, it looks like bunched up skin and sometimes small bits flake off.

    I want to know what it is and how do i get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:

    Continues itching, somebody please help me!?
    I've had this uncontrollable itching now for the past 3-4 days, I noticed a small rash appear about a week back which was located on the right side of my hip, it started to get bigger and was about 2 inches wide. It has started to heal and it appears now as small red scabby bits of flaked skin but there is still a small amount of redness and itching. I keep getting the itching around the rash I also have 2 moles located one below the rash which is quite large and another one above which is quite small and I have been trying to avoid scratching this area because I don't want to accidentally pick the moles. I also have itching in the following places, between my belly button and penis, my upper chest my left side of my hip including the right where the rash is that's where it itches the most. My stomach, upper legs and thighs on both sides, my head, my feet and toes occasionally itch is well. The most amount of itching is actually coming from the right side of my hip where the rash is located. My parents have told me this is a heat rash but I'm not all to sure about that, this is really annoying me and also worrying me because it's keeping me awake at night where I'm constantly itching, I also sometimes get bad headaches located at the back of my head and very sweaty hand and feet if this helps at all. If this continues and gets worse I'm going to seek medical attention as this is getting on my nerves and also worrying me.
    Also forgot to say that the itching is also at the back of my eyes and nose is well and also my testicles. I also had a cold bath this morning and washed the rash gently with aloe vera soap.

    • ANSWER:
      You should see a doctor as soon as possible. It's impossible to say over the internet what this might be, but with the intensity of itching and the speed of spreading, this needs to be looked at right away.

      In the meantime while you are waiting for an appointment, you can try taking benadryl (generic is very inexpensive) to help with itching. Beware that benadryl will make you very sleepy. However I would suggest getting to your doctor's office or an urgent care today, rather than trying to wait it out. If you are going to a doctor, don't take the Bendaryl right before you go in there.

    How do i remove a mole with no surgery?
    basically , i had a big black mole on my face , i hated and was bullied for , so i tried out the garlic method of mole removal , it scabbed over and seemed to have shrunk , though it burnt my skin around the mole , an day 5 this all scabbed over including the skin around it , the scabby skin around started to flake off first , but i pulled a bit of the scab off , the mole seemed to have massively shrunk , though the garlic burn around it slowly started turning light grey and grew , somehow the scabby area near the mole i peeled off also turned into the mole now the mole is a small black area with a bigger light grey area around it

    im so dissapointed and scared to look in the mirror

    anyone got any ideas of how i can naturally remove it with no surgery because i cant afford it

    • ANSWER:
      The Procedure

      The area to be treated should be cleaned. The mole then, must be lightly scratched with a needle or pumice stone so that the formula can penetrate. The mole removal cream is then applied to the mole and remains on for the set time for that specific formula. A scab should appear within 24-48 hours which should NOT be removed prematurely. The scab will fall of naturally revealing healthy skin underneath.

      When the formula is working, a mild to strong stiging sensation will be felt. If this is not felt, the mole should be scratched with a needle slightly deeper. This is not very painful nor does it require anesthesia or numbing cream.

      Typically, the mole should recede or start to scab within 24 hours. The scab may take 7-10 days to fall off. After the scab has fallen off there may be slightly red tissue which is typical after a scab, this color should disappear with clear skin showing within 30 days.

    Help me become a cross between a Classic Beauty, a Goth and an English Rose?
    So here's the thing. I'm in love with all three of the above styles. I think that each one is beautiful. However, I'm not entirely sure if it's possible, I could do with a little bit of help and some advice on how to make it work.

    I love the timeless look about Classical Beauty, the fresh faced, well looked after, elegance that comes with it.

    With Gothic Beauties, I love the mysterious, dark, sensual, almost troubled look. More romantic goths than anything, not the cyber ones.

    And English Roses. All you need to do is just look at them.. The way the hold themselves together, there clear pale skin, the tiny hint of pink in there cheeks, classic bone structure, the way they walk, the way they talk.

    Things I'm needing advice on:

    How to have my hair - Cut - Colour - Styles?

    What ways to wear my make up? Inc nails ect.

    What clothing would be appropriate? Dresses - Jeans - Tops - Shoes - Boots - Ect.

