What Do Skin Moles Look Like

Those annoying, unsightly marks and protrusions all over your body just what are they anyway?

Moles and warts are a widespread occurrence affecting many individuals. Most cases of people having moles and warts doesn't irritate or bother them as such, however there are still various reasons to have them removed. Therefore, it is advantageous to know the various methods used in removal of moles and warts.

A dermatologist should preferably be consulted whether it is about removal of a mole or removal of a wart. A dermatologist is a physician who specializes in the branch of medicine that specifically deals with the skin and its various diseases. They not only encompass their study to diseases and abnormalities of the skin involving both the surgical and medical aspect, they also very frequently deal with the cosmetic issues of the scalp, nails, skin, and even hair.

Moles are dark spots found on the skin and can appear anywhere on the surface of the body, either single or in groups. There are usually two different types of moles. The first type of mole is the one which are visible at birth or slowly appear over a period of time due to exposure to the sun. These types of moles are hardly visible and this can go unnoticed, and yet they to some they are considered 'beauty marks', which are actually not harmful to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a skin cancer or melanoma mole look like?
    what does a melanoma or skin cancer mole look like? Is there a good chance of survival if you get it treated soon enough. How much time do you have to act? Just because the mole might be irregular does it necessarily mean melanoma? How big are they? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Non melanoma skin cancers (basal and squamous cell) are much more common than melanomas.


      That is not to say that melanomas are not also rather common. Here are some melanoma photos and info to check out. A melanoma doesn't have to be nearly as large as those in these photos since they usually use large examples for online photos.




      With melanomas there are three things that determine cure rate - how big, how deep and how soon you get a proper diagnosis and correct treatment. If you have any thoughts that a mole might not look right then you need to see a dermatologist immediately for a check up.

    Red spots that look like moles on skin?
    I have little red dots that pop up on my skin that look just like a mole (not raised or anything- just flush with my skin). So far I have only noticed them on my hands. When I run my finger over it, the red spot goes away. As soon as I lift my finger, the red dot comes back. What could this be???? Does anyone have this?
    The spots are only on my hands, under the skin.
    They don't hurt. 21 female if that helps. I've noticed them for the past year.

    • ANSWER:

    What should the skin look like after a punch biopsy?
    I had a mole removed 4 days ago. She did a punch biopsy but it isn't stitched. I 've been cleaning it and keeping it covered with a band-aid. There is a stain around the wound that started as a purple discoloring but now is a dark brown speckled stain. It is much darker than what the mole was. Is that normal? Is it blood under the first layer of skin? Will it go away? What is it?

    • ANSWER:

    I have a skin-cancer looking mole right on my lower lashline?
    it's probably like 1/6 of an inch in diameter, it's uneven, and multicolored- shades of light brown to black. It's been there since I was 6 but it's getting bigger and bigger! Right now, I'm 16. I went to a dermatologist but he said he can't do anything about it because it's too close to my eye. I'm afraid it's too late and the skin cancer cells already spread. What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, go to ANOTHER dermatologist, as a mole that changes shape and color is something that requires attention. More than likely it just needs to be removed, and if a dermatologist doesn't feel comfortable doing something so close to the eye, require them to give you a referral.

      It's YOUR health - only YOU know when something is really "different" feeling on your body, so don't stop until you are satisfied!

    what do new moles and slight skin discolorations mean?
    I have discovered a couple of new moles, they are on my chest and a couple of spots of discolored skin that look exactly like the birth marks I already have. one is on my chest and there are a couple on my inner thighs. What does this mean? The moles do not look dangerous they look like normal moles and the color spots don't look dangerous either, and they don't feel or look any different from my regular skin. They are just a slightly brownish color. What does this mean? Should I go to the doctor or is this just some random skin thing that most people get and it means nothing?
    By the way I am 21, female, and white- Irish & English descent so I am quite pale. My grandfather has had several cases of malignant melanoma and my dad and is probably going to get it- work outside all day without sunscreen/hat- he also has rosacia and psoriasis (so did his mother) if this info helps in making an educated guess! I don't know a lot about skin diseases so I don't know what is irrelevant and whats not so please just bear with me.

    • ANSWER:

    What does a skin pathologist look for?
    I was thinking about getting this weird looking mole removed & tested. But even though my doctor said it doesn't look like skin cancer, he said that it does look like an atypical mole (whatever that means!) and it should get biopsied & tested but there's no rush according to him. I asked if it would be also tested for skin cancer and all he said was it's definitely not skin cancer. He changed the subject so I wasn't able to get a straight answer. Anyone know if it will also be tested for skin cancer in the off chance it's early melanoma or something like that?
    watch your tone 1st answerer

    • ANSWER:
      The pathologist will examine the biopsy through the microscope, and from that conclude if it is a malignant tumour or not (and what type it is). So the answer to your question is yes. If it unexpectedly turns out to be cancer, it will be diagnosed by the pathologist.

    What do the scars look like left on the skin from moles which have been burnt off?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a couple i got removed about 8 or 9 years ago and 1 you can't even see. The other 1 is barely there I would say it does look like a cigarette burn it's round and just a little more pale than the rest of my skin. My doctor did give me a few options he said he could cut them out or shave them. It was only sore for a few days and healed really fast too.

    Do you ever get irritations on your skin from a bra rubbing against the skin?
    Even though I now wear better fitting bras, I still have two small irregular looking areas on my skin. They look sort of like skin colored moles. My doctor said she isn't concerned about them. I just wish I could remember what she called them. They are not skin tags I know that much.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, occasionally I get those. I suppose it's just from the bra rubbing. I don't think it really matters though.

