White Mole On Face

If you are someone who thinks that moles are attractive and beautiful then you will no doubt never want to have any of your own removed. However, a lot of people feel differently and would rather not have them on their faces or bodies. If this is the case for you then the best advice is to consider using natural methods of removal.

In the medical profession, moles are known as melanocytic nevus. They are marks that can be seen on the skin either from birth or which appear later in life, regardless of race or skin color. If surgical procedures are used to remove the mole this can leave unsightly scar tissue and negate the reason for the surgery in the first place.

Lasering can also be used and is a speedy method. However there is some dispute over its effectiveness. It is said by some professionals that lasering can push the cells deeper into the skin which means that they will resurface and grow again in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is a mole on my face growing so fast?
    I have a white mole on my face that was not too big, looked like a small beauty mark. It started to itch so I itched it. Overnight it got bigger and seems inflamed. It's double in size!!! Do you know what is causing it to grow so fast? Can I do anything to stop it?

    • ANSWER:
      If it is a mole, and it is growing very quickly you need to get in to see a dermatologist soon. Make sure it isn't skin cancer.

    a white mole on my face a raised? need advice plz?
    ok i have had a mole for like 6 months to a year... i am scared to go to the doc... its a white mole like right by my nose it is very ugly and i feel like ppl pay more attemention to it when they are talkin to me lol i know who cares what ppl think. but it is like ruining my self esteem here guys... newayz it is about the size of a sharpened pencil tip not huge or nething but it is white.. it hasnt changed size or nething it jus appeared one day what could this be i am scared to go to the doc hep plz? im afraid of skin cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      My father had a mole like yours but it was much bigger. it became infected and he had to go to a dermatologist i believe and they scheduled an appointment for him to get it burned off. They took all of it out and left a small dent where it had been. I would get it checked out before its too late. Good Luck.

    A new mole, and then a white patch on my face that sometimes gets scaly. Any ideas?
    First, the small brown mole. Then the white patch smaller than a dime. But it flakes. I am in the landscape business, and have been out in the sun for 40 years.

    • ANSWER:

    I have white moles on my face. Two of them to be exact. They were not there 1 yr ago. I have no health?
    insurance but am really wanting to figure out what is going on. I will be eligible for health insurance at the end of this month but really would like to make sure these aren't severe in nature. Advice?
    There are moles but stick off my skin and are white.

    • ANSWER:
      OH OH!! u might have Vitiligo, this is a rare but embarrasin skin condition that does not damage your health, but causes u to loose pigmentation in the skin, threre is no cure for this but u should see a doctor. is it like white patches on ur skin? cuz if it is then u might have Vitiligo, but anyways visit this link and try and see if u have it ... http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=47420


    we found a white bump on my dogs face is it a tick or skin?
    its white and there's a small piece and a larger piece. we tried to remove with tweezers but it would not come out. my dog did not make any noise but did not want us to go near it. is it a dead tick or piece of his skin he does have a white mole or whatever on the bottom of his head that's been there for years but this "tick" flattened when we tried to pull it out so is it a tick or what?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like it could be a skin tag.

    How to remove white moles?
    Iam 22 years old, i have white moles on my face i dont know how to remore that, i feel great if any one give me medication or any name of the medicine, any home treatment.

    • ANSWER:
      You don't want to remove anything from your face yourself. Go to your doctor and get a referral to a dermatologist (if you have HMO, but if you have PPO, you can go directly to one, as long as he / she is in your network. Consult your insurance company.)

      Did anyone already tell you what you have? Or are you guessing it yourself? White mole is called halo nevus. See here: http://www.emedicine.com/derm/topic174.htm

      If the doctor feels that it needs to be removed and biopsied (to rule out anything malignant) then let them do it. You're gonna get a nasty scar if you do the home-made work on yourself.

    Face Mole Removal //// ?
    I have a fairly small mole on my cheek that I would like to get removed, I am told it would be very easy to remove. They would shave it off, then burn it. there will be a small scab, then a tiny white mark aparently that won't tan well at all. I was wondering if it would be wierd if I got my mole removed, like what would others think? What would you think if you family member or friend got a mole removed on their face? Also, would the small white mark be worse than the mole?? Any information would be helpfull, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I think that others would think that you look great!
      I would think that would be terrific if someone i knew got their mole removed.
      And a tiny white mark is better than a mole.
      Good luck! (:

    A doctor told me I had a white mole on my nose? Have you ever heard of that?
    It is raised - and definitely whiter than the rest of the skin on my face - fairly noticeable and a little will peel off if I exfoliate. Two dermatologists aren't the least bit worried. I tried to look up information about it and found nothing. Is there such a thing as white moles? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Sure, not all moles have color. They range from flesh colored to blue black in color. Intradermal nevi will even lose color they had as we age.

    How to get my doctor to remove the mole on my face?
    my usual doctor (no fancy dermatologist) wont remove the mole on my face. she says she doesn't want to scar my face but the mole is getting darker and darker and im afraid it might be cancer related. i dont want skin cancer. i visited her a little less than a year ago explaining my issue. my family cant afford a cosmetic surgeon, but she said she would find one covered by insurance. well she never did. i honestly dont care if theres a scar on my face im so white that it wont even show. i hate how it looks and it just bothers me all the time.

    so, what can i do about this? is there a way i could get my doctor to do it, or do i have to go get cosmetic surgery, or can i go to a dermatologist? around how much would it cost at the dermatologists and for the cosmetic surgery?

    oh yeah. please dont say stuff like you should love your face the way it is or crap like that.

