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Does this remove moles warts & skin tags thing work? Well, I have done quite a bit of research about this guide to make sure that this remove moles warts & skin tags worked before I went ahead and decided to try it myself.

In this remove moles warts & skin tags review I will tell you everything I managed to find from other reviews of remove moles warts & skin tags by actual customers that have already used this guide and I will show you some of the feedback I managed to find, the positive and negative.

I want to help you get the right idea and understand what this remove moles warts & skin tags is about in this review and to ensure that you are making a smart descision.

Alright, I have spent about 4 solid hours online, researching for a remove moles warts & skin tags review or two and actually managed to find a couple of customer reviews burried deep in google results, a few hobby bloggers reflecting on their own personal use of this remove moles warts and skin tags guide.

All of those reviews were positive and the fastest result was one Lady - (Cant use names sorry) managed to get rid of 2 warts from under her chin in just 8 days. Another customer of this product, a male, managed to get rid of a stupborn wart from his nose in 11 days without any visible scarring.

Here Are Some Pictures of results that others Posted To As testimonials...

Elizabeth Miller Houston, Texas


Sarah Agnes Shankill, Ireland


Jane Johns California, USA


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These are the testimonials the creator of Remove Moles Warts & Skin Tags received from a few customers that had really amazing results from following his simple methods to remove their skin imperfections.

I have also seen some other written positive remove moles warts and skin tags reviews in the health forums from past customers as well, that really consolidated my opinion.

I got this Remove Moles Warts & Skin Tags guide myself to try and get rid of 2 warts from my lower neck and so far I am impressed with already visible results in the first 3 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    i have two large moles on my neck is there any solutions howto remove with out surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      Magic? You cannot remove them without surgery. It's a minor procedure that a dermatologist or surgeon can do in about 5 minutes under local anesthesia.

      If the moles are changing at all, or are irregular in size or shape, they should be looked at by a pathologist for signs of malignancy.

    How much does it cost to get moles remove?
    I have few moles on my face and want to remove them off. Id like to know where I should go and how much it costs...

    • ANSWER:
      if ur in england say you want them checked for possable canserous infection... but it WILL leave scaring

    What is a cheap, effective, least painful non-doctor way to remove moles?
    I have a constellation of moles on my face, neck, and arms mainly. I don't have the money for the 0 per mole a dermatologist would charge, nor do I really trust doctors. I really just want the moles removed, I don't want to know if they are cancerous. So I am looking for an alternative at home technique, maybe OTC solutions? Some are big, some are small. But there is at least 10 I would like removed the most.

    • ANSWER:
      I had my mole removed by a normal GP, she did a great job and it cost me 1/3 of the price for dermatologist. Try that. And I trust doctors much more then myself when it comes to a moles removal!
      Honestly, don't mess up with your health.

    How to remove moles that are located on my face that are part of your skin?
    I have 4 moles located on my face that are not raised but lay even with my skin. Almost like a ingrown mole. I have tried a few natural remedies and none have worked. Is there away to remove these moles with out surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, the flat small moles usually are easy to remove. If you already tried some home remedies I suppose that you did not apply the exact substance or the term of the treatment. If you plan to try another method I would like to give you an advice: even that the home remedies look safe and gentle they also could burn your skin so you have to apply the exact quantity for the exact term. And I advice you to protect the surrounding skin. Usually our volunteers that try home remedies use Vaseline.

      Of course you could try a laser to remove your moles. It is not an operation actually. The laser destroys only the melanocytes, the cells that cause the pigmentation. The laser removal will not leave any scar and probably you will need two or three treatments. It is not painful. The bad news is that the laser treatment is moderate expensive but it is better to talk with your physician about the price.

    How much is it to remove moles at the doctors?
    I have quite a few small moles that I have been wanting to remove for a long time.I asked my doctor one time If I could remove them (they are around my neck) and she said they could not be removed.However,since I have been doing research I have found that you can get them removed.But my doctor Is a child's doctor and I would have to got to a dermatologist.Will it cost a lot of money to remove just a few?