    The types of jewellery I should wear? Crosses (plain silver on on a piece of black ribbon perphaps?) - Earrings - Rings - Bracelets

    Also, how can I incorperate my style into my small (about 11 ft by 9 ft) bedroom? What kind of bedding, what kind of curtains, what decorations ect..

    I'm caucasian and have really pale skin, slight pink hint to my cheeks (I live in England and I hate fake tan).

    I have LOTS of pale tan freckles on my face, mainly around my nose and cheeks but they spread out onto my forehead and chin (they're more flakes than dots, if that makes sence and you can only really notice them from about 1 or 2 foot away).

    I have dark brown eyes, (that sometimes look like the have a hint of red in them, othertimes they look like they have a hint of gold/green in them, but mainly they're just brown).

    My hair is currently a dark reddy brown, but my natural hair colour is a medium/dark cooler coloured brown. It's waist length but it really needs cutting, about 4 inch off to get rid of my bad ends. I have layers from my sholders down and no fringe, my parting changes alot (I have a habbit of running my fingers through it and it just parts wherever it wants), oh and when it's all one length it's straight, but when I have layers it goes slightly wavy at the ends.

    I'm about 5ft7
    I have small hands and feet (U.K size 5) - Don't know if this is relevent, but maybe shoes that will look better on smaller feet? Or something like that..

    And I have a lot of small flat brown moles on my skin, well about 20 on each arm, 2 on my back, 2 on my stomach and a few on my legs - They are the small flat non-hairy ones that look like large freckles. They don't look all that bad, I've seen much worse.

    Sorry btw I know I'm not making alot of sence/rambling.

    Thanks for bothering to read (:
    Oh, yeah, thanks for the answers already, but I forgot to mention I'm wanting to go for a more old fashioned feel as apposed to a modern one.

    • ANSWER:
      Hair : a bob, fringe, dark low lights going through it.
      Face : red lipstick (depends on if you can wear makeup well) Pink rosy blush on the cheek bones, and if you want to look classic, then nude tone eyeshadows.

      Maybe some black skinny jeans, with a nice colourful top to incoperate that english look, and some white added to that to make it look classic and soft.

      Maybe for your gothic style you could add a black rug, some posters of anyone famous who is egdy and who you aspire to be like.
      For classic beauty maybe some paintings of audrey hepburn or marlyn monroe?
      bedding maybe, a face? something to make your room look more on edge, and id incorperate some english rose in there with, maybe an english flag painting stick a rose on it, get artist make it represent you and your style.

      You should try and go into a interior shops around your area, and look at things you'd like to put in your bedroom that you feel would blend in with everything your looking for.
      Also maybe go to a makeup counter, ask one of the artists what they think would suit your skin tone and eyes.
      Hope ive helped. :)

    Urgent help with removed mole area on shoulder?
    O.K., about 4 days ago I had a massive mole removed from my shoulder. They burned it shut, and everything was Okay. Well, we cleaned it with alcohol as directed, and put a waterproof bandage over it with a neosporin pad. Well, I'm guessing when I got in the shower a bit of moisture locked into it, and me being stupid took it off 5 hours later, instead of right after. We took it off, and it was very moist, and the scab was gone from it being burned. O.O So, now it is still an open wound because it's tissue, and it's kind of white looking. We cleaned it with alcohol, and we're waiting for it to dry out. Right now it appears that there's a dark color underneath the tissue or whatever the white stuff is, and a white-ish film over it. Is it infected? Or did the scab just flake away from moisture? Now it's just a white-ish gaping hole! I don't really like using the bandages anymore because they stick like freaking glue, but my mom says that if I wear one in the shower, take it off after, then sleep with it on, it will be fine if we clean it regularly with alcohol. it hurts in the area when I moved I'm guessing because it's open tissue, but it's clean. Is it normal for the scab to fall off a little early? I mean it was dry, black, burnt skin, so I guessed that it would soon. It would be much appreciated if you know about moles being removed, or have had experience with it and know what you're talking about in an answer.


    • ANSWER:
      The keys to healing a wound are simple. Keep it covered, keep the wound moist and the adjacent skin dry. Avoid using things like alcohol,peroxide or Betadine as these have been shown to inhibit, not promote healing. Letting the air get to a wound also causes it to dry out which creates a scab which prevents the healthy cells from filling in the base and also prevents the elastic skin edges from pulling the wound together. As far as the effect of the shower, letting the water simply run over the wound will not hurt it but scrubbing it will cause more damage. SImply apply a new dressing with topical antibiotic cream or ointment daily and it should heal fine.

