Skin Moles Scabs

The procedures of removing moles can be ugly, pain-staking, and expensive. The last thing we want to do is pay a lot of money in clinical fees to have a mole painfully removed and a scar to be left in its place. It is important for us to know that freezing moles is a great alternative as compared to surgical removal of moles.

In the process of freezing off a mole, liquid nitrogen is used. Nitrogen gas changes to liquid at a temperature that is below -320 Celsius. This is applied to a cotton swab or sprayed directly onto the mole. While it may sound harmful, it is generally a successful method of mole removal, allowing the affected area to heal over after 2 weeks.

Whether a mole is cancerous or not, the freezing method is effective in thoroughly targeting and destroying the mole's cells. Unlike surgery where the skin is usually cut off, there is no need for stitches as there is no wound left behind afterwards. The area may blister within a period of 2-3 days after the procedure. Scarring is rare, yet in some cases is a possibility. It is important to take care of the wound to ensure that you avoid infection developing. You must keep the area covered, and avoid touching or picking the blister that is expected to form a few days after treatment. This is normal. Be sure to follow your doctor's advice after the procedure. If the are becomes painful and the blister does not dry or scab off within 5 days, see your doctor as soon as you can.

If you would like to avoid the inconvenience of clinical fees, risks of scarring, and the discomfort of clinical procedures, click here to get your guide to 100% natural methods that are a better, safer, and more pleasant alternative to freezing moles.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Do i have skin cancer if my moles turn into scabs?
    If i have a mole that turns into a scab then back into a mole in several places in a short period of time do i have skin cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      changing moles are something that should be checked out. If suspicious, the doctor will remove and have a biopsy done. If pre-cancerous or cancer cells are present, then your other moles and skin will be watched more closely.

      Better to have it checked out than ignore it.

    I cut my freckles/moles top skin off until it bleeds and scabs and comes off?
    Does anyone else do this? Like, you know how freckles/moles are brown? I just use nail scissors or clippers and make cuts in them until they come off and bleed. I like to see the blood. Is this normal? :

    • ANSWER:
      which i am getting accustomed to but i have these huge gross looking mole/big freckle things on my arms and i just recently cut the skin off (scissors sterilized at home) there to let it scab over. I keep opening up the scab though cuz i guess i love it. THe more bleeding and bigger scab the better.

      Heres mine:

    Is a mole than sometimes scabs/bleeds a sign of skin cancer?
    I'm going to the dr soon. I was just wondering.

    • ANSWER:

    Questions About Moles? (Skin)?
    What is the reason causing moles to never disappear? Do moles stay with you forever? Can moles be kind of red like a scab? Because I have this red looking thing under my skin and it looks like a scab and it is not circular. It's not even connected, it's like little really tiny scabs next to each other.

    • ANSWER:
      Moles don't really stay with you forever. My monroe moon appeared at like 5 years old. Moles can indicate cancer. You might want to ask your doctor. I don't know about the scab thing.

    What type of skin rash would leave moles/freckles afterward?
    7 years ago, the back of my knee broke out in a horribly itchy, red bumpy rash. I chalked it up to Texas heat at the end of May, but once the rash cleared up a couple of days later, I was left with a sprinkling of large freckles/moles in that area. I've never thought much of it because the itchy rash hadn't returned. Until now... sort of. It's not red or overwhelmingly itchy, but more of a dry skin kind of itch periodically. I've been keeping my skin moisturized and it's only this small patch that is the problem. The spots have also become slightly raised and seem to be dryer than the surrounding skin, feeling almost scab-like around the edges.

    I'm generally healthy, drink plenty of water, don't spend time in the sun unprotected, and have no other issues with my skin or body. I can't figure this one out, though.
    I should mention that it would not have been a sunburn as I am not the type to ever wear shorts or skirts that would've exposed that part of my body to the sunlight. The rash appeared overnight (the night before I graduated high school) so I kind of thought it might be stress-related (combined with the heat) at that point.

    • ANSWER:
      Just sounds like a sunburn to me. Sunburn/sunlight causes freckling and moles on a good portion of the population. The dryness could just be the weather, sun, or maybe eczema.

    I have a scab like mole could it be skin cancer ?
    Ive always thought it was beauty mark then notice it's starting to feel like a scab and maybe have grown a tinny bit my daughter even thinks it's a scab and trys to pick it off . Could it be skin cancer .

    • ANSWER:
      Check the ABCD's.
      A=asymmetry, one half unlike the other half of your mole.
      B=Border, if your mole looks like it's no longer round and in fact going outside it's usual borders.
      C=Color, varied from one area to another, shades of tan and brown, black; Sometimes white, red or blue
      D=Diameter, greater than 6mm, but can be smaller.
      E=Evolving, looks different from the rest or changing in size, shape, color.
      All of these signs could point to skin cancer melanoma. However it is normal for moles to surface if none of the ABCDE's apply. You might want to go to your doctor and get a referral about your mole, and have it checked out by a skin doctor. The removal is very short and painless. I have done it for same reason. It turned out to be nothing as I figured, however it's better to get rid of it now then to chance it in the future because any mole has a chance to mutate.
      Hope this helped.