    • ANSWER:
      My sister got a mole removed on her leg and i didn't pay the bill so i don't know how much it cost but it seemed pretty quick and easy it took just a couple minutes but the way they do it is that they have to cut the skin around and under the mole so that it does not leave traces and comes back and it left a scar on her leg so before you do it think about if its worth it or not, you might be going through the pain of getting a mole removed to be replaced by scars on your neck which look a lot worse and aren't natural...just a thought but regardless of money i wouldn't do it if i were you especially if you say they are very small but its your body good luck!

    Can you remove moles with the same products that you use to remove warts?
    Can you remove moles with the same products that you use to remove warts?
    Such as wartner , or something that freezes the mole?

    • ANSWER:
      NO!! DON'T!! they are 2 completely different things. go to your doctor

    Is there an effective to remove moles without scarring? I was advised previously not to do it?
    Serious answers only to this please. Has anyone experience of having moles removed particularly from the face. I was advised against it before but I would love to have it done. Is this day and age of technology can anyone advise! Thanks.
    Hi just replying to the last answer I received. Someone told me from Bupa they would not remove the mole from my face either. I just hoped by now a procedure would be in place to do it without scarring.

    • ANSWER:
      i had a mole removed from the back of my neck last summer it has left me with a small scar, i have one on my chin ,the doctor will not remove it from my face because of scarring, they will only do it if it looks suspicious. i begged him but he won't budge an inch, good luck.

    How to remove moles on the face?
    Can you remove moles under the skin with home remedies? Or do you have to go to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get them removed? Or could you also use methods that whiten the face to make the moles go away?

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing you can do is go to a dermatologist and ask them for cheaper options. nv try any home remedies ur unsure of coz they may cause disfiguration! :)

    Is it dangerous to remove moles with substances which contain acids?
    Hi. I have 2 moles on the face with diameters about 2-3 mm.
    If I want to remove them, is it safe to use lemon juice or some of the acidic substances which are sold on ebay? When there are such a substance for sale, it shouldn't injure my body. Am I wrong?
    Can a treated mole become Melanoma?

    • ANSWER:
      1] yes
      2] moles should be evaluated and removed by a qualified doctor
      3] lemon juice does not remove moles, but can irritate your skin if used improperly
      4] the 'ebay' stuff is not safe; and prob won't work
      5] may leave a scar though
      6] a mole can appear normal but be a melanoma
      6] see answer # 2

    How can I remove moles naturally on my body?
    I have hundreds of ugly moles all over my body. I know they are not cancerous. Is there any natural way or cream i can use to remove some of these?? I don't want scars all over my body from surgery and it would cost thousands...any ideas?
    I have had one cut off and the scar is VERY noticeable. I would have to have over 50 cut off and i don't want to and i am in dance so stiches aren't a possibility.

    • ANSWER:
      There's a cream called dermatend. I don't really know how well it works.

    Is there a home remedy to remove moles from the face?
    I have a few moles on my face that I would like to remove, but I'm not interested in going to a dermatologist. Is there a home remedy that would remove them for good?

    • ANSWER:
      For inexpensive, natural, at-home methods, try this website:

      Good luck!! :)

    How much does it cost to remove moles?
    I want to find out how much it costs to remove my moles i got 4 on my stomach and 2 on my genitals would i be able to get sleeping gas to remove the one's of my genitals ?

    • ANSWER:
      Need more you have insurance? If so, they will cover after your first copay. If not, you'll have to pay the office visit and then make payment arrangements. And doubt they give you any gas. Just local anesthetic.

