Mole Removal Aftercare

People remove moles for a number of reasons. One, to look prettier, and two for medical reasons. There are three main methods of removing moles surgically, namely: shaving or cutting it off with a scalpel, freezing it or removing the it with a laser. Despite advancements in mole removal techniques, there are still side effects of these surgical procedures. If you are thinking of undergoing a mole removal surgery soon, it is important that you understand the risks involved with each of these surgical techniques.

Mole Removal by Excision

A commonly used method to surgically remove moles is by cutting or shaving out the mole using a scalpel, followed cauterizing (burning) the wound to stop the bleeding. Stitching of the wound is usually performed for the removal of flat moles. For protruding moles, shaving is normally done whereby the surgeon will use a scalpel to shave off the mole until it is flat. Shaving of the mole usually does not require stitches. This method is the most invasive method among the three and has the possibility of leaving a scar larger than the size of the mole removed.

Mole Removal by Cyrotheraphy

Another method to remove moles is to freeze the mole using liquid nitrogen. This technique works better for smaller, outer surface skin moles, and is not as good for larger, deeply rooted moles. It is performed in two ways: 1) Injection of liquid nitrogen to the mole to kill the abnormal skin cells or 2) spraying liquid nitrogen on the mole directly. This method is less invasive and less expensive compared to excision, and there is a lower possibility of scarring and skin damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Mole Removal Aftercare?!?
    Yesterday I had a mole removed. The didn't stitch it, they like.. (can't remember what its called) kinda like used heat to mesh it together, kinda like melting but that sounds gross :L

    He didn't say anything about aftercare though... so, how often do I need to change the plaster, when can I take it off, when can I wash it.. etc...etc

    Thanks much ^D^

    • ANSWER:
      Whaaaat they didn't even give you aftercare info:-/ I'd call the place and ask since the care would change with what methods were used.

    aftercare mole removal question?
    i had a mole removed from my chest a couple months ago, and it has healed properly. but there is now a small dark area of scar tissue where the mole was. i was wondering when this dark pink colour would change back to my normal skin colour, or least turn a bit lighter?is there anything i can apply to it to speed up the healing process or lessen the overall scarring?

    • ANSWER:
      try some aloe

    mole removal and scarring?
    i had 3 moles removed from my back 3 days ago and i'm really scared that the stitches might leave scars. what is the proper aftercare for this? i'm going to get the stitches taken out in 2 days. and after that what can i do to minimize scarring?

    • ANSWER:

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