    What does skin cancer look like?
    My one mole is black and round but is starting to form light brown around it. My other mole is squishy and looks like it's going to pop. Please help.

    • ANSWER:

    I have two odd looking moles on my stomach, skin cancer?
    One was a normal looking bump and I picked it and it started to bleed.
    The second one was a little weird looking and I picked at it and it started to just hurt and a little clear liquid came out. I don't know what they are but they aren't like any of the pictures I've seen on the internet of skin cancer.

    and yes, I do tan. But I'm a naturally tan person, I have darker hair and brown eyes. Do not burn easy.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way anyone on this site can tell without seeing these moles.
      Even then, a biopsy is necessary to be sure.

    How can I get my Boyfriend to go to the Dermatologist to get screened for skin cancer?
    I just read a whole article on skin cancer and they showed what some types of skin cancer may look like. My boyfriend has many moles on his body (over 50) and I am concerned that some may be cancerous.
    Some of his moles did look funny to me. He says that he has no health insurance and just brushes me off when I bring the topic up. I even offered to pay for the dr. appointment and he just responded "whatever"

    Also, how long would it take for skin cancer to progress till he realizes he feel crappy enough that he needs to see a doctor? He thinks skin cancer is a joke and he is invincible to it. I am even thinking about telling his dad. Even though he's 26. At least his dad will care.

    Just so you guys know I am checking his moles periodically for changes in shape and color.

    • ANSWER:
      we have one person in the Pool with us and her back is covered with black moles some very large. She is fine, and mostly keeps covered with a T shirt. I have also seen one woman while shopping her skin is covered with light brown moles,on arms legs neck and face, all that could be seen. These moles even look benign. However I am sure that they have also had to have them checked out. Especially now that you have a Free screening, do talk with him and see if he will go. He has no legitimate excuse, since it is free. And not much to be afraid of. Surprisingly often the men are very hesitant to see a Doctor. I think you should give an ultimatum you see the dermatologist, or I will not be your friend any more !!!

    what does skin cancer look like when it starts?
    throughout my life i have had maybe 2-3 moles on my entire body and recently i have noticed that i am covered in them. additionally i have also noticed about 3-4 tiny white circles appearing on my arms and other parts of my body. i have used sunbeds for about 14 years on a regular basis. Has anyone got any ideas except go to the doctors, i fear that if i go to the doctors they may feel that i am wasting their time as i usually whittle about the most silly things. Does anyone even know what skin cancer even looks like?

    • ANSWER:
      Those white circles you are describing is most likely a fungal skin infection that is very common among sunbed users. My friend had this last year and it was quite unsightly as it showed up against her tan. She had to have antibiotic cream for some time and was advised against using sunbeds.

      If you have moles then you really are taking a serious gamble with your life. It may be great to have a tan but at what cost? Is your life worth having a tan?

      Any changes in moles should be examined by a doctor and a dermatologist to rule out skin cancer.

    What are those little nlack circles that appear on ur skin?
    How do u get rid of those little black circles on ur skin?
    they look like flat moles, or larger freckles (no 2 huge) there common and nothing to be worried about but i hate them and i wanna know whats the best methods of removing em or whats the best cover up 2 use

    • ANSWER:
      This is caused by Sun Damage ..go see a medical spa esthetician..there are treatments to help fade this sun damage..and to prevent more in the future ..try to avoid tanning or high exposure to the sun between 10 am - 4 pm..
      and ALWAYS WEAR SUNBLOCK...or don't and keep on getting more..but once you hit a certain age you start to see terrible wrinkles to go along..so start young & look young longer

    what does skin cancer look like on african americans?
    i'm an 18 year old girl and i'm 1/4 caucasion so my skin is fairer (i dunno, a bit darker than coffee with milk in it). other than that, though, i am the same as darker skinne people (scar easily, never burn).

    i'm not in the sun much and don't go tanning but i've found a freckle on one of my elbows (i dunno how long it's been there since it's such an awkward place). it's like the size of a pen tip, black, flat and round. i do have a few others but this one is new. in my family we call them beauty marks but i looked those up and those are more mole-like.

    i looked up early cancer pictures but since it's so rare in darker skinned people it tends to get overlooked and i have no idea what i'm looking for.

    all i can find is pictures of those large, brown moles, but african american people don't get those. what am i looling for for my type of skin specifically? (i already read about the multi colour, raised moles that change in shape. as mentioned, i don't get these types of moles).

    • ANSWER:
      Skin cancer looks the same on everyone. Everyone gets moles, but no one should have a mole that changes color, shape or size and it is not necessary for a mole to be present to get skin cancer.

    What are those little black circles that appear on ur skin?
    How do u get rid of those little black circles on ur skin?
    they look like flat moles, or larger freckles (no 2 huge) there common and nothing to be worried about but i hate them and i wanna know whats the best methods of removing em or whats the best cover up 2 use

    • ANSWER:
      Black circles? I would talk to your doctor about the best way of removing/treating whatever it is you are talking about. If they ARE like moles, your doctor can nitrogen freeze them off and you'll be rid of them pretty fast. If they are more like freckles, you might have to just live with them and get some good coverup. (that "True Match" stuff works pretty good. )

    Is a patch of white blotches on the skin something to worry about?
    My husband has a portion on his shoulder blade where he has white blotches. I have noticed it before but I can't remember if it has always been there and since he can't really see his back he doesnt know either. He says it doesn't bother him at all no itching, hurting, anything. It looks kind of like scars from acne like little circles like that but they are like white....or like some peoples skin looks after they burn and start peeling but he doesnt have sun burn. I thought about skin cancer but all the pictures I looked at did not at all look like this. It isn't raised off of the skin it is smooth. And Melanoma and skin cancers they say start out looking like a wart or mole which this is definitely not. Maybe a birth mark? Would birth marks be white instead of brown. He has a dark complexion (he is German) so these marks I guess are more like flesh colored (the color of my complexion compared to him). Has anybody ever seen or had something like this?? What was it?

