Cosmetic Mole Removal

Groups of cells which tend to be pigmented and show themselves as dark, small spots often elevated above your skin are termed moles. The medical term is nevus plural nevi. They possibly will vary significantly on behalf of size as well as color. While blemishes will appear on your body wherever, they frequently surface on your face, legs, arms and torso. These skin tumors are likely to be benign, although may turn out to be cancerous, having uneven borders and coloring, requiring getting rid of your blemish. Additionally, on behalf of beauty purposes cosmetic mole removal may be performed in regards to your harmless cases utilizing professional, laser or else holistic courses of action.

On behalf of people whose tumors have produced into melanoma or skin cancer, removal of this blemish will be critical and the only successful technique will be surgical treatments. In regards to individuals whose cosmetic mole removal will be for beauty purposes, the good choices tend to be surgical, laser or even holistic tactics.

Three courses of action are in existence in regards to removal of your nevus. The first one tends to be termed shave excision that is used on behalf of growths that are raised above your skin. For this tactic, a local anesthetic will be applied to the area in the vicinity of your blemish and a small, sharp knife will be used to cut the surface of your growth off till it becomes even with the adjoining skin. Plus, growths may be punched out with a particular cylindrical device that is utilized for tinier nevi. Finally, your nevus might be taken out fully and afterward the open part will be closed by means of stitches.

Tumors that are black or brown in color as well as are level will be ideally served by using a laser in regards to eliminating your skin tumor. You will need to go to your doctor's office 1 - 3 occasions on behalf of this treatment. The doctor will utilize a local anesthetic on your affected area and then use a laser to eliminate the tissue. Elevated or large nevi above your skin are not ideal candidates for this eliminating a tumor procedure.

Eliminating a blemish might be completed through non-conventional processes, utilizing creams plus pastes which can be attained in drug stores. These creams plus pastes contain a woodland herb that can be discovered in the northern United States and Canada called bloodroot. Holistic programs has utilized bloodroot for removal of a blemish for numerous years and nowadays it could be acquired for home usage.

Take the paste and put it on top of your growth and use a bandage to protect it. In a little while the growth will become pale and drop off. There tends to be relatively small scarring plus no destruction in regards to the tissue. This taking away the skin tumor procedure must not be done on a blemish which might be cancerous.

No matter which of the tactic you decide in regards to cosmetic mole removal, whether it may be surgical, laser or even non-artificial techniques, your nevi must be evaluated by a competent dermatologist before whichever procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Would a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist be better at minimizing scars for a cosmetic mole removal?
    Who costs more too?

    • ANSWER:

    Cosmetic Mole Removal Recovery?
    If you get a mole removed cosmetically, and suppose you get it cut, and then you get it stitched with one stitch, how long is recovery. And what do you have to do during recovery. Any restrictions? Do you wear a special bandaid, can you shower?

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a safe, painless, and effective way to permanently remove moles, warts, or skin tags in just 3 DAYS.

      Good luck :-)

    cosmetic mole removal question?
    How much does it cost?
    Is there a "Skin center" that I have to go to or can i just go to the dermatologist?
    does it leave any scars?
    I dont have any big moles, just a bunch of small ones on my face that annoy me, and a few on my back and chest. would this be a waste of time?

    • ANSWER:
      You can remove them with a natural remedy called dermatend for much cheaper.

      worked for me! :)

    Mole removal: would this be a cosmetic procedure or medical?
    I have a mole that just recently has become a problem ... It's become itchy and it began to grow again ( the last time it grew i was7) and when i touch it or press it it hurts ... If i were to have this mole removed would it be considered a cosmetic procedure or would it be covered by health care?

    • ANSWER:
      Any noticeable changes in a mole, like the ones you described, are reason to have it checked out by a doctor immediately. If your doctor thinks the mole is suspicious, he/she can say that its removal is medically necessary, even if it's just for precautionary reasons, so your insurance should cover it.

    Cosmetic surgery mole removal?
    I was going to go with transform but I've been told they're really bad at what they do.

    I have two facial moles that I would like to have removed, and also odd freakle covering.

    Who should I go with to make sure it doesn't go completely wrong and I don't end up looking worse then I already do lol

    • ANSWER:
      See a well-reputed dermitologist. They can often do it in the office with local anesthesia.

    Do I have to inform/update my facial mole removal on my passport, where its listed as an identification mark ?
    I am considering gettting a mole removed from my face for cosmetic reasons. It is listed as one of my identification marks on the passport. Do I have to apply for any 'change in appearance' after this with the passport office?