    URGENT! scab or mole?skin cancer concern please help?
    Is it a scab or a mole?
    about two weeks ago I noticed a black mole-ish think on the back of my arm. I didn't bother too much with it. Just now I was itching it and the top layer came off. Now it's just this little crater and my whole upper arm feels sore from it. It's very shiny and there is a little black dot in the middle. A little bit of pus has been coming out of it. I wouldn't be worried, except that i don't remember injuring myself there. I'm only 14 and i don't have a history of skin cancer in my family. please help??!!?

    a 14 year old girl, btw, if that makes any difference.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to get a medical opinion on this soon, skin cancer is extremely rare in teenagers but any unusual mole that bleeds needs checking out.

    Pink & Yellow Skin after Mole Removal?
    I have recently had 2 moles removed, both scabs have fallen off. One of them is slightly red however healing well with new skin appearing.
    However the other 1 has pink outter skin colouring, but in the middle there is a light yellow patch and i was wondering whether that will heal and fade or is that a scar?

    Thank You :)

    • ANSWER:
      is better to listen to the opinion of an expert

    How long does it take for skin to heal if i get mole removed?
    How long does it take for the skin to completely heal after a mole is removed? Will it leave a scar?

    Also, does it make a scab as the mole falls out or do you come out of the doctor's appointment with a "hole" where the mole used to be?

    It's a facial mole that I'm thinking of removing. I don't want to look like a monster as the skin is healing.

    Any info would help, thanks

    • ANSWER:
      It shouldn't be too bad. Are you planning on visiting a plastic surgeon for this? He will probably excise the skin, leaving what you call, a "hole". If your doctor knows what he's doing and sutures it correctly you should be just fine. The sutures will come out in about 10 days. It will look "healed" in about a week. You shouldn't be left with much of a scar. Skin takes about a year to heal COMPLETELY, but you will by no means look like a "monster" until then.

    If a mole is skin cancer, will it get bigger?
    I've got like a small flesh colored mole on my shoulder, and there's a brown spot on top of the mole. The mole is perfectly round, but the little spot isn't and it's different shades of brown, which worries me. I just recently noticed it like yesterday. I think i've been thinking it was a scab since I have a bad habit of picking at things on my skin.

    If its skin cancer, will the brown part get bigger? Right now it's like the size of a dot made by a thick pen.

    • ANSWER:
      I certainly would go to a physician or nurse and have them assess that mole, for certain, Growth of the mole might not be outward- it might grown INTO your skin, where you cannot see it.

      Here is an excerpt from the National Cancer Institute's website. I will leave the url link below.

      Dysplastic Nevi

      About one out of every ten people has at least one unusual (or atypical) mole that looks different from an ordinary mole. The medical term for these unusual moles is dysplastic nevi. The "Pictures of Ordinary Moles and Dysplastic Nevi" section shows the differences between ordinary moles and dysplastic nevi.

      Doctors believe that dysplastic nevi are more likely than ordinary moles to develop into a type of skin cancer called melanoma. Because of this, moles should be checked regularly by a doctor or nurse specialist, especially if they look unusual; grow larger; or change in color, outline, or in any other way.

      Please make that visit to a health provider soon, and best of luck!

    what does it mean when a mole that is under the skin starts to spread and scab?
    my little sister is 3 yrs old and has a small mole on her back. just recently my mother noticed that it and the skin around it had become rough and the mole was starting to spread. what does this mean? can it be harmful and should we get it checked out?

    • ANSWER:
      Get an appointment with a dermatologist asap. There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to health issues.

    Can moles fall off ur skin?
    I have a mole and it looks just like my reg skin but lately it has been irritating rubbing again my arm well i put bandaid on it and it stopped it from rubbing but it turned into a scab and doesnt hurt or anything i just dont like the way it looks..i go to the derm. monday

    • ANSWER:
      whoa. i dont think so. its good that you're getting it checked out, though. people focus so much on breat cancer and what not...but people should check their moles regularly because obvious changes can be a sign of skin cancer.

    Do you think this sounds like a safe way to remove moles? I found this ointment on line & would like to try...?
    Directions for all types of Moles:

    Do not open Wart Mole Vanish cream until ready to use.
    Stir thoroughly and use immediately!
    Clean mole with provided antibacterial solution using cotton swab or wash with soap and water.
    MOLES: Scratch (rough up) entire mole surface with supplied emery board and/or toothpick. DO NOT POKE! Do not scratch skin surrounding mole. Scratching should be hard enough so that when WART & MOLE VANISH cream is applied it will penetrate mole surface, but not so hard as to make it bleed. Scratching is the most important part! You may need to pinch a flat mole between your fingers to rough it up, so if you can't use both hands, ask a friend to help you. Try not to rough up the skin around the mole.
    RAISED MOLES 1/8" - 1/4" (3-6mm) or more may need 2 back to back treatments.
    FLAT Moles will need only one treatment. (APPLY ONLY A THIN LAYER OF WMV CREAM!)
    Open Wart Mole Vanish cream bottle and stir contents thoroughly with applicator stick. DO NOT USE COTTON SWAB. (Re-hydrate if necessary to a watery cream)
    Using tip of applicator stick, apply a thin layer of Wart Mole Vanish cream until surface of mole is fully covered. Use only enough Wart Mole Vanish cream to cover the affected area and do not apply to the surrounding skin. (A little goes a long way.) Replace bottle top.
    Allow Wart Mole Vanish cream to remain for 20 minutes. There should be a moderate to strong stinging sensation lasting 5-10 minutes. Mole should turn dark brown or black.
    Swelling and or redness around mole is normal.
    Gently wash off white dried Wart Mole Vanish cream with water or a wet cotton swab.
    Raised moles 1/8" - 1/4" (3-6mm) or more may require more than one treatment to remove mole completely. Repeat steps 3-9 now, or wait 1-3 weeks for the scab to fall off and then repeat steps 1-9. Flat moles will need only one treatment.