    • ANSWER:
      i had this weird random rash once didn't itch or hurt me only lasted a few days but left some white patches, one on my shoulder, but its gone now that was maybe just under a year ago? doesnt sound serious just some kind of pigment loss. dont worry

    Does this look a skin cancer mole?
    Recently I have been getting these small hard bumps kinda under my skin on my chest. They feel like an under the skin zit, but I don't think they are. They don't pop or anything. They eventually go away, but then come back again. I have one right now and some people say it may be a cancerous mole or lump or something. I go tanning nearly every day..so I guess it could make sense. The bump will sometimes ooze puss, especially if I squeeze it. Here is a photo:


    Obviously its not one of those brown melanoma moles, but I was researching basal cell carcinoma and it kinda remind me of that? What do you think? Should I go to a doctor or just see if it will go away like the other one did? ( the last one left a small scar )

    • ANSWER:

    How do I get rid of Cherry Angioma? A small red dot that looks like a skin mole?
    How do I get rid of Cherry Angioma? A small red dot that looks like a skin mole?
    I have started to have these red dots that look like blood blisters start to pop up on my stomach. I looked it up on the web and I found pictures of what they call Cherry Angioma.
    How do I get rid of them and why do they come up?

    • ANSWER:
      If you don't like the way they look you can have them removed by a dermatologist. Sometimes they arise in response to sun damage, and other times they just happen, for genetic reasons.

    I really dont wana sound stupid but i have 2 moles, one on each breast, they both look like this:
    one is darker than the other. I was doing a little research and read some things and i think this means i may have or am at high risk of these being cancerous im really scared and i dont know what to do
    Does anyone know? Heres some facts that might help?

    - im 15 and have fair skin and hair
    - one of them was a freckle for as long as i can remember but as my breast grew i just thought it stretched? the other one appeared as my breast was growing and did get a little bigger as my boob grew, this one is also darker than the other

    i am literally so scared i feel like crying but its only me and my bro in the house, its 2am idk what to do, any advice please help :(

    • ANSWER:

    Does this sound like skin cancer, breaking out in moles?
    Hi there, I am developing very bad health anxiety lately, seems like I have had one health issue after another. I have not been feeling well, just now energy, tired, pains.. Anyway I am a 29 year old woman and cancer does run in my mothers family. I am not sure that anyone has had skin cancer but I am worried. 3 weeks ago I noticed that I got a few blood bubbles under my skin so I have been inspecting my skin everyday and I notice that I am breaking out in Moles. They start as little freckles I think or thats what they look like. I noticed 2 on my arm that were not there last week and some others also. I have a growth on the bottom of my left foot that looked like a mole but its not a circle and its raised. Its been there for a few years now. It has some brown in it but its not all the way brown. I also noticed a brown spot on the side of my big toe. I thought I got hurt or something but its just a brown spot. I have also noticed in the past couple of months that the I also have white spots on my body, looks like discoloration. I also have gotten in the past month a bunch of those raised brown skin things all over my chest! I have a growth on my neck that the doctor I seen yesterday said was a skin tag. I tried to tell her about the moles coming out of no where but she was very short with me and said yeah sooo, this happens as you get older, I dont think its anything to worry about. She gave me a referral to a dermatologist but said that I should wait until I have some insurance to go, meanwhile I am afraid! I dont know anything about skin cancer. The moles dont look funny, just like normal moles, I have 2 that are a bit raised but I have had them both for as long as I can remember. They weren't always raised but they were always there. I am just very afraid. I have one near my belly button and it must have been kind of raised because I scratched it and it almost came off, now its kind of hard. I also have 2 moles on my thighs that are small and black not far from each other. I do not spend a lot of time in the sun. I do smoke and I need to stop that or I will probably get lung cancer if I dont already have that too. Anyway has anyone had something like this happen to them? For the past few days I have been so SCARED that I cant sleep or even eat. Please any advice or help? I wonder if its to late if I do have it since they are coming up so fast?? I had blood work the other day and everything was normal with that. I have cat scans of my brain and abdomen and pelvis within the past few months that were normal also. Ok thank you in advance for reading my post. I know I seem like a paranoid crazy person but I am just really afraid. Thanks
    A blood bubble, sorry the proper name is Petechiae, its not a mole or freckle its bleeding under the skin. Cancer does run in my moms family, 2 of my aunts, my great aunt, my sister, my grandmother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my mother has had a few tumors in breast and kidneys shes going for a bunch of testing and my brother had 2 brain tumors. I would say thats more then a couple of people.The doctor that I see was not there so I seen his nurse practicer and she was in a bad mood. She was very short and rude with me to say the least and she didnt really even bother to look.
    Said my grandmother 2 times, should read great grandmother. I do not think that just because someone in my family has cancer that I do too its just that when you wake up and notice several new moles that were not there the day before its concerning. I know no one here can diagnose me and I am going to see a Dermatologist. Just was seeing if anyone had something similar happen to them. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry im not a doctor but watch "dear sixteen year old me" on youtube it's about skin cancer

    I used Dr. Scholls on my skin tags and moles and it looked like it scarred me, is that bad?
    Theres like a light brown circle, what does that mean?