    • ANSWER:
      yes you will have to, since this mole is one of you facial id and mentionned as.
      U.S. Passport Re-Application Form: DS-5504
      Please type or print legibly in black ink when completing all sections of this application.
      This form should only be used for making a data change for a previously issued, currently valid U.S. passport WITHIN one year from the date of issue:

    How much does mole removal surgery cost?
    i know my insurance wouldn't cover it because its "cosmetic" but i am trying to find out how much it costs. i live in Virginia if that makes any difference. can someone help me find out?

    • ANSWER:
      You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here -

    Does anyone know where to get mole removal from?
    I would go to the NHS but since it is for cosmetic reasons i dont think they will do it. I know there are expensive surgeries that do it but im not forking out 100's of £ for it. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I’m pretty sure you can have your mole removed on NHS because my friend did it and it did it for the exact same reason you’re interested in doing it. First things first, check out with the NHS if they so now, they should be able to direct you to other places where it can be done, but as I said before, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    How much does mole removal cost?
    I have 5/6 small/medium sized moles on my face and neck that I would like to get removed. I have insurance but it is probably going to be considered cosmetic. How much should it cost and what type of doctor should I go to gp, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist.

    • ANSWER:
      Tell your GP that you are concerned about the moles on your face. Tell them that you have noticed that they have started changing size.

      NOW it is no longer a cosmetic concern and is now considered to be a preventative removal to stop cancer before it stops. The removal becomes a biopsy and the moles will be sent in for testing to see if they are cancerous.

      Your insurance company would rather pay for the removal than for treating cancer.

      It's a little white lie, but one that will get them removed and have the removal covered.

    Should I have raised moles removed for cosmetic reasons?
    Assuming that skin cancer is not a concern, please factor the following points into your recommendation:
    1) Out of pocket costs, since cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance;
    2) The person contemplating the mole removal is a heterosexual male who wishes to have an appearance that is appealing to females;
    3) The risk of infections from such a procedure;
    4) The risk that scars that look worse than the moles might form as a result of the procedure;
    5) A relatively low threshold of pain;
    6) The chances of finding a really good dermatologist who really knows how to perform this procedure well;
    7) The length of time required for the skin to heal after the procedure;
    8) The moles in question are all smaller in circumference than a pencil eraser, are raised up less than the thickness of two quarters, are not dark in color, and are present on the arms, legs, and face.

    • ANSWER:
      Since it is for cosmetic reasons, it's really you're decision. I had mole removed from face because it kept getting infected, so maybe I can answer a few of you're questions.
      3. I do have a scar on face from mole removal, it has become less obvious over time.
      5. Shot gave to "numb" area for mole removal hurt a lot.
      7. Didn't take long to heal

      Oh and # 2 question, mole was on side of face, I always hated it. If it hadn't became infected, I had considered having it removed several times during life, even after I was married. Hope I helped a little, sorry I couldn't answer all you're questions.

    Has anyone used mole removal cream.?

    Please, dont tell me to see the doctor/dermatologist first -
    I already have. It is just a small flat mole and is not cancerous,
    the doctor doesnt want to remove it as it is for cosmetic reasons and laser removal doesnt work that great on flat mole as it leaves an indentation.
    Iam not that phased about just living with it and have come to accept it.
    BUT i was wondering has ANYONE used mole removal cream and if so what was your expericance with it...

    • ANSWER:
      No, I have moles all over my body and I never used a cream for it, I removed a mole for cosmetic reasons at the derm's office and it did leave a small scar, but I even forget it's there! That mole on the other hand bothered me like crazy! I don't think a cream will work...if it does let me know! :)

    Advice about scarring from mole removal?
    I am going to have a couple of moles removed from my face and was wondering about the scarring after wards. I have had a consultation with a cosmetic surgery who say the moles are a little deep which means the scarring could be worse? I would be paying a lot of money and was just wondering if anyone had had this procedure and could tell me about their scarring? Also, does anyone know of any cosmetic surgery's in particular that are good?

    Many Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Go ahead, the "scars" are minute...and they normally disappear within weeks. The rest of the tissue expands and close the space, the scar is really skin deep. If you are worried, use Bio-oil or natural vitamin E oil to rub on them.

    Where do I go for mole removal?
    do i go to my normal doctor(i dont think he would do it), Dermatologist, or Cosmetic Surgeon?

    and how much does it cost?