    How to remove moles on your face?
    I have way too many moles on my face and they are rather large, and i want to remove them. Any method can be useful. Without leaving such big scars.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to the Doctor and have them frozen off. This will leave minimal scarring. They will do it for moles and warts that are benign if you ask to have the procedure. If you ask the doctor to biopsy them, your insurance should pay for it as well. An insurance company will only pay for it if they think that it could have been cancer, other wise they will deny it for being "cosmetic"

    How do you remove moles naturally?
    I have some moles on my face but I don't want to go in for surgery. Is there a way to remove it naturally?

    • ANSWER:
      DON'T TRY THAT ABOVE YET!!!! First go to the doctor and ask them if it is cancerous. Because my grandpa's friend did that, and he died in a couple of weeks, because it was cancer. And once it fell off the cancer spread through his body. So I would suggest going to the doctor.

      Oh and also, they don't do surgery to remove it. They just freeze/numb it and use a razor to gently remove it. No surgery involved.

    How can I remove moles from my face?
    I have three small moles on my face, how can I remove them?

    • ANSWER:
      very sharp knife

    How do I lighten/ remove moles at home?
    I've have quite a few moles on my face, not raised but they're really annoying and I feel self conscious of them. How could I safely remove them with a way that works at home, or at least lighten them?
    Thank you.
    Is laser expensive? Is there any scars on your face from it?
    Thanks heaps.

    • ANSWER:
      It is impossible to get rid of moles at home. But you can use makeup like concealer to cover it up.
      If you go to the dermatologist, they can use a laser to "burn" it off. As long as they're not too big, it won't hurt at all. (I've done it before, and I have a very low tolerance for pain.) This way you don't risk getting scars all over your face. But if you do get the laser removal, it is extremely important that you listen to what the dermatologist says about eating and everything afterwards. You are not allowed to eat or drink anything dark (ex: coffee, chocolate, soy sauce, etc.) until the tissue is 100% healed. I've had some moles come back because I didn't follow that rule, which ends up being a huge waste of money.

    Is it possible to remove moles from your body?
    Can I go to the doctor and ask him to remove moles that I have? They aren't dangerous to me, just ugly. Is there an existing procedure?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can. I've had it done and my friend had it done not too long ago. The doctor told me when I went for a check-up that they had to be removed. There are different forms of getting them removed. I got my frozen off and my friend got the cut off. It's painless and quick. In and out, less than an hour.

    How can I remove moles and beauty marks naturally?
    I'm a guy that's starting to build up a great body with six pack abs but i have a few moles and beauty marks that are basically ruining the image. I would like to remove them but before i do it with lasers or anything I wanted to know is their anyway naturally to decrease thier size...fade them away or become completely removed. Please give me any tips or at home products or anything that I can use. Please help me.

    Thank You

    • ANSWER:

    How to remove moles with an inside approach?
    I have heard of many ways to remove moles with various methodes, however, I have always wondered if there was a way to get rid of them by taking something internaly?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry but, no, that is not possible even as advanced as medical technology has become. The best way to have them removed is still by seeing a dermatologist.

    How do I remove moles without surgery?

    I have many small black moles on my face, how do I remove them using natural ingrediants?

    • ANSWER:
      You can try mole removal creams, but i never tried it. Best and safest method is to laser it, especially if its somewhere as sensitive as your face.

    Does it hurt when they remove moles on your face?
    I have 6 moles on my left cheek and 1 on my right. They are all REALLY small like 3 of these: "." together.would it hurt? Do i need stitches for something that small? How long would the scar be visible and how long would i need the stitches in for? Also, what type of surgery would i need to remove these?

    • ANSWER:

    I want to remove about 100 moles from my back and shoulders at the cheapest price. Where can I do that?
    Currently, I'm living in Japan, but I'm willing to go anywhere for a good price to get moles removed. I think my budget is around ,000.
    I'm not a member of the EU. I'm a U.S. citizen. They are not covered by insurance, so cosmetic dermatology is the only way. I'm looking for a cheap clinic that can remove these.