    A SCAB should form within 24-48 hours. Be careful not to remove scab prematurely! You can wash and bathe normally. We recommend pure NATURAL VITAMIN E OIL (D-α-Tocopherol), fresh Aloe Vera or an antibiotic cream!
    Wait 1-3 weeks (up to 5 weeks is normal for large moles) for scab to fall off naturally.
    Be Patient! Under no circumstances disturb or remove the scab. It should loosen and fall off naturally.

    Important Notes:
    If bleeding occurs while scratching, WAIT as long as it takes to stop the bleeding completely before applying cream.
    If stinging sensation is not felt, it means Wart Mole Vanish cream has not penetrated the mole and the application will fail or provide only a partial result. Scratch deeper and reapply.
    Redness and swelling on skin around treated mole is a natural occurrence, indicates healing is progressing and quickly disappears.
    Pink or red tissue is normal after scab falls off. Normally, the pinkness will fade as the tissue becomes environmentally conditioned. Skin tones normally balance out within 30 days although some people may require several months for skin tones to return to normal.
    Generally speaking, the use of an antibacterial cream to prevent infection may also reduce the risk of scarring and promote faster healing. PURE NATURAL VITAMIN E OIL (D-α-Tocopherol) is highly recommended!
    Avoid contact with normal skin. Should contact occur, simply wipe off with wet cotton swab or, scrape off with unused end of applicator stick, then immediately wash the area with water.
    USE WITH CHILDREN: Wart Mole Vanish can be used with children as long as they can sit patiently while undergoing the application procedure. The stinging sensation can be significant for sensitive children. Caution is advised. Contact us for more information about the use with children.
    IF MIXTURE DRIES UP, it may be possible to rehydrate. Use applicator stick to add a little water at a time to bring to original creamy consistency. (This may or may not work)

    Wart & Mole Vanish cream is for external use only. People with significant immune deficiencies or healing disorders such as keloid scars must consult a physician before using this product.

    If Wart Mole Vanish cream gets into eyes, flush thoroughly with water. If unusual discomfort arises, consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children.

    Whenever attempting to manipulate or change the dermis one should expect that a blemish or scar may result. In most circumstances the use of the product will result in a minor and temporary blemish that normally fades away within 90 days.

    Please note: You must be 18 years or older to purchase and use this product. For children, adult supervision is required.

    • ANSWER:
      Personally, I do not believe any mole should be treated like a 'wart'
      a wart is a virus and doesn't belong on your body.
      Generally moles are part of who you are and can turn cancerous.

      Moles also are vascular and grow beneath the surface.

      Personally I believe they should be treated by a professional and will most likely grow back because they are below the surface was well.
      Plus if you mess with moles you tend to disturb them and can cause trauma.

    I cut a dark mole on my skin while shaving and a piece of the top came off and now it is discolored?
    It appears that the discoloration is actually a scab, but nonetheless it is a scab on a mole. I've kept it bandaged to protect it from the sun, but I don't know when I can show it to a doctor. How should I treat it for now and how dangerous is an open wound on a mole?


    • ANSWER:
      Yes clean it good with soap and water, rinse, pat dry and cover with a bandaid and antibiotic ointment till it heals well. It should be OK. I do that myself sometimes.

    Can moles sometimes be the result of an injury?
    I was just wondering, because I remember that once when I was a kid, I fell and sustained an injury on my arm. It was a small area where the skin was broken, and I think I remember there being a scab afterwards, but I know that a mole then grew there. Can moles sometimes be the result of an injury?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it can,
      My aunt has a mole on her like lip and it was smaller but its big now. but i think it gives cancer?
      so shes getting it off

    What could I have if my moles have recently been acting a little funny?
    I have a lot of small moles all over my body. And recently they have been acting weird. One of them scabbed up, and one of them is like different shades in one mole.

    I have also recently had a lump right below my belly button under the skin.

    Don't know what it is. And im to scared to go to the doctor.

    • ANSWER:
      Most of the time, moles are completely benign (not dangerous). However, it is a sign that you should have them looked at if they start changing colors or scab up. Also, the little lump is something to get checked out. It's probably nothing, but it could be a form of skin cancer, and the sooner you get it checked out the sooner you can get it treated (if it is anything). Better safe :) .

    skin cancer, mole on back, help?
    I've watched the nicola roberts skin cancer and its scared me, i have alot of moles but I never tan or go on subeds, i'm rarely in the sun as i usually go out at night and it's always raining when where i live, i go on holiday once and year but in october when the sun isn't very strong at all, i never fake tan or sunbed or anything but i have a large mole on my back that sometimes scabs up and its quite dark, could this be skin cancer? and if i wanted to get it checked out do i go to a docter or the hospital?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have seen the show you should have noted that the appearance of malignant melanoma is totally different from a black mole . Your lifestyle and awareness of UV radiation influence in skin cancer makes it unlikely that you have a melanoma but if you want complete reassurance consult a dermatologist.