    • ANSWER:

    I have kaiser perminente insurance.. how much for a mole removal the size of a quarter?
    Has any body ever has a mold or a warth removed around the size of a quarter. As far cost how much if it is cosmetic vs necessary

    • ANSWER:

    Medium-Large facial mole removal?
    I have a medium - large sized mole on my face, which I feel really self concious about. I usually cover it behind my hair - which annoys me as I am then more limited to the hairstyles I can have. I am planning on getting it removed but were wondering on any advice, my gp said they probably wouldn't remove it as it's not cancerous, but I want to for cosmetic reasons, which method of removal would be best, and how long do scars take to go.

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn't want to frighten you, but I lost a friend through having a mole removed. She was getting married and wanted to have this mole removed from her cheek, she visited her doctor who arranged for the removal of the mole in hospital, they misdiagnosed, the removal poisoned her and she died within 3 weeks. Make sure that they make the right diagnosis..have a second opinion or maybe three, you cannot be too careful with these things.
      Is it worth the risk anyway?

    What is the most effective home remedy for removal moles?
    I have few cosmetic moles on my arms and legs from being out of the sun. Laser treatments is too costly. What is the most effective and short term way to do it? Please help. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Tea Tree Oil ..
      I've used it on skin tags, just put some on a band-aid and leave it on over night, it takes about a week, but it works.

    MOLE REMOVAL - finding a dermatologist?
    OKAY, so i need to find a dermatologist to remove a mole for COSMETIC REASONS. how do i go about this? will i need to go to a plastic surgeon?! How long will it take to make an appointment? I live in the toronto area and how do i even go ABOUT finding one?!?! please help!

    • ANSWER:
      You call your local hospital and ask for the names of the dermatologists who come to that hospital or have privileges at that hospital and then you search them by name on the computer, find out where they see patients and then make an appointment. Many hospitals run specialty clinics which include dermatologists so you might be able to make an apppointment the first time you call asking for information. It depends on how many dermatologists that come as to how soon you can get in. A plastic surgeon can remove this also but the cost is going to be higher.

    Mole removal, how long does it take?
    hey, well I have had a mole which I wanted to get removed for purely cosmetic reasons. We called the docs, and scheduled an appointment on January 5th, but does that mean I will get it removed on that day? Or will he just meet me and then re-schedule for another date? and how much is the price of getting it removed as insurance doesnt cover this.


    • ANSWER:
      I had a mole removed because it was suspicious. I had to come back cuz they had to do it in a procedure room. Insurance covered mine. More than likely you'll have to go back.

    How long does it take to get a mole removed from the time you contact the doctor's office?
    Im not talking about the procedure, but booking time... I don't want to wait too long, how does it average for cosmetic doctor's offices?
    And how much would a simple mole removal cost upfront without coverage?
    Ive decided tonight I will finally get a mole on my forehead removed, and want to get it all done as quickly and smoothly as I can.

    • ANSWER:
      I think it depends on where you live. Where I live I could get an appointment within a week!
      Anyway if you want to get the skin mole removed you should book an appointment right away. :)

    Mole Removal?
    I have a mole on my chest (about 1/4 inch diameter) in very close (practiacally over-lapping) my left nipple/breast tissue. I am having a surgery in 2 days for the removal of the mole. I am doing this for both cosmetic/asthetic and due to the fact that this particular mole is prone to skin cancer/melonoma**. I am having local anesthsia and i am unsure of the procedure as my consultation was about 5 months ago.

    Can sombody inform me of the during and post surgery procedure? Am I to expect pain, both during and after?

    • ANSWER:
      Both of my children have had moles removed in various locations for preventative reasons, neither experienced pain during the procedure or after the anesthetic wore off.
      After the removal, a few small stiches were placed & then covered with a paper type tape. Follow your post-op instructions & you should breeze right thru it.

    Mole removal?
    Will doctors remove moles for cosmetic reasons and do you know which methods they use and how much it would cost?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, they will remove for cosmetic reasons BUT it is always best to see a dermatologist. Mainly because they are better able to assess the mole and also better at removing it in a cosmetically pleasing manner. Removal methods vary depending upon many things. If the mole shows any sign of cancer, they can use a punch and a single stitch or even a laser. If it is obviously a non-cancerous mole, they often just shave it off. As for cost, it depend upon the procedure, doctor, size and location of mole, etc.

      I have a history of melanoma. I get moles removed about every 6 months at my derm during my check up. She has used all methods. I think it has ranged from 0- 0 per mole.