    • ANSWER:

    How to remove moles without any scarring?
    I have two moles on my face that I absolutely hate. Im a 13 year old guy, and nobody seems to notice them, but I want them off. How could I get them removed without scarring or any kind of long term/permanent damage?

    • ANSWER:

    I just want to know how to remove moles using daily use articles. Plz help me out?
    I just want to know how to remove moles. But plz refer me treatment which is possible through the commodities which we used in our daily routine.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you referring to skin moles? If yes, then I would say try castor oil. It works for me. Most of my moles dropped off between 7 to 10 days, leaving no scar whatsoever! I am now more confident with my mole-free skin.

    Does the product dermatend to remove moles actually work?
    I have a mole on my cheek i want to get rid of it was hair growing out of it does that mean its deeper or something?, will dermatend remove my mole without scaring?

    • ANSWER:
      I used Dermatend on a mole that was on my thigh. It took a few weeks but the mole did fall off completely. Now there is just a small pink mark (better then a black mole), but it should go away soon with the anti-scaring stuff they gave me with my order. I think its worth trying because it worked on me!

    How do doctors remove moles on your skin?
    About two months ago I scratched a mole off of my back (and it bled like crazy) well it grew back but in an odd shape. Today it started to bleed so tomorrow my mom is taking me to the doctor to get it checked but i don't think their gonna remove. But when I do get it removed, I want to know what their gonna do. And please tell me if this has happened to you before and what happened because i am freaking out! thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      If they remove it, they will clean the skin and give you a shot in the skin to numb it up as well as make it easier for them to remove (shot puts fluid underneath it so it isn't right on top of the muscle). They will then use a small knife (with a circular blade or small scalpel) to get around the mole and remove it. It is placed in a solution to be sent to a pathologist to look for any abnormalities. They then give you stitches to stop the bleeding (may be dissolvable or not). Different stitches can leave finer or more noticeable scars so if this a big concern-you can ask them. If the stitches are not dissolvable, you will come back in to get them removed and the doctor can look to see how it has healed. They will give you instructions on what to do while you have stitiches (keep it covered and dry etc).

    What different methods can a doctor use to remove moles?
    I have a few moles on my face and neck I would like to be removed. What would be the best route to get rid of them with out scaring? They do not look cancerous by the way this is solely cosmetic.

    • ANSWER:
      The most common method is freezing with liquid nitrogen. The doc has a spray can which looks not unlike any other spray can, with a long nozzle. S/he sprays the mole with liquid nitrogen, which freezes the mole tissue, causing tissue death. Over the next week or so, the tissue sloughs off (and must be removed). The site then heals like any other wound site. Be advised that some minor scarring or discoloration may occur, just like any other wound site.

      I've had some of these things removed, and it's not painful at all. Less discomfort than a mosquito bite, and over at once.

    Is it safe to remove moles using home remedies?
    I have a mole I wanna remove, I went to see my doctor and he said it's probably non cancerous. He said he could do it though but it would cost a lot of money. I've heard that you could get them removed on your own though via garlic or castor oil. I'm wondering if anyone has used this before and if it worked? Also is it safe? Has anyone consulted their doctor about this? What'd he say?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not sure but I am interested in the answer...

    How safe is it to remove moles?
    Of course after consulting a doctor. I am not talking about a doing it yourself project.
    I have a big mole with a diameter of 0.7mm that is also inconvenient and i heard various stories on removing moles that it's not safe, that you can die if you have it removed and so on. Has anyone removed a mole? How safe is it?
    I asked this a day back but i didn't get much insight into this.

    • ANSWER:
      There are risks involved for any surgery procedures. Same thing for mole removal, the risks here are infection, scarring, mole coming back bigger, etc.

      In view of the high cost and the possible risks, I made surgery procedure as my last resort. I have tried various method including over-the-counter mole removal creams. I can tell you that none beats this natural ingredient - Castor oil.

      Castor oil removes most of my moles naturally. After regular applications, most of my moles dropped off between 7 to 10 days. The wounds healed extremely well and the best part is that they don't leave a scar! Simply amazing! I am now happy and more confident with my mole-free skin.