    • ANSWER:

    does anyone know what this itchy skin colour lump could be in my inner elbow ?
    like the bit that bends, iv aways had a red rash on there but just a heat rash but this little lump catched my eye.. i haven't noticed it before

    its skin colour
    looks like a mole but its not brown or anything and has just came all of a sudden
    and i think its getting bigger :S i only noticed it 5 mins ago ?

    and ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    Do these moles look cancerous?
    I went to a walk in, to have one of my moles looked at, and she said to get one checked out at my own Doctor...

    I'm 18, Red headed naturally, Fair skin, lots of moles/freckles, ive had a few really bad sunburns as a kid, i burn easily, and I used to tan(but not obsessively...) Apperantly my Grandfather had skin cancer, but I'm not too sure if this is true!

    With what you all think (and I know this isn't a diagnosis) Does this look like something scary and in need of medical attention to you?

    P.S. the flash on my camera makes em appear a little lighter.

    This is my back , and here are two flat around, but bumpy in the middle moles, these were the hardest to photograph, and appear light with the flash. They are not completely flat, and no hairs comming out.


    http://tinypic.com/r/2vvwdoh/4 - This one is on my side, on my back.

    http://tinypic.com/r/2vai5jn/4 - Last byt not least, there is one mole, that has a darker colored Brown dot in the middle, again hairless.

    http://tinypic.com/r/dm76yw/4 -What i am pointing to seems like a REALLY weird Birthmark, it's faded, and its hard to see with this flash, but its spotted, if you can see it? Doctors always point it out, but I've had a really deep dark red one since birth, and they never say anything about it...

    Thanks so much, Do these require immediate medical attention? If not cancerous, what else could they be?

    • ANSWER:

    Questions About Moles? (Skin)?
    What is the reason causing moles to never disappear? Do moles stay with you forever? Can moles be kind of red like a scab? Because I have this red looking thing under my skin and it looks like a scab and it is not circular. It's not even connected, it's like little really tiny scabs next to each other.

    • ANSWER:
      Moles don't really stay with you forever. My monroe moon appeared at like 5 years old. Moles can indicate cancer. You might want to ask your doctor. I don't know about the scab thing.

    Does a regular docters office know about skin cancer and moles?
    I'm 15 years old, I noticed this mole on the back of my leg and has some of the characteristics to seem like it could be melanoma. When I looked at the pictures on the internet it doesn't look like anything I've seen on there to much, it's not that extreme looking. I'm not 100 percent sure so I figured I would get it looked at tomorrow. I talked to my dad about it and he said he would take me to the local docters office to get a quick check up on it. My dad and sister says my mole looks normal to them and they don't think it's anything, and I sort of don't but I want to be sure. I wanted to know if my regular local docter would be able to tell me if I should look into this more and seek a dermotologist or would he be able to look at it and take care of it for me. I don't want to go and find a derm, I would rather just use a regular docter if it's possible. What do you guys think? Would they know what they are talking about? Would they be able to tell me if it's something serious?

    • ANSWER:
      Skin imperfections can loosely be grouped into 3 categories.

      1. definately not cancer
      2. suspect, could go either way.
      3. definately cancerous.

      Your normal family Dr will be able to tell if it fits into group 1.

      If they believe i goes into group 2 or 3 they will refer you to a specialist (dermatoogist)

      Just because you get a referal, does not mean it is definately cancer, just that it may fit into an area that needs more specialist assessment.

      If they tell you it is definately not cancerous, you should be able to trust this diagnosis.

    Getting new freckles and moles at a startlingly rapid pace?
    I used to have a few moles (not raised and not very big, more like large freckles- smaller than a pencil eraser) and a few freckles here and there. I would have maybe one freckle on my hand, 3 on my chest, 2 moles on my back- spread out like that and very few. I am 25 now and over the last year I have suddenly gotten many many freckles and moles all over my torso. I'm having a hard time distinguishing what is a freckle and what is mole because of the odd variations in size... none of them are raised, but they vary from a tiny brown speck to a mole that is smaller than a pencil eraser and every size in between. There are also some "moles" that look like they may be just 4 or 5 freckles all right next to each other. It doesn't look weird yet, but it is startling to me because I've never had freckles like this... I could always point out my "freckle" or 2, but that was it. They are now all over my back, all over my stomach, all over my chest, and I'm starting to get them on my arms and legs now. This has all happen in 1 year, so I am very afraid that if I continue to get new ones at this rate, I will have terrible looking skin in a few years. I haven't been in the sun in the last year, so if this is sun damage, it's not recent sun damage. I've had a lot of problems with my skin lately (over the last year) with it suddenly becoming terribly dry and having strange rashes appear on my eyelids. I guess the main thing I'm thinking is that there is a problem that I can't see that is causing the sudden change in my skin and the problems I've suddenly had with it. Does anyone know if there are any conditions, diseases, etc that would cause skin problems that you have never experienced before?
    I plan on seeing a doctor about this. I'm not looking to speak with a professional on here, I just want to hear opinions and personal experience since doctors will often tell you it's nothing. I want to see if anyone has experienced something similar and has any advice on what to look out for.