    Why is my skin mole changing?
    I have had this mole on my hip all my life, and now it is sore and is turning black. It looks like it has a scab on it, but i dont recall scraping it. Should i be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      Always have a mole that changes looked at by a Dr. This is a must

    how do i get rid of flat moles without surgery?
    i have three flat moles on my face that are in my skin i tried scratchin up the moles but they came back when the scab left how can i get rid of them

    • ANSWER:
      SEE i HATE moles soo badly i can totally relate to you but sadly u cannot get rid of the moles without surgery becaue they are permanant i have 3 on my arms and like 2 little ones on my face and i hate them sooo MUCH they are like a bad tattoo that you want off

    I picking at ones skin a form of self-mutilation?
    Picking at scabs, zits, moles, the like. Moreso when nervous or upset.
    Or is it just a habit?

    • ANSWER:

    My skin has small pin head dry spots on it. Like little pin head sized scabs. My chest has a rash. And...?
    I have a few flat moles around my belly that are red and itchy. Other than that I'm alright....
    Anyway, what's going on with my skin? Not enough water? Vitamin or mineral deficiency?
    Oh yea...and I have the white spots on the back of my hand and some on my arms... Help! Anything non-western medicine I can try? What's going on with my skin?

    • ANSWER:

    How long does the moulting process last? General info on Parakeets please.?
    HISTORY: I took in a Sun Parakeet that was brought in to the vet clinic I work at and for over a month now no one has come looking for it (I did not want to send it off to the pound) so my boyfriend and I have decided to keep it. We currently live at home with his parents, so as to not impose on them (we're hoping to have our first house built midway through this year) the bird, in it's ridiculously large cage we brought, spends most of the time just outside my boyfriends room but at night comes in to our room and we cover it at night (it would be good to have him in the kitchen area but my boyfriends house is double storey and the cage is too large and heavy to move up and down). I believe Tequila is currently moulting and have read they can be extra crabby during this period. Tequila has plenty of toys he/she (we have no clue on Tequila's sex and have been told DNA testing is the only sure way to find out) loves to chew up, fruit to snack on (obsessed with apples) and good quality pellet food. I do have two dogs but Tequila just tries to bite them on the nose if they come too close and they have learnt/we have taught them to leave Tequila alone when he's/she's out of the cage. Obviously I have no idea what his/her previous home life was like or how he/she was raised. He/she is very tame. We have calculated he/she has to be at least 1year old due to his/her colouring.

    Q: I am wanting to find out how long exactly the moulting process lasts for. Or if this is even the reason why he'd/she'd be a little more crabby. We have noticed Tequila has been biting us a lot more. He/she loves to sit on our shoulders and will try to nibble and even bite off any skin tags, moles, scabs or bumps he/she locates which can often hurt if he/she really gets at them, we try to discourage it. Lately Tequila has been biting us a lot more. Especially when you try and take him/her off the shoulder of who he/she currently wants to be on (I do believe Tequila automatically thinks he/she's going back to his/her cage and is reacting to this with aggression, we don't move fast at him/her and I try to just hang out with him/her for a bit, so as not to put him straight back in his cage). We try not to react to the biting but sometimes it really hurts and we're starting to get frustrated. We try to give him paper to shred instead or something else to chew on whilst he's/she's on our shoulder but often he'll/she'll ignore it and just wants to bite our faces/ears, pull hair out. We don't want to banish Tequila to his cage and we're trying to be patient. He/she squawks a lot more now when he/she wants attention and we'll take him/her out but he'll/she'll bite us hard so we eventually just want to put him/her back in his/her cage.

    I am basically hoping that Tequila is being a little more crabby due to moulting and hoping to get reassurance that this will pass soon. He/she was quite pleasant when we first brought him/her home. He/she does get very smoochy with us now though, has finally opened up and likes to be tickled under the wings, will roll over for a belly rub and likes his/her head scratched. He/she's been moulting now for at least a week or two. He/she doesn't appear to really like bathing in water either so we purchased a spray bottle to mist water on him/her.

    Any information would be great. We are starting to think should we really keep Tequila? But I will feel bad at having failed him/her and having given up and don't want to throw him/her in to a new environment that may not be as good. We chose to have Tequila and I want it to work out. We're hoping once we have our new house and a permanent place for Tequila to live we'll be able to better deal with him.

    What are good tips we can try to deter the biting and squawking? I do realise they are wild birds.. parakeets.. and squawking is how they communicate.
    UPDATE: As of today, he is really enjoying my boyfriends company and whenever I go near my boyfriend, even just to pick something up and not even that close, the bird will fly on to me and start biting me hard. He takes swings at me too like he's warning me away.

    • ANSWER:
      Well it seems you have took on a task.!!!!!!

      It takes normally 3-5 weeks for a bird your complete a full moult, during this time they can become very crabby and demanding.

      Try to feed h/ much natural food as possible , green leafed veg, Fruit and a good food source during moulting is Sweet Corn Cob.try soaking some Hemp and Mung beans (bean sprouts)these will all help h/s. during the moult.Do not forget Cuttle bone, there are those that say Cuttle bone has nothing to do with moulting but how wrong they are.