    Mole removal advice? (please help?!)?
    Sorry about the length of the question,

    Ok, I'm 15 guy in southwest Uk. and I have a slightly raised mole slightly away from my nose on the left side of my face. Despite only being smallish (around 4-5mm), I personally find it affects my confidence. Like I don't like showing both sides of my face in photos, and Im less confident talking to girls because I notice it alot. I told my concerns to my parents, and while they have finally agreed to take me to our GP to get him to have a look. They have said how worrying it is for someone my age to want surgery however small to better themselves. They're saying its only because I'm a teenager and I shouldn't worry because THEY never notice it. Because of this they have a very byast opinion and are against the idea unless the doctor says otherwise. They don't quite understand that It's bothered me along time and it's something I would still want removing when I'm at an age when I can decide by myself. I've noticed from looking into it that mole removal can cost ALOT. There's more chance of hell freezing over than my parents paying for something they feel is purely cosmetic. I have little to no concern the mole is cancerous etc it's merely because it affects my confidence. Do I have reasonable grounds for wanting this mole removed? Is there a chance (if it would be costly) to get it removed on the NHS?

    I really need advice on this. Its a pretty big deal to me.
    Thanks alot :)

    • ANSWER:
      Well as a teenager you might need to keep parents rules even tho (in my experience) most of the times are not the best for a successful development, in the other hand, the WHO (worlds health organization) has defined health as the "state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" that means that if your selfsteem (which is very important for a teenager) is low for any reason it would be best to improve it by fighting the possible causes of low self esteem.

      Besides removing a mole in the face is not an unnecessary thing to do, actually it might prevent it to grow and reduce the possibility of melanoma. And as for the cost of a mole removal procedure as far as i know they are not expensive and many social security programs covers it

    How significant is scarring with laser mole removal?
    I've had a cosmetic procedure done precisely a week ago, involving laser mole removal surgery on my face (with cauterization). The first day, the area was red, and then gradually as the week progressed, the redness around the area increased, whereas there was a circular flesh-shaped scab. I applied the topical cream my plastic surgeon advised me to apply on the area (two times a day), and during my nap today, I awoke to a slight bleeding of the area. I'm scared of scarring, although he assured me that by 3 months time, he is 98% positive I will not see a scar. Is this normal? Should I apply the cream still? Will this scar? I'm incredibly scared, as this mole has been the bane of my existence, and the cause of a significantly lowered self esteem. Any suggestions for prevention? Anyone went through this? Thank you so much. I'd appreciate it greatly if you post your input.

    • ANSWER:
      That is perfectly normal, trust your plastic surgeon, as he/she has done many procedures before. CONTINUE to apply the tropical cream, don't stop or else it will really get worst. This is how it is supposed to be before the scab falls off don't worry too much. Also, you mention that the mole is the bane of your existence, but now it is gone, and depending on the size I would rather take the scar then the dark mole.

    Mole removal. [immediate answers?]?
    I'm getting a mole on my upper arm removed on Thursday. I'm 16, a total wuss, and completely nervous. It is not a cosmetic operation; the dermatologist I went to immediately discussed removal as soon as he saw the mole, as a precaution.
    I've already gotten sick to my stomach today and had to go home from school early. I also didn't go Monday, because of the same feeling. I'm not going Thursday, obviously, and not Friday either, so that I don't agitate the wound and can let it heal for a few days.
    I have some questions:
    1) Is the removal itself painful? I'm almost positive it will be an excision with a scalpel, then stitches.
    2) Is there any reason to stay home tomorrow, as to not cause any unneeded stress to the area? Keep in mind, I get sore a lot from doing P.E. for an hour and a half, not to mention I carry a good-sized load of heavy texts.
    3) What can I expect after the surgery? What kind of pain, discomfort?

    I'd like answers as soon as possible. Thanks so much.
    My mom and I decided to just keep me home from school tomorrow. Thanks for your answers; I don't need any more. ♥
    Actually, I don't need any more answers about the school. I'd still like answers pertaining to the topic of pain and such.


    • ANSWER:
      Removal of a nevus is considered minor procedure....It is normally done under local anesthetic which does tend to sting like a bee or even a wasp, depending on your pain tolerance, for a few seconds, then after that you will not feel any pain...if being biopsied only (normally only the top two layers are removed: dermis and epidermis and sent to the lab for analysis, at the end it will look like a scrape)...Dermatologist normally like biopsies first to determine what they are dealing with and if further treatment is needed....If you are dealing with anxiety you should bring it up to your dermatologist, but you shouldn't miss school over this...I mean would you miss school if you scraped your knee...It is really not a big deal...

    White dead tissue after mole removal, how can I stop it scaring?
    I just had a mole on the side of my nose removed by electrocautery a few days ago. I was given a dressing to help prevent scaring which works by keeping the wound from forming a scab.