    • ANSWER:
      sorry, i'm not a doctor or something, which you should def visit, because maybe it's skin caner. i know almost nothing about it, and am not sure if this is your case, but my recommendation is visiting a doctor, ASAP.

    Yes, moles, not the animals, moles that grow on skin.

    Well, i was look for ways to remove my mole, soo, Ive done a few quetsion and everyone says 'Wart Remover' removes the mole. YET, my bottle of wart remover says 'Do not aply on moles, birthmarks or freckles.'

    Should I still use it, or will it like make me ill or die or what?

    :[ I'm fed up with my mole.

    • ANSWER:
      Please dont remove the mole yourself.
      Dont listen to any fool that tells you to do it yourself.
      Go see your doctor, he/she can remove it safely and with as little scarring as possible.

    Help please my skin is a misterie?
    hi im 36 years old and i always had bad skin actually i still have acne some in my back and face,
    lately for a year i have been havin some small dots that look like moles and others are look like just small tiny size pin dots
    they been appearing all over my body, legs, arms, down legs, and few in chest, none of them are itchy bleed or hurt apart from one that looks like redish blood the others are brown,
    they come in rawdom and 2 of them, one each arm are a little bigger the the others,
    they all appeared in the last year since i moved into this old apartment,
    sometimes after sleep i do wake up with some marks in my skin that looks like tiny bits or with some small white pimples , and some of them leave small scab nothing big but some they do,
    im too white and i hardly catch sun and i guess i never did cath a sunburn cause i work at night and i dont like much the hot weather,
    In my health i fell quite good really apart from that,, i even stopped smokin, but those dots are worring me,

    the locations of those dots:
    downer arms 4 right arm. 3 left arm
    left downer leg 5, and 2 on my right knee
    Left Shoulder 4
    2 Chest
    1 stomache
    and a small i mean very small dot in my right point Finger.

    about 2 months i went to a derma and he check me for 15 in a strong light and he said they are moles ,
    ok some look like moles but those little pimples that i get also sometimes leave a tiny scar, maybe cause im too white dunno.
    anyone knows what this might be?? Could it be some skin alergy cause this is a really old flat, ahh nearly forgot
    last year i went holidays for 2 months and when i come back i found in my bed a little whitte bug in bed like a whorm, a friend told me was the Dust and the room close it for so long.
    later last week i found another but this one more grayer closer to wc where my mates room is and i squashed and had gray blood or somethig.
    i thinnk i will leave this place ...
    Any help please cause im also scared.
    thanx and sorry for bad english and big post.

    • ANSWER:
      yes your grammar is hard to read, and I cant remember the question, but you have already seen a dermatologist (skin expert) and they have said they are harmless moles, could be you have a skin parasite now. If a Dr said you are fine then there is nothing anyone here can say to reassure you. Go back to the Dr. And spray insecticide in all your rooms,wash your bedclothes or move house!

    12 weeks pregnant...does this look like skin cancer?
    i'm 25 years old and 12 weeks pregnant, and i noticed a couple weeks ago that a mole on my leg looked different. the mole, which i've had all my life, has gotten larger, the color has changed, and it no longer has the same shape. 2 days ago it had what looked like a white head on it (can you get a pimple on a mole?), and some puss oozed out. today i noticed it has a dark spot where the white head like spot use to be. i have an appointment with my doctor on monday, but i was wondering if anyone else has had something similar. is this some weird pregnancy symptom, or could i have skin cancer? if it is skin cancer, will my pregnancy effect my treatment options? Can you tell what kind of cancer it is by looking at it?

    here is a photo of the mole...

    • ANSWER:

    Can skin cancer spread when the Dr. does a biopsy and cuts into it?
    I have had a suspicious looking mole on my chest for almost 3 years that I thought was just a regular brown mole and thought nothing of it. I realize now, it was most likely from tanning and at some time grew there.. Recently it began pealing skin and looked bubbly around the edges. Just went to the Dermatologist today- was very concerned as the Dr. said it looks like a skin cancer, assuming basal cell carcinoma and did a biopsy and cut it off. I have to wait 2 weeks for a final answer and what kind of cancer??. I've been scared right now thinking #1 because it was left go for 3 years, does that mean cancer could of spread? or I will never get rid of the cancerous cells. #2 Can this mole come back again in the same region? #3 I was always told once someone has a cancer or a growth and a Dr. cuts into it, once it hits the air, it can spread. Is this true? When I was told skin cancer, my mind started racing. I know it sounds ridiculous. I had many questions to ask the Dr. but, she was very busy from room to room. #4- of all the regular Dr. visits at my primary dr. and blood work I've had, all panels and cbc profile have come back normal. If someone has a skin cancer- does it not show in blood work? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      No, cutting into the mole will not cause it to spread. First, if the biopsy confirms that it is basal cell, then the dr. will likely remove more flesh around the area to ensure all the cancer cells are removed. The Dr. might recommend you see an oncology surgeon to do this and they might perform a MOLs excision. This is a method where they remove material, examine it for cancer cells and keep going until they are sure they got it all.

      Basal cell is very treatable and almost always completely cured. Talk with your dr. and ask all your questions. If the dr. does not show interest or time to listen, find another doctor.