      As you have already said squawking is their way of communication and there are no ways of stopping this as for biting this is a habit h/s has got into, and may never get out of.

    Is a scab on my mole a sign of skin cancer?
    I have had a large mole on the back of my left leg ever since I was a little girl. Today I noticed that there is a scab on half of it. The mole is raised a bit, so I suppose I could have cut it while shaving, but I'm worried that it could be a sign of skin cancer (my grandpa has had issues with skin cancer and I have a fair complexion). I have looked up signs of skin cancer and haven't come across anything about scabs. Is this something to be concerned about?

    • ANSWER:
      not unsuspectingly

    Possible skin cancer from mole?
    I have a mole which I think originated from a scab on my leg. It's raised a bit unlike my other moles. I've had it for a long time, and a few weeks ago I broke it and there was blood but not like dripping out. Now there's a scab on the mole.
    I think the itchiness is from the scab. Should I be worried? Also, I always wear long pants and I hardly ever go out.

    • ANSWER:
      go to your dermatologist or doctor asap- you can get skin cancer from moles- you need to have that mole surgically removed. Ask your doctor if that can be possible

    Lifelong mole turns into a it skin cancer?
    I have this tiny mole on my thigh that I've had all my life and recently, I went out to the lake and was tubing and got a rash on my upper thigh and that mole became irritated and scabbed over after about a week. I've been searching online and there are so many different opinions but I'm hoping this isn't a sign of skin cancer considering I've had this all my life and the same exact spot on my thighs was irritated around it on both legs. Help me out please!


    • ANSWER:
      Any time a mole changes or bleeds you should get it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry.

    For those who have had moles removed, is this normal?
    I had two moles removed from my legs about 3 months ago. The scab is gone and it looks like the skin has completely healed, but it is still reddish/brownish. It almost looks like the skin healed over the dried blood. Do you think this will go away over time or do you think I should go back to my dermatologist?

    • ANSWER:

    how can i get rid of these marks on my face?
    i have a really bad habit of squeezing spots and then picking them until they turn into big scabs and won't go away for ages. I've finally managed to stop doing it as much but where all the scabs have been on my face i have these scars. They are light brown in colour (like very very pale moles) but there is no bump (so they're not still scabs - my skin is flat). How can i get rid of these marks?

    note: i live in the UK so any products recommended have to be available over here.
    i already exfoliate my face twice a day and use cleansing wipes and toner every day too.

    • ANSWER:
      I would suggest applying some Vitamin e oil on the spots about twice a day after you wash. Also if you can get a facial moisturizer with cocoa butter it will definitely help. Good luck!

    i have a mole that went from a skin colored scabby feeling to a brown itchy scabby mole. is it cancer?
    About 6 months ago i noticed a dry scabby patch on my back that was skin colored at the time and then i noticed today that it is the color of a mole but a ashy look to the top of it and it still feels like a scab that i could peel off. my mom had melenoma and just wondering if i should go and get it checked out?

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely yes! Even if it's not melanoma, it could be basal cell carcinoma.

    Is It bad to Rip of moles?
    my friend got tired of her mole that she has. it was a small mole it was one of those moles that like are mushy and come of ur skin....well she was poking at it and then she cut then i guess she slowly Start ripping it of..well now its of and the space where the mole is at is scabbed it bad to have tore it off?

    • ANSWER:

    Is it bad to scratch off skin?
    Like when ever I get pimples or moles I scratch it off or if I get a scab and it not ready to come off and it hooked up to living skin, I peel it all the way off it burn and hurt a lot but I just don't like to leave it half off.
    It did not leave any scars so far, well I do have scars on my fore head but that happen when I head butted some and their teeth went in.

    • ANSWER:
      Scratching moles can lead to skin cancer and peeling of scabs isnt good because the body is try to heal and when to peel of the scab you body has to start over.

    i tryied to get rid of a facial mole with garlic and it burned my skin?how long till it heals?
    it formed a scab and i peeled it of now it completely feels like part of my skin bit discolored and did not make a new scab what do i do.

    • ANSWER:
      i'd give it 2 to 3 weeks but for faster results put some aloe oil on it because it sooths the skin. Also cream and anything to hydrate the skin will work. Best of luck and avoid using peroxide and hope it heals soon because they really can hurt...

    how to make new skin grow over an open wound/scab thing fast?
    i used dermatend to remove a mole, and then i picked off the scab which i wasn;t suppose to do, resulting in a hole in my face where the mole used to be, so i was wondering how i can make new skin grow over the hole to cover it up quicker ????

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, neosporin will help. Also try using Vitamin E..take orally (by mouth) AND apply to the area where you removed the mole. Vitamin E is excellent for skin repair.