    I took the dressing off to change it and noticed that the skin where the mole was and a little around it had gone all white and soft. A little of the tissue came away while I was cleaning the wound and it seems that all that white tissue is dead. The white stuff that came away round the edges left pink skin underneath and I can see that the white tissue where the mole was goes even deeper and it really looks like the whole thing is going to scar quite badly. I am very worried about this as I was told this wouldn't happen. I had the mole removed for cosmetic reasons and would be very upset if I swapped a mole for a deep scar.

    What can I do to help the situation?

    • ANSWER:
      Just do exactly what the doctor told you to and don't worry about it, it'll heal right! Don't let it dry out though. It takes a while for wounds to heal, just be patient and do exactly what you were told, and everything will be fine eventually

    Mole removal/ dermatologist?
    I want to get my moles removed on my face...they are not that big but I still want to get them off for cosmetic reasons....How much would it cost if I have Kaiser Permanente insurance? And is there another way to get it removed? Like lotions.... or something like this

    And will this product create scars?

    • ANSWER:
      I have removed about 10 moles from my fingers/hands successfully by myself and they have never come back. Although I am not sure that I can recommend my technique. However I am aware that there are home kits that do the same thing.

      I used a can of freeze (you can get it at an electrical/electronic shop). It is usually used for freezing components like capacitors in electronic circuits to see if they go faulty under temperature changes. Note that these cans come with a warning not to use it on your body.

      Get a straw that covers the mole and the mole only. Spray a shot of the freeze down the straw and directly onto the mole. The mole should turn white and frosty from the freeze. Do this a couple of times a day over say a week. Within 2 weeks or so your mole should disappear completely without leaving a scar.

      Obviously the home kit that you can purchase from the doctors would be the best solution, but this works just the same and is probably a lot cheaper and lasts a lot longer should you have many moles to remove.

      I do not recommend that you do this without a doctors advice.

    Help, Laser mole removal?
    I want to get laser mole removal for about 8 pretty large ones on my back (all cosmetic)
    But I have a few on my neck, and two on my scalp, They are very visible when I cut my hair short, and when I comb my hair, it scratches them, so I want them gone too.

    The question: If I have laser done on my head, will it remove a patch of hair?will the hair will be fine? or will the scab eventually take hair out?

    And for the ones on my back, what will the recovery be like?
    1-2 days?
    1+ week?
    Will they scab and be red for a few weeks?

    Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:

    Mole removal covered by insurance?
    I've had a mole on my face for many many years now and I am wanting to get it removed. Ten years ago the dermatologist looked at it and was afraid to try and remove it cuz she wasn't sure if it would come back or not. Since then I find myself scratching at it causing it to bleed and develop a scab (eventually it heals back). I would like to try and get it removed, thinking technology is much better this day and time. My dad had a similar mole on his face (i think i inherited it genetically) and he has had his removed because it was pre-cancerous. I know my insurance doesn't cover if its just "cosmetic." I don't know if telling my doctor about my dad would convince her to remove it or not. Whats the cost of mole removal (ballpark figure) if I have to pay out of pocket?

    Btw the mole is the size of a small pencil eraser.

    • ANSWER:
      It would probably be a few hundred dollars. Insurance would only cover it if it were deemed "medically necessary" - not if the removal is for cosmetic reasons. Ask your insurer and be certain to get any preapprovals.

    mole removal cost with plastic surgeon?
    so i went to the dermatologist the summer, but since i have a deep mole by my lip, he said he could remove it and that he was pretty good with making the scar not so bad, but since it's for cosmetic reasons, he recommended me to a plastic surgeon so that i know that the scar that i get was the best that could happen. The derms price was from 0 to 0 for the removal (excision). What do you think the price would be with a plastic surgeon? around 0? and do they usually let you do payment plans?

    p.s. i'm 16 (female), & this removal is going to be a christmas present for me by my parents (since i'm made fun of a lot because of the mole & i feel self-conscious), but if i could do payment plans that would REALLY help my parents out financially