    What does a mole look like after it is removed via shaving?
    I have two moles removed from my chest a little over a month ago. Both were raised moles, light tan in color. They were removed using the shaving technique. At first the areas were concave for a couple days. Then they both produced scaps. After the scaps healed, they were red, and flush with the skin. Over the last 2 weeks, they have become raised. Is this the moles regrowing? Is this scar tissue? Is this simply them healing? Will they become flush with the skin again? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :o )

    • ANSWER:
      What should be expected after a mole is removed?
      The amount of discomfort afterward varies on the method used. If there is discomfort, it can be relieved with prescribed pain medication. A scab usually will develop, and then heal within a week or two. Also any redness that occurs will disappear within two to four weeks. Most scars that do appear slowly fade over time

      Here is the website that I got this information from:

      According to this, all will go away soon.

    I have a mole on my face and its evened out with the skin, what would it look like after it comes off?
    im 17 and i have a mole on my cheek the size of about half the size of a dime and its evened out with the rest of my skin,so how would it look after i got it removed....? and how do i go about getting it done?

    • ANSWER:
      I would consult a dermatologist or two.
      It would think it would be dependent not only the circumference of the mole, but the depth of it as well that would need to be removed.

      Ask an experience doctor of dermatology.

    Does this picture look like skin cancer?
    I am a 14 year old guy. A strange black spot recently appeared on my penis. I know that this is not too abnoraml. It is a black line like thing that has a slight curve at one end.

    Here is a picture:
    sorry its hard to see, but its the darkened area. It looks darker in real life.

    What do you think it is? A mole? Somthing else?

    Is it skin cancer?! =(
    And don't worry, picture is decent. It just shows the skin, nothing else.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I work at a derm office and I develop all the pictures they take of skin lesions. This is blurry, it is hard to tell. But I have seen a lot of skin cancer lesions...this does not look like one. Cancer on the penis is not unheard of...but it is not a common thing, especially for 14 years old. I doubt you have any concerns there. If the lesion is raised and has actual edges, it could be a mole, dark freckle, or skin growth of some type. If you have been sexually active, it could be a genital wart. A common thing may be hyperpigmentation (a darkening of the skin). That can take any shape or size, it may fade over a long period of time, or it can stay around forever. Hyperpigmentation usually develops after there has been a trauma to the skin and then it heals, like a rash, irritation of some type, brush burn...etc, totally benign. Just keep an eye on it, and if it changes or becomes bothersome to you, then you should have your doctor check it.

    Does this look like skin cancer to you?
    Hi. I've had this checked and it's going to be removed for tests in one months time 'for peace of mind'.
    Does this look like skin cancer to you?



    I am so worried. This was a tiny normal mole that changed to this a couple of years ago. I got it checked out last week when I realised how serious it could be. It's been long enough for the cancer to have spread by now.
    The doc said we will get it tested for 'peace of mind' - mine and hers!?
    What do you think?
    No that was someone else who posted. I only just took these pics.

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone know what a cancerous mole looks like on the skin...???

    • ANSWER:
      Normal moles have smooth edges, uniform color, no drainage. Any mole that has recently changed in appearnace, is draining, or has uneven borders of various shades of pigment needs to be examined by your health care provider right away.

    How do I cover dark freckles?
    My biggest insecurity are my freckles. They're the worst! It's not like the kind of freckles you usually see redheads with...they're bigger and in random spots on my face. Some are more like moles....and they're all really dark! What cheap products can I use to cover them up and make my skin look tanner and smoother? (the tanner part because im really PALE)

    • ANSWER:
      concealer on the spots
      then face powder, foundation that the same shade as your skin, or slightly lighter bronzer

    Can you have skin cancer that shows in multiple different looking skin growths or types?
    What if it looks like its healing or is healed but still looks/feels strange? does skin cancer that's spread generally form in all similar like ways? or can it show up in many different forms?
    I have no insurance and im having many skin changes, some DRY/ROUGH purple-like patches (almost wart like but flatter) that seems to be spreading, one has split or ulcerated and had a shiny yellow like and glistening inside this deep cut-like growth. It hardly bleeds, even when irritated and seems to be healing i think... i have researched psoriasis and eczema etc and it does not seem to even come close to resembling anything common.... i do have dry skin nearby but its not itchy enough to have become inf lammed from scratching etc..... 2 lesions are on the back of my hands (knuckles) plus nearby patches that have not ulcerated--- i have been having severe Raynard's syndrome causing obvious poor circulation to my hands from an undiagnosed systemic or autoimmune disease.....so maybe that is causing it?
    i also have noticed one skin colored mole on my shoulder/neck has seem to become more obvious-not sure if its larger or not but it is itchy so i've noticed it and been watching it.(there is nothing around it that may be what is itchy-its alone on otherwise normal perfect skin... it seems to have changed color some but could be blood stuck inside bc of unintentional scratching....
    I also have bumpy changes in my mouth--sides of tongues, insides of cheeks and inside lower lip. and 2 ingrown-like waxy or smooth bumps on my face. You can hardly see them now, almost like the skin has grown over it but i can still feel the lump under the skin-it is the same in size or possibly growing slowly. please help me figure how important it is to see someone about this... my finances will really suffer if i have to pay for a dermatologist visit or walk in. thank you

    • ANSWER:
      If you have all of these problems going on it's really best to consult a dermatologist,these spots may need to be treated,if any of them are melanoma,this can be fatal in the late stages,my husband had one on his arm and required surgery for it,it's really best that you go and have this all checked out,we all take a hit on our finances but it's worth it if it can save your life,Tomb Raider.