    Can't be skin cancer right?
    I had what I thought was a weird mole, than it scabbed and I picked at it, it is scabbed now, skin cancer doesn't fall off, therefore it's not skin cancer correct? I'm not a hypochondriac it was just really weird looking)

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I know haw scarey that can be. Ultimately, the doctor is the only one who can tell you for sure. I hope that you have money or insurance to go. I used to work for a doctor and there is a pre-cancerous condition called Actinic Keratosis that sounds similar to what you described. It is when cells in a weakened spot of skin begin to reproduce badly, although it is NOT malignant at the time, it is considered to be pre-cancerous and will require treatment. When I worked there, my doctor prescribed a very strong creme to apply to the area that dried it up on a deep level and smoothed it out and then it was gone. BUT you have to watch the spot, and the rest of your body too, for changes. Go to a website called WebMD and type in "skin cancer", there is a slide show of all different types of skin cancers with pictures and information. I had a mole on my thigh several summers ago that did what you described and I left it alone and it healed and nothing ever came of it. Moles can get dry. I know from experience that you can have one for years, it can then dry up like a scab, and fall off and never return. They don't behave like normal skin and thats what makes them something to keep your eye on. Good luck, and if you can, please let a doctor look at that.

    How do i get rid of pink skin?
    A few weeks ago, i put on a product to remove a mole, but i put too much and burned a lot of my skin(ouch!) Well anyways weeks have passed and scab has formed and gone, all thats left is my big mole still and a huge area of pink skin much bigger than my 1/4 inch mole. Now i know how to remove the mole and i will, but my question is, can i remove the pink skin somehow, or will it be a scar that i will have to live with?

    • ANSWER:
      Wondering Which Acne Treatments WORK?
      With literally THOUSANDS of acne treatment options it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. That is why we created With the help of industry experts, published clinical studies, and consumer reviews we have narrowed your search down to the 5 best acne treatments. So you can rest assured you are getting maximum results for each dollar you spend.

    Question about a mole (the skin kind)?
    I recently had a itch on my left arm - so I scratched it. I accidently caught a very small raised mole that I've had for a long time, with my nail.
    Being the 18-year-old I am, not knowing how to just leave something alone and not pick at it, I have picked it on several occasions. It is now a small scab, but within mole 'light brown-ness'.

    I heard that sun damage on a mole can cause cancer - what about just damage?

    Will this give me skin cancer - or a cancerous mole?

    • ANSWER:
      Not cancer but it can cause the mole to change. If it doesn't heal go have it checked out.

    i got 4 moles cauterized on my face. they all came back..what should i do now?
    they were burned off with a device and now they came back like before..after two weeks. i was told that the scab would fall off and reveal new skin underneath. well the scab fell off, bled then the moles all came now what? i seriously hate these moles.

    • ANSWER:

    How do I tell my always-in-denial parents that I suspect that I have skin cancer?
    I have a mole on my leg that is darker and bumpier than usual. It hasn't bled or itched, but if you look closely there is a tiny scab right in the middle of the mole. The edges look slightly faded and I am worried. The only problem I have is telling my parents that I suspect something is wrong; they are always busy and every time I try to open up to them about something they are just in denial and say things like "Don't worry about it" or "We already have enough to do..." I know for a fact that if I try to say something about this mole they will just ignore it and tell me that nothing is wrong...

    How do I get them to listen to me and to save me from something potentially life threatening? Please help me...

    P.S. I have been playing tennis for three years and I have spent a great deal of time in the bright hot sun...

    Any advice is well appreciated, thank you.
    I am 16 years old...

    • ANSWER:
      Non melanoma skin cancer is rare in people under 30 years of age. Unfortunately the same is not true for melanoma. While melanoma is not common in young women, the rates of melanoma for young women are increasing and even more important, when found in children and young women melanoma is often a much more aggressive disease than melanoma found in adults.

      This does not mean you have melanoma but it means you need to make sure you don't because the risk is real. There have been at least two very young women with melanoma who have posted questions on YA cancer since I've been posting here.

      Have your school nurse look at the mole but even if she says it is not a melanoma, if the lesion is as you describe, you need to show it to a dermatologist and soon. Tell your parents to get you an appointment ASAP or ask the school nurse or school counselor to ask your parents to send you to the Dr.

      From now on wear strong sunscreen over this mole at all times.

      good luck with all this

    Is there anyway to lessen the appearance of scars or discoloration of the skin caused by scars?
    I have a scar on my knee from rollerblading when I was like ten and it just looks bad and kind of "bubbly" Is there anything that would help to fiz of lessen the appearance of it? Also I have like, extreme discoloration from a scar on my belly. I was too young to know what I was doing [so I know it was stupid of me] As a kid, I picked at my scabs alot or whenever I would get one, despite what mommy said hah, and I thought a mole on my stomach was a scab, so I CONSTANTLY picked at it, until the skin around it scabbed up and bled and it was just bad and I forgot what else happened to cause it but now the mole isn't or barely there and the skin is just like a white circular patch. It won't tan or anything when I'm in the sun and don't use sunscreen it turns like bright red. I'm not embarrased by it or anything, I think it's rather cute. But would there be any way to correct it? or make it close to the regular color of my skin again?

    • ANSWER:
      Vitamin E oil

    Is it bad to Rip off MOLES?
    my friend got tired of her mole that she has. it was a small mole it was one of those moles that like are mushy and come of ur skin....well she was poking at it and then she cut then i guess she slowly Start ripping it was bleeding a lot...but she like rippd the whole mole off...well now its of and the space where the mole is at is scabbed it bad to have tore it off?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, yes because moles are really sensitive and made to be not touched. I have never heard of a peel-off mole, it seems more like a scab.
      But I would just not touch it for awhile and see what happens if it gets worse I would go see a docter.