    • ANSWER:
      You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here -

    Help please mole removal and tattoo?
    ok so ive been to the doctors twice about mole removal, each time asking if they will remove it, now i know they wont remove it for cosmetic reasons, but i told her its causing me depression, as i dont like to go out with it showing and ive been slagged about them, its just under my nose, slightly raised. on the nhs websight it says they will remove it if its causing depression, so why have i been told they cant do it twice? is there any other way i can get it removed safely and without loads of money? and this is a really stupid question but can you get flat moles(pigmented skin) tattoed over? like to make them lighter? any help would be great thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      i wouldn't recommend tatting over them
      dont touch,itch,play with them,they may turn into something nasty (god forbidden like cancer)
      try seeing another doctor ,you know having a second opinion
      other than that i dont really know.
      good luck ,and no matter what,your beautiful :)

    plastic surgeon cost for mole removal?
    so i went to the dermatologist the summer, but since i have a deep mole by my lip, he said he could remove it and that he was pretty good with making the scar not so bad, but since it's for cosmetic reasons, he recommended me to a plastic surgeon so that i know that the scar that i get was the best that could happen. The derms price was from 0 to 0 for the removal (excision). What do you think the price would be with a plastic surgeon? around 0? and do they usually let you do payment plans?

    p.s. i'm 16 (female), & this removal is going to be a christmas present for me by my parents (since i'm made fun of a lot because of the mole & i feel self-conscious), but if i could do payment plans that would REALLY help my parents out financially



    • ANSWER:
      You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here -

    mole removal?
    how much does it cost *(£)* to get a mole removed

    NOT for COSMETIC REASONS but i think it could be cancerous

    its quite big

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn't think you would have t pay if it's for medical reasons.

    Where do I go for mole removal?-cost?
    do i go to my normal doctor(i dont think he would do it), Dermatologist, or Cosmetic Surgeon?

    and how much does it cost?

    • ANSWER:
      dermatologist. Cost would depend on heath coverage. And health coverage could cover it under dermatologist, but would not cover a Cosmetic surgeon other then for accidents.

    Girls would you date a guy with a small mole above his upper lip?
    its this size and in the same location except on the left corner not the right corner.,r:1,s:0&tx=111&ty=63

    I've been told im really cute by many girls and i get good body language but im still pretty self conscious about this mole ever since one of my guy friends brought it to my attention.

    what do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      If it bothers you that much why not get it removed? It's a simple, and relatively painless out patient procedure.

    Girls would you date a guy with a small mole above upper lip?
    its this size and in the same location except on the left corner not the right corner.,r:1,s:0&tx=111&ty=63

    I've been told im really cute by many girls and i get good body language but im still pretty self conscious about this mole ever since one of my guy friends brought it to my attention.

    what do you think?

    • ANSWER:

    Girls would you date a guy with a small mole above his lip?
    its this size and in the same location except on the left corner not the right corner.,r:1,s:0&tx=111&ty=63

    I've been told im really cute by many girls and i get good body language but im still pretty self conscious about this mole ever since one of my guy friends brought it to my attention.

    what do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      the person above me?... Lola?
      uhm, yeah, considering hes a guy?
      and he said that its the same mole but on the right?
      he was just showing the mole.

      wow people these days.
      i know a LOT of cute guys with a mole like that,example, sean faris. google him, i gave you a link. hes extra cute:)

    Question about mole removal?
    If a male has a large mole slightly above his penis, and wants it removed for cosmetic reasons, does he need to shave the pubic area around the mole?

    And I know this is a dumb modesty question, but will the doctor need him to disrobe just to the mole keeping his boxers covering his genitals or remove the underwear farther?

    • ANSWER:
      If it's mole removal by cutting out, he could shave just around the area. He should just need to pull his boxers down a bit, but it depends on the doctor. I had a mole removed and shaved around it, and the doctor let me just pull my underwear down and hold it there, and it only took a second to cut the mole away. My doctor was really laid back about it though but they might not all be like this.

    Girls would you kiss a guy with a tiny mole above his upper lip?
    like about this size,r:1,s:0&tx=148&ty=90 and in the same spot

    • ANSWER:
      there will be girls

    mole removal question?
    Im planning on getting a mole removed from my face.
    it is located about an inch to the right of my mouth and is 3mm in diameter and a TINY bit raised..

    Would anyone know what kind of procedure they would use to remove, and if the scarring would be really bad?
    Im hoping i wont get any scarring at all.. and if i do.. im hoping itll be unnoticable
    im planning to get them removed by a cosmetic surgeon too...

    • ANSWER:
      I had one removed from my neck years ago. I just went to my regular doctor. He gave me a shot of local anesthetic to numb the area, then they put a tissue-paper like thing over it with a hole in the middle so the mole would be surrounded by the paper. He used some sort of little tool that just froze it off really quickly. It didn't hurt at all, and really only took like 5 or 10 minutes. It didn't hardly bleed at all, and all I had to do was wear one of those little round spot band-aids on it for about a week. The scar is so hard to see, I have trouble finding it now. It was so darn easy, I wished I had done it years earlier! There's nothing to be afraid of, and you'll be glad you did it when it's over.