    Going for skin scanning tomorrow to make sure melanoma is not in other areas. What should I expect?
    What does the doctor due during the full body scan? Does he remove any more moles that look like they can be melanoma? I just had surgery done two weeks ago on my arm to remove the melanoma and upon removing the stiches the doctor will due the scan. I am just worried that there will be more affected areas. I had a mole removed last year and it came back recently. Can that be another spot of melanoma?

    • ANSWER:
      the doctor will of course look at the whole body skin, you can hope there are no more suspiscious lesions, but this word is the hallmark, if something does not look right, they will remove it for further evaluation. Hope you don't have any mroe of it, good luck

    Cancerous Moles On my back?
    I went to a walk in, to have one of my moles looked at, and she said to get one checked out at my own Doctor...

    I'm 18, Red headed naturally, Fair skin, lots of moles/freckles, ive had a few really bad sunburns as a kid, i burn easily, and I used to tan(but not obsessively...) Apperantly my Grandfather had skin cancer, but I'm not too sure if this is true!

    With what you all think (and I know this isn't a diagnosis) Does this look like something scary and in need of medical attention to you?

    P.S. the flash on my camera makes em appear a little lighter.

    This is my back , and here are two flat around, but bumpy in the middle moles, these were the hardest to photograph, and appear light with the flash. They are not completely flat, and no hairs comming out.


    http://tinypic.com/r/2vvwdoh/4 - This one is on my side, on my back.

    http://tinypic.com/r/2vai5jn/4 - Last byt not least, there is one mole, that has a darker colored Brown dot in the middle, again hairless.

    http://tinypic.com/r/dm76yw/4 -What i am pointing to seems like a REALLY weird Birthmark, it's faded, and its hard to see with this flash, but its spotted, if you can see it? Doctors always point it out, but I've had a really deep dark red one since birth, and they never say anything about it...

    Thanks so much, Do these require immediate medical attention? If not cancerous, what else could they be?

    • ANSWER:
      Remember the ABCDE of skin.
      A asymmetry most ''safe'' moles are round, should stay round.
      B borders that are irregular or notched
      C color or CHANGE
      None of these factors are an indication of cancer, just put them on a 'watch' list,
      see a Dr. asap and keep an eye on them.

    What happens during a skin cancer screening?
    I signed up for a free skin cancer screening at my local clinic. I'm curious if anybody knows what is a skin cancer screening? Do they just look at your skin or do they run actual tests? I have one unusual mole in particular that I would like to know if it's cancerous or not, but I'm wondering if this is just more of a consultation rather than an actual test for skin cancer? Just wondering so I know if I would just be better off making an appointment that specializes in actual skin cancer tests?

    • ANSWER:
      They just look and refer you to a doctor if they see anything they don't like.

      I think a direct appointment about that mole is a good idea.

    New marking on skin, not sure what it is?
    Hi everyone. I have not told anyone yet as I recently realized this but about a month ago I saw these three large pale freckle looking things on my neck. I just realized they are still there, I'm kind of worried. I tried to wash them off and scratch them off (I know thats silly but I didnt know what to do lol). I felt them and they feel SLIGHTLY different then the rest of my skin. They look like a large very light colored freckle. I was wondering what this could possibly be? I'm not sure what skin cancer looks like, I thought it only showed in freckles and moles, not make new skin markings. Could it be skin cancer? Or maybe liver spots, that older people (like around the 80's) usually get?? Do liver spots come from liver failure? Is that possible for a 20 year old? Sorry, Im very paranoid, obviously I will tell my mom tomorrow and ask if I should go to the doctor or not. Thank you all in advanced!

    • ANSWER:
      Liver spots are called that because of their color, not because of liver problems. If you had liver problems, you would be looking rather yellow, including the whites of your eyes.

      If you have lots of freckles and/or moles, it's good to get checked out by a dermatologist if only to document what you have now, so that they can be checked again in the future, and any new ones noted. In any case, go see your doctor just to ease your anxiety.

    Small skin colored bumps on bikini line/upper leg?
    First, I already have a doctors appt. and am getting this checked out just to be safe. At first, I kind of thought I might have genital warts but i only have 2 or 3 bumps that dont look like any pictures I have looked at of warts and also do not really fit any descriptions Ive read. They are all on my bikini line (i have looked for others) and one looks like a mole of some sort and the 2 others look like skin tags or something. Do you only get skin tags if you are older? I am only 20. I am just curious if it sounds like anything anyone else has had that is not warts. The main reason I do not think it is is because it is only in the area i always shave and I do not take very good precausions about shaving... i sometimes dry shave, shave in the shower without soap or anything, etc so i get razor burn a lot and it seems like some permanent bumps from that or something...like niking it too much. Is that possible? I use an electric razor on that area now (which is amazing for those who havent tried it) but couldnt find it the other day and used a regular razor and this is when I noticed the bumps again. But they do not go away like razor burn. They do not hurt or itch or anything. What could this be????
    Don't ingrown hairs hurt though?? and don't they go away somewhat quickly? I have had a bump on my leg (the one that looks like mole that is somewhat pinkish) for a couple months at least. I just attributed it to scar tissue or something.
    looks just like that. thanks so much! Ive been driving myself crazy!

    • ANSWER:
      Why do'nt u Google "molluscum contageosum" and see if the pictures look like that.