    There is a lump on my guinea pig that looks like an oat flake?
    I felt this lump on her yesterday, and looked at it today. I was terrifed to find a on top of the skin lump, that resembles an oat flake because of a black mark. It also kinda reminds me of a mole that was slighty picked away from the skin.
    It's soft, but very small, I'm afraid it's a tumor. but it doesn't seem to cause her pain

    She has another lump, but she's had it for a while. it's hard and under the skin, it's not growing, and doesn't cause her pain, and I diagnosed it as a abbess.

    She's only 3, and I have a separation anxiety issue.
    I think it may have to do with not getting enough Vitim C
    What should I do, and what is it?

    also, I'm only 14, and we are having a money issue now, keep that in mind.
    I just realized her abbsess is this lump, and 3 different adults say it is a 'Guinea-mole'
    and now that I look closer, it does look more like a mole then a tumor.

    • ANSWER:
      There are 3 different things that it could be and all are serious, i do however think you probably are on the right line of thinking. I have a quite long print out from the Davis School of Veterinarian which covers the diet of guinea pigs, i would be happy to e-mail you a copy of it you contact me at It is to long to put on this site, hopefully it will guide you to getting your guinea pig back to health.The really net thing is most of the foods high in C can be grown in your own back yard and will cost you nothing.

    What is this spot I have?
    Last night I noticed I have a dark brown spot on my left lower knee cap. It's very very small and looks like a thumb tack prick. It's a little bit red around it but I think that's from where I picked at it last night to see what it was. I thought it might be a scab, but I picked it and it didn't come off.

    Is this just a freckle? If so, why have I not seen it there before? Can freckles randomly appear in places you haven't had them before?
    This isn't a cancer sign is it? I ask that because I read something about this type of cancer called Melanoma. The symptoms are -

    A new, possibly large, irregularly shaped, dark brownish spot with darker or black areas.

    A simple mole that changes in color (particularly turning darker), size (growing), or texture (becoming firmer), and/or flakes or bleeds.

    An unusual lesion with an irregular border and red, white, blue, gray, or bluish-black areas or spots.

    Shiny, firm, dome-shaped bumps that are new, changing, or unusual anywhere on the body.

    Dark lesions under the fingernails or toenails, on the palms, soles, tips of fingers and toes, or on mucous membranes (skin that lines the mouth, nose, vagina, and anus).

    I have a couple moles, but I don't think they've changed at all and they haven't flaked or bled. I haven't had any shiny things like mentioned on my body or odd colored lesions, and they haven't been dark lesions on any parts mentioned that I've noticed.

    So that spot on my knee isn't cancer is it? Is it just a regular freckle or is it something I should be scared about?
    Freckles don't just appear? I know I do have some freckles and even a couple moles/birth marks... but I just haven't noticed one one my knee before.

    I'm really scared because what if it WAS cancer. I don't wanna die =(
    I just looked up some pictures of what Melanoma looks like... mine looks nothing like that. None of my freckles/moles/birth marks do. But I'm still scared - what if this is just an "onset" of it and it really DOES end up being cancer? I don't have a family history of any cancers, so am I ok?
    I never tan by laying out in the sun for hours or from going to tanning beds/salons. I've never wanted to be tan because I don't think it'd fit me very well. I don't go out in the sun much at all. When it's real hot and sunny out, I'd rather stay some where cool. So does that help me stay away from getting Melanoma?
    I was looking at some risk factors of Melanoma and it said stuff like personal history *if you have many moles or unsual moles, called dysplactic nevi, if you have had melanoma before or other types of skin cancers*, family history *close relatives - parents, kids, sibblings who have had melanoma*, and fair skin. Well, my history is pretty good. I only have 2 moles *one of my left side and one one my right arm*, and I've never had Melanoma or any other cancers. My family history is clean too. But what did scare me is the fair skin part. Beside where it said "Fair skin" it reads - "Less pigment (melanin) in the skin offers poorer protection against UV radiation. People with light hair and light-colored eyes who have skin that tans poorly or freckles, or those who burn easily, are two to three times more likely to develop melanoma."
    I'm pale and have blonde hair. My eyes are a icy greyish blue, I don't tan too good and I do have freckles. So does that mean I'm at a major risk for it?
    It said for prevention - reducing exposure to UV radiation, particularly through sun exposure, lowers the risk of melanoma. This is important for people of all ages and is especially important for people who have an increased risk of melanoma. Sun damage builds up over time. Steps to reduce sun exposure, avoid sunburn, and help prevent many cases of melanoma include: Limiting or avoiding sun exposure between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, wearing sun-protective clothing, including a hat that shades the face, neck, and ears. Clothes made of fabric labeled with UPF (UV protection factor) may provide better protection. UV-protective sunglasses are also recommended. Using sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher throughout the year and reapplying it often, especially after heavy perspiration or being in the water, examining the skin regularly (examinations by a health-care professional and self-examinations), avoiding use of sun lamps, tanning beds, and tanning salons.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like a spider bite or an ingrown hair.