    Natural Mole Removal - proper procedure?
    I've done a great deal of research on this. Like many, I have no money in which to invest (or risk in some cases) a 'professional' method of removing these ugly things. I've heard a great deal about the apple cider vinegar method, but varying implementations..

    Some say scratch the mole, some suggest simply putting the vinegar directly on and leave it on all night. Also, with the scratching, some suggest scratching it every night, others suggest scratching once.
    Personally, I'd assume scratching it every time would aggravate the healing process and leave scarring.. but it would also allow the vinegar to access more of the mole.

    So, the short version is.. does anyone know the proper process with ACV?

    In my personal case, I'm fairly certain none of my moles are dangerous. This is - for me - purely cosmetic. I'm going to try a mole on my side as a test. Scratch once, and putting ACV on it. I'll see how that goes, but if anyone could shed some light it would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I seen you said you don't have any money to invest, I don't blame you if going to the Dr. and spending several hundreds of dollars. I was like you and didn't want to spend money like that either, so I did my research like you, but I ended up buying a product called Dermatend.

      I didn't want to chance the ACV way, since it has not been proven to really work. I am not sure how much money you have right now, but the website I bought Dermatend from has a lower price I see.

      I bought Dermatend from which is a web store powered by, personally buying from such a well branded website made me feel better about my purchase. I would recommend checking it out, as I know the product does work.

      It helped me to remove a total of 6 moles from my body, including 1 that was on my face. The first mole I removed was gone in a matter of 5 days, and the rest of them took no longer than 10 days total.

    Mole Removal in Los Angeles?
    I have been wanting to get some facial moles removed for some time now. Does anybody know of a good dermatologist in LA? Also, what is the cost? I have HMO but I'm assuming this won't be covered by insurance. I'm having them removed mainly for cosmetic reasons, but they are big enough to have me worried-check to see if cancerous (approx. half the size of a pencil eraser). If you have past experience, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it!

    • ANSWER:

    Mole removal in New York?
    Hey, I'm currently living in Brooklyn, NY, and I'm looking for a good surgeon to remove a mole from my face. It is flat, and on the side of my nose. This would be a purely cosmetic procedure.
    If you have had similar experiences, I'd be grateful if you could let me know a decent doctor to carry this out for me? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      For this, I would recommend or the New York Times or any other news paper. Staten Island Advance is like a small time thing so, I guess that would work if you are willing to take the s79 bus from 92nd street in Brooklyn.

    Mole removal questions?
    I have three flat pencil-eraser-sized moles on my face that I want removed. What are the best methods that leave the least scarring? And how much does it cost?
    I'm going to be doing this without insurance so I can go to either a dermatologist or a plastic/cosmetic surgeon.

    Thanks in advance
    Oh and how much do consultations usually cost?

    • ANSWER:
      my sister had some removed by a dermatologist, both are equally capable but you much make sure you like your dermatologist that you pick. First maybe go for a consultation. I'm only guessing and i'm not sure if it is per each removal but a procedure like can cost between 300 dollars to maybe 5 or 6 hundred. It doesn't seem like you'd need stitches if they aren't too close together and depending on your skin color and skin growth I wouldn't know how badly it would scar. A bad dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon can cause very bad scarring if removal is done poorly and this isn't a procedure that requires going to the hospital or using anesthesia, (you probably know). take caution in your decision, hope all turns out well!

    Mole removal question?
    I have two moles on my chin and jaw line that I HATE and would like to have them removed. I am pretty sure my insurance won't cover it because it's cosmetic. My question is How much would it cost to have them removed? Does it scar really bad?

    I have never had them checked out, should I go to a regular doctor too see what they say, or is a dermatologist the way to go?

    • ANSWER:
      Start with a dermatologist.

      I've had several moles removed, but they were all for health reasons (suspected skin cancer). My dermatologist removed them to biopsy them and most of them haven't scarred too badly but none of them have been on my face.

      There is a mole high on my chest by my collarbone that she's been watching and she commented that skin in that area scars really badly so she'll probably send me to a plastic surgeon to get it removed if she decides it needs to come off. Point being...areas of your skin scars differently so a dermo would be your best resource. Do NOT let a general physician touch it. They'll gladly lop it off and then you'll be stuck with the scarring.

      Good luck!

    Questions about mole removal?
    I have an embarrassing big brown mole just about a centimeter or two above my penis that I plan on getting removed.

    Is that something the doc would need me to shave for? Thats not a place I normally shave or even like it being shaved.

    Second - and I know this is just because I'm a modest guy and get excited at totally inappropriate times - Will he need me to pull down my boxers all the way? Or just to the mole I want to come off.