    What are my chances of getting skin cancer?
    I have had leukemia before and I heard that previously having cancer makes you more likely to get another in the future, is this true?
    I have blue eyes and naturally fair skin but I have a tan now. I also have freckles and a few moles on my torso. Should I look out for the moles or the freckles more when I look for skin cancer?
    I am planning on going to the military maybe the navy or marines (does being a soldier make you more likely to get skin cancer)?
    Once you get skin cancer and heal yourself, can you go outside like you did before (for about 90 minutes or more)?
    I do not have a record of skin cancer in my family. I am muscular (so I am healthy no roids lol) and I am on a very good diet where you juice and drink vegetables and fruits I don't know if this helps.
    I also occasionally wear thin long sleeved shirt when the sun is out the most. and if I see my skin start to redden I will put on sun screen. Right answer will get 10 points.
    What are my chances of getting skin cancer.
    Also my mom and sister tan a lot, at least 3 times a week. my mom has been doing it for as long as I can remember (she is 43 now) and my sister has been doing it since she was 14 and she is 24 now. And they have healthy looking skin to me.

    • ANSWER:
      Much of the sun intolerance depends on how long it has been since your chemo and how much you had. I had chemo 14 years ago and the sun can still make me feel sick if I go out for too long. It would be best to ask your oncologist or primary physician. You might just keep your exposure moderate for now until you can speak with a doctor. Good Luck

    Skin tag or mole?
    I have a weird growth in the goin area. Ive had it for a long time, and it hasnt changed shape or color. It is dark brown,, its not round it is more oval-ish. About 75% of it is above the skin,, but not like a bump,, it is more of a flat flap, like a tag. the other 25% of it is under the skin. Total, its about 5 mm long.. 2 mm across.. What does it sound like to you?? I think its a tag,, Could a mole look like that? Im going to the Doc, to find out for sure,, so you dont have to bother telling me to go in..

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like a skin tag, and most of those are harmless, just annoying! A mole is usually very round and stays close to the skin surface. But since it is like a flat flap, yeah, I am pretty sure it is a skin tag. I had one for 16 years on the inside of my upper leg and it grew really big and it hurt with the clothes. I had it snipped off and was very glad I did, it did not really hurt, I did not even have it numbed. They can take it off by freezing it or snipping it. But it is not anything to worry about, a lot of people have them.

    Weird Skin Problem?
    On my leg I have a little dot that looks like a skin colored mole or a skin tag- but it's not a skin tag. It's just a dot that can peel off- but the skin grows back. My mom and dad and my BFF say that it's probably some kind of fungy, but I know it's not a skin tag because it doesnt look like one and it can peel off, HELP, what medicine do I use to get rid of it, it appeared like a year ago and im 12.

    • ANSWER:
      probably a wart, the doc can freeze them off

    Is it really possible that I have skin cancer?
    I went to the doctor this weekend to get a spot on my back checked out and the doctor said he wanted to remove it and test it. It looks like a mole but it is very black and it just showed up last summer. All the rest of the moles on my skin are light to medium brown. I'm getting the mole removed in 2 weeks. What do I do if it turns out that I do have skin cancer? I'm so scared!! I'm only 22. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      If it is skin cancer--and that's not a sure thing--the doctor can remove the mole and surrounding tissue, stitch the wound up neatly, and once you've healed, all you have to do is be vigilant for new signs of skin cancer any place you've got skin, including the scalp, ears, etc.

      Caught early, it's among the most curable of cancers.

      If you tan, this is your wake-up call. Every year, about 10,000 people, most of them women, *die* of skin cancer which was not caught early enough. Virtually all of them had extensive exposure to UV rays.

    I'm caucasian and have large tan patches on my skin on my upper back and on rib cage?
    On my upper back near my shoulders I have a tan patch that has become itchy. It's not raised, it's not a dark mole color, it looks like it's been skin damaged but, I wear a shirt year round. I have a 3 inch patch on my lower back and another 2 inch on my rib cage. Very odd... does anyone know what this is?

    • ANSWER:

    Skin colored Bump near Vagina?
    About a month and a half ago I realized that i had a small bump on the outside of my vagina. it is in the skin between the labias and my leg (that extra fold of skin). I may of had it longer than this because i do not go regular exams on myself. I just happened to feel it when i was shaving one day. It is skin colored, not hard does not hurt or itch. No other bumps have formed since i noticed this one. I have researched herpes and warts and neither of them look like what i have. Is this something to be concerned about? Please help me! It almost just looks like a skin colored mole.

    • ANSWER:
      If it's in the fold between the leg and is skin coloured, it could very well just be a skin tag (they like folds. Armpits, legs, etc). Harmless, just a little unsightly. Unless it grows, changes colour, starts to pus, or you develop more, just bring it up at your next doctors appointment. If you're concerned you can always make an appointment now.

    What are these red spots on my skin?
    They are small and kinda look lilke moles but they red kinda like a ruby red color. I have one on my neck, face, and arm. Does anyone know what these are?

    • ANSWER:

    I have like 25 moles i hate moles alot i dont know if any of them are cancerous i am going to go see a dermatologist but i was alos wondering how much it cost to have them removed i dont care any way as long as its cheap i live in NH but i just hate my moles so bad i cant stand them and i hate going swimmin cuz im afraid other people might look at me and stuff i mean i dont have like demented moles they r just liek brown circles but i have 2 on my back that r like the size of my ring finger nail n idk i jsut hate going in front of people since i have moles and idk what to do withouth spending a bunch of money IDK i need some help Every answer is good

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, you may want to visit you dermatologist...its considered cosmetic surgery.....I was told per mole removal

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