    Abandoned kitten found with eyes closed, umbilical cord and yellow dried flakes?
    So I was running through my yard with my dog when he stops to sniff what I thought was a dying mole with FLIES all over it! I thought it was a dying adult mole with rot on it cause of the way it moved and the YELLOW FLAKES on it's skin! Eventually I picked it up with a towel and found it was an infant kitten that retorted with a HUGE fearful "MEW!" It still has its umbilical cord so I'm a bit alarmed to see this. The vets are closed now but I managed to buy a formula and other required items after doing extensive research.

    PLEASE NOTE: I just want to know what are those yellow dried flakes that attracted the flies. It's crusty and slowly peeling off of the kitten but I can see a thinner layer underneath the fur (all over the back!) Is this the mother's fluid?? Should I wipe it with a cloth or leave it?? Is this normal??

    Thanks for your time...
    Lol thanks for the common sense answers. Naturally I'll keep it away from my Maltese puppy (along with another feral kitten I managed to befriend, from the same mother I assume.) Anyway, I did research that says there are ways to keep it alive without the help of an immediate vet.. so I'll go by the guide. Just wanted to know what were those flakes... O.o
    DANCES WITH CATS; Thanks a lot for the advice! Yeah I read that the newborn will need to bed fed every TWO to THREE HOURS (yikes!) looks like I've hopped into motherhood. Heh. Plus helping it burp and defecate along the like will keep me busy for quite some time. Just wish the research would explain the crust.. I guess the vet will tell me in the morning. And probably as someone else said, the mother's secretion.

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with DANCES WITH CATS. The flakes sound like the amniotic sac that came out with the kitten and it dried out. Normally, they come out with the sacs covering them and then the mother bites them off and eats them. The thing I'm wondering about is how the poor kitten ended up in your yard. It obviously was abandoned. In the meantime, you can clean it off with a cloth just like the mother would when she cleans her kittens after they are born. I do recommend taking it to a vet as soon as you can to make sure it's all right and thank you for rescuing the kitten.

    my life is in ruins and i need a super hero.?
    i have many things wrong in my life right now and i need help from people who are willing to give me serious advice only .

    the first thing wrong with me is the way i look. my hair is always greasy with pretty bad dandruff flakes (which makes it hard to shop for shirts) and i let my mom cut my hair (because of our life style, which i'll talk about later). Then, my whole body has pealing skin but my face has it the worst. my teeth are pretty yellow from years of not taking care of them, plus their really crooked. when i'm older i think i just might get my lips plumped with some surgery. my skins white and when i go tanning i get burnt and get a lot of moles. my finger nails are really short, some people have told me they Look Like a retards finger nails (because its easier to take care than to worry about they're nails). i hate my eye color so i wear fake contacts.

    the second thing is my life style i live in an apartment with no pool for the summer. we are really poor so i buy stuff from goodwill and thrift stores and most of the other girls make fun of me all the time because of it (so i started cutting myself). my mom is a druggie and she beats me most of the time. my dad left us when i was a baby. my big brother is an alcoholic and he always brings these violent men into the house. my sister has cancer and all the money is going to her hospital bills. my cat just died a couple months ago. i've only had one best friend in my life when i was seven and her mom drove her away. i like this one guy, but he likes this other girl who sleeps around with everyone and my close friend really likes him, and i do too. i puke in the toilet everyday because i think he'd like me better if was skinny.

    i try and stay positive about everything but i'm just doing what i think is right. if you could give me any other advice to help me with my life, please write it down. if you really want to help, please contact me