    For barbers - what do you do when you're giving a haircut and you notice open sores on their scalp?
    Don't you hair stylists ever get together and trade horror stories? What are some examples of really disgusting hair cutting experiences? For example, someone who has open sores on their scalp, or a plethora of moles, warts, or other skin lesions. Have you ever sliced a mole by accident? Have you ever seen some strange growth and wondered what on earth it could be? Or maybe they had scabs all over their scalp. Who has the the grossest horror story?

    • ANSWER:
      Cosmetology school. Very well dressed lady. In the pre hair cut sectioning and comb out discovered she had a raging infestation of lice.

    Mole problems? Flat moles?
    Ok so my mole is flat and it's really small... 1/4 the width of a pencil eraser. The color of it is lightish black? If you take a picture of me like 5 ft away you wouldn't notice the mole. But when i started the ACV method the mole turned black like a scab black only did the method 2 days 5 mins each day? I don't want it removed anymore. Will my mole turn the way back from being unnoticeable. Because it's really noticeable if you take a pic of me from 5 ft you would notice it now it's like a black dotted sharpie. Will my mole turn back to normal unnoticeable? I really don't want to stare at the mirror and my eye first catches the mole... No make up please will it heal? (Also I poked it with needle, and use a nail file when I tried the ACV method) I stopped using ACV method like 2 days ago. Only used it for 2 days 5 mins cuz it burns my skin and the mole. My main question is will my mole come back to the normal mole before i did all these cadaverous things. I regret what i did. Please answer the question and don't provide like (go see the doctor which i did) or put make up and such.
    ACV method is short for apple cider vinegar

    • ANSWER:

    I recently had a skin lesion biopsy (shave mole removal) and the mole is growing back. What should i do?
    So there are 2 ways to remove moles. Shave them off with a skapel which doesn't make a deep cut but just shaves them off or use a cookie cutter like tool to "cookie cut" the skin and pry the mole off requiring stitches but it's a deeper cut to keep the mole off. At first the dermatologist told me that since I am young my mole cells are active and a deeper cut would be better so we went with the cookie cutter one. On the day of the surgury he says ok we've decided to use the skapel and do the shave only. Mole removal costs 0 and the mole is coming back. Can't I get the cookie cutter cut free or cheaper since I payed him to get of the **** mole and it is growing back.

    By the way if anyone here knows so its been 2 months since the shave and the moles aren't red like a scab but just look like a dent kinda hit there as the skin goes in and they get redder when the blood is flowing rapidly. Is this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      Please go and check with your dermatologist if you observe unusual signs.

      Moles can be benign or cancerous. If you notice unusual or sudden appearances of moles, this is an article that you want to read

    What are the harms of tattooing over a small flat mole?
    I've had friends who's had their moles tattooed over, is there a harm. If a person gets skin cancer on a mole that's been tattooed, wil they be able to notice? Don't they scab and bleed?

    • ANSWER:
      If a mole develops cancer the doctors will often blame having a tattoo done over it (even though there is no scientific evidence that it affects it in anyway) this leaves a tattooist open to being sued. So many won't tattoo over moles. Sometimes, particularly if it's a dark tattoo, it may be suggested you don't as a dark tattoo is going to mask the mole and you won't see the early signs of malignancy.

      Though usually they just won't tattoo over raised moles anyway.

      Flat moles they might if it's small, the little freckle like ones are fine to tattoo over.

      However it's really suggested to check with a doctor, as if need be you could always get it removed first. It's easier to tattoo over a scan than a mole.

    Should I be afraid of skin cancer ?
    I have a mole on my upper arm . The skin around it is paler than the rest of my skin , like I put a sticker over it and went tanning. I've had the mole forever , it's not new or anything. But now , it's gotten itchy . I have eczema and I scratched that general area . It scabbed and turned a grayish color , with white thick dry skin inside. Should I go to a doctor or just forget it ? If it matters, I'm 15 .

    • ANSWER:

    mole - skin cancer or no?
    I am eager to know if I have a normal mole(s), or a mole that could be cancerous. First off, I am 15 years old. I have a slightly raised mole, or what could also be a freckle by the look of it, on my face. I have had this as long as I can remember. From the cancer signs I have seen on the internet, it looks okay. As I got older, sometime before I was in 5th grade (I can't remember), I started to get 2 more small and slightly raised freckles or moles. Something important to add is that the main one that I have had (the one that I have had as long as i can remember), I have picked at, and eventually got to the point where it scabbed and came off. After some time it grew back to practically how it was before, and if anything definitely not smaller. To add, it bled in that area when I did that. Is this some sign of cancer? Also, I have a couple small moles, or at least freckle looking on my stomach, and I think that I have always had these, but can't remember.
    edit: I forgot to add, should I get all my moles checked out to be safe? And I have been thinking about talking about it with my parents but I feel kind of embarrassed.