      Hope this helps.

    How does a doctor remove moles, are there more than one way?
    I know they burn it, but what is the best way to remove it without having scars or marks after? Is there a doctor that specialize in mole removal?

    • ANSWER:

      GOOD LUCK!!

    Is there a way to remove moles without surgery?
    Well i have moles and i was wondering if anyone has removed their moles WITHOUT going to a dermatologist or getting laser surgery on moles or whatever. I was hoping if someone that removed their moles by themselves or by home remedies, can tell me exactly what they did and if they used home remedies or not and which home remedies they used.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no home remedies for removing moles. Surgery is the only way.

    How do surgeons remove moles surgically?
    I want to remove a mole from my cheek. I was wondering, when the surgeon removes the mole, does he cut it or what and do you have to be injected with an aesthetic?

    • ANSWER:

    is there any over the counter medicine to remove moles?
    i have these small little moles on my face and neck and i want to get of them. so i wonder if there are any over the counter creams that remove moles or do i have to have them surgically removed?

    • ANSWER:
      im not sure but talk to ur doctor about them. they may be something called skintags by the way u describe them but talk to ur doctor about this

    How can I remove skin tags and moles?
    I have several skin tags and elevated moles that I would like to get rid of. I know a doctor can do it for me, but is there an easier method I could do at home? I did an internet search and it seems like there's lots of products that claim to be effective, but it's hard to know what works and what doesn't. Has anyone ever successfully removed moles and/or skin tags? How did you do it? What were your results? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      For the skin tags what to do is tie something round them really tight untill they fall off! e.g. a bit of string.
      The most important thing is to never cut them off!!!!!

    How to Remove Moles on Skin?
    I've recently noticed that moles are becoming a problem. I don't want to freeze them off. Does anyone know of alternative ways to have them removed? Preferably without pain! Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Apparently a great mole removal treatment is to apply banana peel to your mole every night and leave it on until the morning. Also, Aloe Vera is recommended for many skin conditions as it has wonderful properties and has been used for many years to soothe and heal damaged skin. When applied twice a day, every day, you should see some results in a week.

    is it safe to remove moles using home remedies?
    I have a mole I wanna remove, I went to see my doctor and he said it's probably non cancerous. He said he could do it though but it would cost a lot of money. I've heard that you could get them removed on your own though via garlic or castor oil. I'm wondering if anyone has used this before and if it worked? Also is it safe? Has anyone consulted their doctor about this? What'd he say?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think it's harmful. As an asian person, I have a few moles, hopefully that doesn't mean I have cancer though... I've removed a few moles before, scratched them off pretty badly. Left a scar for a bit but it disappeared. I don't know how removing a mole can be dangerous besides getting yourself infected by bacteria while doing so.

    Much much does it cost to remove moles surgically in Australia?
    i have 4 little moles on my neck I am self cauntious about. How much does it cost to have them removed? Is there much scarring involved?

    • ANSWER:
      The cost varies from to 0 per mole depending on the technique used and the size/type of the mole. Alternatively, go for those over-the-counter mole removal creams or natural home remedies. I have mine removed using Castor oil and baking soda. Works great for me, moles dropped off naturally after 10 days.

    Can apple cider vinegar remove moles on skin?
    i heard that apple cider vinegar can remove moles on skin. is this true..if so how do u prepare it?

    • ANSWER:
      NO FAT CHANCE IN THIS REALITY! Apple cider vigegar is great for salad dressings, to make copper shine, to clean corroded battery terminals, and othe things. You can put some in a glass and add some soda and watch it fiz.. Moles are either left alone because they are harmless. or even though they are harmless you can have them lazered off because they are on your face, etc. or rarely what may first be a simple mole may change over time to become a melonoma (death and bad stuff).