    Third. This is just a cosmetic thing I want done, it hasn't gotten larger or darker recently. Will he have to send it into the lab for a biopsy? I just don't want to pay for that because it's not cancer. It's not like I got the mole from sun exposer, it's actually an embarrassing family trait.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes they will shave an area around the mole.
      No, you probably will not get an erection due to nervousness, but if you do, it is nothing that they have not seen or experienced before.

      Biopsies of moles are always a good idea.

    Few questions about mole removal?
    Whats a good rough estimate of the price per mole to be removed? Like 0-150?

    Will they automatically want to send each one for tests, or do I have the option to opt out of that?

    Will the scar(s) be as noticeable as the mole afterward, or will they pretty much heal up invisible?

    Are they only able to remove raised moles, or can they remove non-raised moles as well?

    Assuming the moles are quite spread out, and roughly half the size of your pinky fingernail, how many do you think the dermatologist would be willing to remove in one session?

    I have 5-10 ugly moles on my torso that I've had my whole life and would like them removed for cosmetic reasons. I would like to get as many removed in one session as possible, hopefully just one or two sessions. Anything else I'm not thinking about?
    joed - Suppose you're right, thought there would be a few folks on here that would have some experience with this.
    GoobiesMommy - Thanks for your reply. So if I get the lab tests done for the moles it will be viewed as a medical procedure from the insurance company and they will cover it? Or they will just cover the lab portion?

    • ANSWER:
      Ask this same question(s) to your doctor. Then you will know the real answer.

    Mole removal on the NHS?
    I have a pea sized 'sticking out' mole on the right hand side of my stomach (in addition to 3 other minor ones). It does make me very self conscious and I don't like having my t-shirt off in summer in public or around friends, on the beach etc because of it...

    I also have birth marks on my back which look like I have been bitten by a shark which doesn't help, but getting rid of that mole would make me feel a lot better about myself.

    Would the NHS remove it for me? Or is it too cosmetic?

    • ANSWER:

    Mole removal advice help>??....?
    i have a mole on my left cheek sort of near my jaw line about the size of a pencil eraser. i want to get it removed because it affecting me physcologically. my confident is so low because of it. i finally agreed my mum into taking me to the gps to see whether they are bale to remove it or not. Im scared that they wont remove it as it is for cosmetic pruposes. but how will they understand that its affceting me soo badly. im 16 and going to be starting college soon i want a fresh new strt. If i say to the doctor that it hurts, itches and had grown in size which it has. do you think he'll be able to remove it for me??


    • ANSWER:
      Never lie to a doctor, but since it has grown in size, definately tell them. They will probably even recommend removal so they can test it for diseases. I don't want to use the c-word, but they'll test for it also. Most moles bigger than a pencil eraser, doctors recommend you see them so they can test it. Normal moles never change in size and are smaller than a pencil eraser.

    mole removal advice help>??....?
    i have a mole on my left cheek sort of near my jaw line about the size of a pencil eraser. i want to get it removed because it affecting me physcologically. my confident is so low because of it. i finally agreed my mum into taking me to the gps to see whether they are bale to remove it or not. Im scared that they wont remove it as it is for cosmetic pruposes. but how will they understand that its affceting me soo badly. im 16 and going to be starting college soon i want a fresh new strt. If i say to the doctor that it hurts, itches and had grown in size which it has. do you think he'll be able to remove it for me??


    • ANSWER:
      I wouldnt lie to the doctor, but you certainly could be truthful and tell him that it's been growing, and that it's a growing concern for you. You have to remember that there will be a scar after removal, so you're better off having someone remove it who does that procedure a lot, such as your dermatologist.

    Mole removal on the nhs?
    I have a mole near my mouth, it is raised and I have had it since I was little. I was always bullied about it at school and finally brought it up with my doctor in an embarassed way I do. He at first said that the county wouldnt do it as it was a cosmetic procedure, however when I burst into tears (was really upset that I might never get it removed) and he recommended me to a surgeon. Has anyone ever got to the surgeon consultation for them to say no? Has anyone got one removed on the nhs that was on their face? Thanks x
    I was asked by my GP if I would like to attend psychiatric help in meeting a psychiatrist but I declined as my mum has a mental breakdown and mental illness runs through our family so I am less willing to be poked and prodded through all my problems (divorced parents/bullying/ problems with appearance)

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on the surgeon. Technically if he feels the procedure is purely cosmetic he cannot remove it on the NHS unless he gets clearance from a psychologist who confirms that it produces unacceptable mental distress.

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