    • ANSWER:
      if you ever pick at moles, or they come off or they bleed you should ALWAYS get them checked out..

      whats there to be embaressed about pal, its only moles, its not like your talking about sex problems lol.. just ask your parents, can i go to the doctors to get this checked out.. or just ask them if they think its all healthy.. trust me.. just do it.. its better to be on the safe side

      goodluck :)

    I sliced off a mole/skin tag, what to do?
    I know I shouldn't have, but... Nearly three days ago now I used scissors to slice off what looks like a large, slightly dark skin tag, or a raised mole (I'm not sure what) from the back of my neck. I made sure I sliced it all off, and now I have a chunk of skin cut out from the back of my neck. I was wondering what I should do about it? Will it heal fine by itself? How should I go about making it heal quicker/without scarring too much? Should I let it scab? Etc.

    It does appear to have gotten slightly smaller since I cut it off, as though it may be healing fine. It has a slight redness around the wound, but I'm assuming that's normal. Currently, I have put some vaseline on it (to stop it drying out?), and have a plaster over it, not too tight, just to hide it mostly. Oh, and it's about 3/4 of a cm in diameter.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)
    Oops posted it twice... XD
    I know I shouldn't have, but... Nearly three days ago now I used scissors to slice off what looks like a large, slightly dark skin tag, or a raised mole (I'm not sure what) from the back of my neck. I made sure I sliced it all off, and now I have a chunk of skin cut out from the back of my neck. I was wondering what I should do about it? Will it heal fine by itself? How should I go about making it heal quicker/without scarring too much? Should I let it scab? Etc.

    It does appear to have gotten slightly smaller since I cut it off, as though it may be healing fine. It has a slight redness around the wound, but I'm assuming that's normal. Currently, I have put some vaseline on it (to stop it drying out?), and have a plaster over it, not too tight, just to hide it mostly. Oh, and it's about 3/4 of a cm in diameter.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)


    Thanks for the help so far, but has anyone had a similar experience of cutting out a chunk of skin with a mole?

    • ANSWER:
      I have cut off and dug out warts, skin tags, etc. before and I just let them heal normally. Mine have all turned out fine.
      Next time though, have somebody tie a hair around it real tight and leave it there. It will eventually dry up and fall scab. I've done it with my skin wonders.

    Question about removing moles.?
    i have a mole and I tried to take it off at home without all the pain-full surgeries. Its now like a scab and skin falls off when i pick at it.
    At first, i had scratched it with a needle and the next day it hardened then, the past few days it fell off and it's STILL THERE.
    And i would like some remedies or anything to help my mole disappear?
    I would go to a doctor to get it removed, i just don't feel like using that kind of money.

    • ANSWER:

    are my moles cancerous?
    i have a few moles i'm worried about one is on my arm its small but raised above the skin doesn't hurt or itch, another one is on my shoulder blade its small and also raised above the skin but it itched so i kept scratching it and it became like a scab because i scratched it, another one is on my back also small and raised above the skin also itches and hurts a little but my bra strap hits it a lot thats usually when it itches and finally on my back there is a fairly large mole no bigger than a pencil eraser that is just slightly raised doesn't hurt or itch, there's also a small red bump on my leg but i cant tell if its a mole or a scab doesn't hurt or itch i have a check up in a month can this wait till then or do you think it could be skin cancer also i'm a 22 year old female with no history of skin cancer in my family and i don't tan or anything i'm not in the sun very often, i freak out and worry very easily so i'm really scared it could be skin cancer

    • ANSWER:
      Some signs that a mole may be cancerous are irregular borders, varied colors within the mole. and a mole that is changing in size/color/borders. I think you can wait until your checkup but be sure to ask about it then.

    Please help.. im so so worried about skin cancer!!?
    Please help.. im so so worried about skin cancer!!?
    Please help.. im so so worried about skin cancer!!?
    I have two moles.. one on my tummy and one on my chest. one of the moles as a TINY bit of scabbing whch ive just noticed and ive had the moles since i was born.. what are the major signs i could have that show skin cancer and what is the life expectancy if you have it. Im only 16 .. my moles are never exposed in sunlight.. HELP! thanks x
    and what are other signs of skin cancer other than moles and spots and stuff?
    im booked in for the doctors on monday!

    • ANSWER:
      Are you expecting an answer to this question on Y! Answers? Since you have a doctor's appointment, isn't it better to consult with an expert?

    Really worried about a skin tag...?
    Basically, I have this skin tag under my arm. It's ugly and annoying, and I just wanted to get rid of it, so 3 days ago I attempted to cut it off with scissors - stupid, I know. I didn't manage to go through with it fully, and so ended up just cutting it enough to make it bleed quite a bit as opposed to removing it completely. I assumed that this would be ok, because I had another one, and one day it started hurting and scabbed over for no reason, then just fell off.
    However, I'm really worried now, because the tag has changed colour, to a purply colour, as opposed to it being my skin colour, which it was previously. I'm now terrified that I might have cancer, or something, because my Dad told me (after the event, obviously) that moles and skin tags are nearly the same thing.

    a) What shall I do?
    b) Have I done something really, really bad?

    Please help, I'm so worried :(

    • ANSWER:
      No, you don't have cancer.
      No, skin tags and moles are not the same thing. Not even close, really....

      It changed colour b/c you altered its blood supply.

      You have a choice - either finish the job yourself, or go to a dr. and get it cut off.

      Skin tags are entirely harmless. Harmless to remove them as well.
      I accidentally shaved mine off (also under my arm - the most common spot) when shaving. Oops.

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