    • ANSWER:

    Do I have cancer or is it just a weird new mole?
    Over the past half a year or so I developed a new mole type thing on my arm, it just grew out of nowhere, at first i thought it might be a wart, but then it turned pinkish/brownish red, and its slightly raised but smooth. its shaped like a circle, kind of blending into the skin around it. sometimes the edges flake a bit. i went to the doctor and he took a quick look and said it was a mole... but i cant stop worrying about it, ive never had a mole that just came out of nowhere before, and its a dif color than my other ones. Could it be cancer.. maybe something else? or should I just take the doctors word for it? Also Im 20 years old. Thanks oh also its just a bit smaller than a pencil eraser.

    • ANSWER:
      well if you don't trust your doctor you can get a second option but I would think if he said it was okay as long as it didn't grow since then or change shape you should be okay

    mole with white?
    it is usually brown but when I take a shower it has a white color over it, if I run it with my finger it just flakes off (like dead skin) and then is brown again

    whats going on? its been doing this for a while

    • ANSWER:
      I had one of those and when I had it checked it was basal cell carcinoma, a common and treatable form of skin cancer. Go get it removed pronto!

    weird lump in naval help?
    there is a weird brown on my bellybutton. it looks like a normal mole you would get on your skin but its a weird shape, risen, crusty round the edges and quite blotchy coloured. sometimes bits flake off? its probably about 4mm in diameter. ive had it as long as i can remember but its just gone crusty recently it used to be wobbly. can someone tell me what this is?

    • ANSWER:
      Moles that must be checked out urgently

      There are definite signs that a mole is suspicious and should be seen by a doctor. You should go to the doctor straight away if you have a mole that is

      * Getting bigger
      * Changing shape, particularly getting an irregular edge
      * Changing colour – getting darker, becoming patchy or multi-shaded
      * Itching or painful
      * Bleeding or becoming crusty
      * Looking inflamed

    Im really worried, what could this be?
    Over the past half a year or so I developed a new mole type thing on my arm, it just grew out of nowhere, at first i thought it might be a wart, but then it turned pinkish red with a little bit of yellow in the center, and its slightly raised but smooth. its shaped like a circle, kind of blending into the skin around it. sometimes the edges flake a bit. i went to the doctor and he took a quick look and said it was a mole... but i cant stop worrying about it, ive never had a mole that just came out of nowhere before, and its a dif color than my other ones. Could it be cancer.. maybe something else? or should I just take the doctors word for it? Also Im 20 years old.

    • ANSWER:
      I would get more than just diagnosis. I suggest you make an appointment with another doctor.

    Oozing, bleeding, scabbed over mole?
    Ok, this weekend I notice that my mole on my cheek, which has been there my entire life, had a bump in the middle of it. I thought maybe it was a pimple, but I NEVER get pimples or have ever had acne. (21 yrs old) Anyways, I scratched at it a little and it started oozing a clear fluid. I thought pimple's pus was white or yellowish. I tried not to mess with it but it continued to ooze. Today I was sitting in class and rubbed my face and noticed dry blood flaked off of it and was curious because I hadn't messed with it or scratched it to make it bleed. About 2 hours later I did scratch it and it continuously bled, blood running down my face. I asked my mom what she thought and she said it could have possibly just been a pimple that popped up there and somehow got infected. Any explanations? Do you agree with her? I'm a paranoid hypochondriac so of course my first thought is skin cancer. I don't have time to see a dermatologist though, finals next week at university.

    • ANSWER:
      Phone NHS Direct for some proper advice. 0845 4647.

    Could this be skin cancer?
    I'm a 20 year old female.

    For as long as I can remember, I've had a small mole on my stomach. It started off a brown/tan color but a few years ago, it got darker to the point of it being black. At the time, we just thought it got darker, no big deal.

    Within the last couple of weeks, the mole seems to have gotten even darker and is now looking different. It feels as though it is a scab, and is flaking off. When I itched it a few days ago (out of pure instinct, not on purpose), something black flaked off of it. It is tender to the touch, so I just leave it alone.

    A friend was recently diagnosed with Melanoma, which is what made me think it could possibly be skin cancer. I have fair skin & have never been able to tan, which I heard were things that put you at a higher risk for cancer.

    Is this something I should be concerned about - or am I just overthinking it?

    • ANSWER:

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