    Is it safe to remove cancerous moles by laser?
    Okay first off I'm not getting a mole removed. I just wanna know. So please don't answer something like see a doctor first or something like that, I just wanna know if its safe or not, yes or no answer please. Thanks in advance. (:

    • ANSWER:

    Dermatologist remove moles for cosmetic reasons?
    Can they refuse to remove moles just for cosmetic reasons?
    Im very self Conscious and i feel its affecting my self esteem greatly.

    How much would it cost to get it sliced cut out or lasered of?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not sure how much it costs, but you can get any mole removed that you want to. I had one that bothered me when I was younger and I went and got it removed and my insurance paid for it. If it is bothering you definitely get it removed! If you don't have insurance then call a dermatologist in your area and ask them how much it would be or how you would go about doing it. Good luck.

    any fast and effective ways to remove moles?
    how to remove flat moles on my skin naturally?

    • ANSWER:
      depends how deep it is but a knife...

    How to non surgically remove moles?
    I've had a mole on my lip for as long as I could remember. I don't want to surgically remove it. I read that honey can help remove it. Help!

    • ANSWER:

    How can you remove moles?
    how can u remove moles by not going to the doctor or anything. any home remedies? i mean skin moles!

    • ANSWER:
      you cant and shouldn't, it's dangerous

    How to remove moles, at home?
    Well its embarrassing but I have a tiny raised pink mole a bit smaller than a pencil eraser. I would like to know how to remove it, one time I tried to shave it off and it just bled a lot and grew back. How do I remove it safely without a trip to the doctor?
    I have heard of Freezing it, but I thought this was just for warts.

    • ANSWER:

    Is it possible to remove moles without leaving a scar?
    I have tons of moles that I would love to have removed to boost my self esteem

    • ANSWER:
      My friend had a large mole on her forehead and she had it removed by a doctor and you could never tell she ever had one now. Of course a doctor had to remove them, but after it heals it looks great! Good luck!

    What is the best and safest way to remove flat moles?
    What is the best and safest way to remove flat moles?

    • ANSWER:
      the safest way is by a doctor. as moles can be simple skin tags but can also be cancer. even if you have had them for years. any time a mole is removed it is supposed to be byopped.

      please don't try to remove a mole threw some crazy home remedy. seek professional help. usually it is super quick and mildly painless to remove them.

    What is the cost to remove a lot of moles?
    I have multiple moles all over my chest and back and would like to remove most of them, especially the large ones. Does it cost per mole or per hour. What would I expect to pay to remove 20 moles let's say

    • ANSWER:
      You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here -

    How to naturally remove new moles on your body?
    i was brushing my teeth, and i noticed i had a small mole on the side of my face that wasnt there a few days ago. i know that my mom had started taking some vitamin and her age spots fell off in the shower, are there any natural remedies to remove new moles?

    • ANSWER:
      not sure but you can go to a dermatologist and find out. if you want they can even remove it for you, painlessly

    I would like to know how to remove moles naturally?
    Apparently I have a few moles that seemed to just pop up. One mole is on my back and I would love to find some way of removing moles naturally. I do not mind purchasing a product as long as it is safe, organic and has a track record of success in mole removal.

    • ANSWER:
      I hate admitting it but I had some warts on my hands a couple months back. They are so gross. Anyway I tried everything, even dermatrend listed above. I just thought I was going to live with warts my entire life.

      One day while searching online for natural wart cures I came across this ebook, 'No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags', that had numerous natural cures for warts for every different type of skin. It explained how different substances work better on different skin types and so on. I was able to match my skin type to a few targeted solutions and using many household ingredients it helped me get rid of numerous warts on my hands and even a plantar wart I had under my heel. And, I was able to do it from home in just 12 days or so.

    How do you remove moles?
    I've had a mole on the end of my arm, and i was wondering how to remove it. Any home remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      clear nail polish over the mole for a couple weeks, falls off painlessly

      ~~other colors of nail polish work too but clear is invisible~~

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