    • ANSWER:
      i think you should make an appointment with your doctor again and really explain to her how much its bothering you and affecting your confidence, even if it isnt, just stretch the truth a little, tell her you are worried about it too and say your gonna have sometihng on your face whether you get it removed or not, either a mole... or a scar so removing it will make no difference just really exaggerate that its bothering you and affecting your social life maybe:) hope this helps:)

    i have a mole in my face and it used to lay flat now it sticks up and it hurts there's now a white spot on it?
    what should i do..

    • ANSWER:
      I'd say you probably have a pimple developing there. Or, the mole has actually changed, in which case you should have it looked at. If the change has been slow, over months or years, have a doc look at it. If the change was relatively sudden, over a few days, wait to see if it subsides. You can use a warm compress a few times per day, and make sure to keep the area clean. Don't pick at it.

    What is this little white dot on my face, almost looks like a TINY pearl?
    its not acne, or a pimple or anything..
    aint a mole...

    • ANSWER:

    How to clear the mole from the skin of the face?
    I am having a mole on my skin, that is not very big but still we can say that it is a little big. Is there any help to get rid of it without using a surgical method?
    That looks bad because my skin tone is white and clear, mole looks bad on this type of skin.
    Is there any way like some cream or some medications? I live in India so anything that is available. on here?

    Thank you in advance!
    10points for the best answer...

    • ANSWER:

    Will you give time to evaluate this poem please?
    24 November 2010
    Zahid from Pakistan


    She is the paragon of all souls
    Kills lovers, on her face, a mole
    Whenever I glance on her face
    I praise God’s beauty and grace

    Lovers can’t keep any controls
    When my love in garden, strolls
    Her face: white as maize’s milk
    Her eyebrows are made of silk

    • ANSWER:
      Have you ever read Song of Songs, one of the books of the Bible? Beautiful poems much like this. You really care about your subject. Attention to detail is touching. I can picture her face in my mind. You use simile wonderfully as well.
      The only suggestion I would make is that you change the third line to "glanced at her face".

    2 month old has 2 small white pimples on his face?
    My 2 month old son has had 2 small white pimples on his left cheek and on his chin since birth. I thought these pimples would go away on their own, but it's been 2 months. Will they go away? They won't turn into moles, will they?

    • ANSWER:

    Why do white people have lots of moles and freckles on their face and body?

    • ANSWER:
      Ever see Morgan Freeman? it isn't just white folk.

    Is it possible to reduce the scarring from face mole removal?
    I've had a couple of moles on face removed by cautery (i.e burnin off) and have been left with oval white scars which are slightly indented. Is there any way in which the scars can be made to reach skin level and aslo look like surrounding skin?

    • ANSWER:
      try rubbing those little vitamin e capsules over the affected areas and see if that helps. Also look in the health and beauty aisle, usually there are products there that reduce the appearance of scars. I think cocoa oil is the active ingredient that helps repair skin. Don't quote me on that though.

    Why are white women so unhappy with themselves?
    Im just saying..Early in the morning when I get up and turn the tv on I see prune face white women trying to make themselves look younger and they want other women to buy their antiaging products. If its not that, its white women trying on a certain pair of clothes that "suppose" to make them look slim, or trying to find a man to date. I woke up one morning and was shocked to see Joan Rivers ugly azz, trying to sell some "magic spray" to cover up the blue veins and horrific moles on white womens legs! I thought old JR was finish with cosmestics. Now, I see she has come up with a "majic spray" to make white women legs look cute and natural. This is the part where she fails. Im sure she has made plenty more money because white women are always trying to find a solution to improve their hideous looks. Statistic says that 9 out of 10 white women are unhappy with themselves and will do anything to TRY to improve their image. The 1 that is left will continue to live unhappy and envy other nonwhites because of their beauty.

    What is the problem with white women not being happy with themselves?

    Im not being racist, this is just a simple question and I expect simple answers!
    @Jordan-everything you said is related to white women. You know "extensions" thats what white women call weave. "Toupees" white men weave
    @Jessica- I understand that you are very unhappy. Aids come from you white people. You people screw anything and everybody!Now take your unhappy azz on to a counselor or something, so you can see what is ailing you. I see that you have issues with yourself. Call Dr. Phil!
    @Jessica- I can see the hurt in your words. Its okay to lash out and let go of your anger. Thats right! Let it go! I wish I can help you with your low self esteem problems but unfortunately, I am not a psychiatrist.

    • ANSWER:
      every birthday they get depressed because they gonna look old

    Red Scar on my face, will it go white?
    I got a mole from my chin removed 2 and a half weeks ago, it isn't scabbing anymore but it is really red. It looks like it is still healing. I was wondering if it will go white/skin coloured like most scars (all the ones I have anyways) or can some stay red?

    • ANSWER:
      Most scars fade over time, but they won't disappear..You can try using Mederma Cream to lessen the scar, but no guarantees..

    Which type of mole removal would be best for me and how should I go about it?
    My life has been destroyed by moles on my face. I have 14 dark brown or black moles on my right side of my face and 10 on the left side. I have many light brown spots as well. I am 20 year old male and I am extraordinarily self conscious about them. I have no friends because I look like a total freak with a totally abnormal number of moles. I have white skin and am otherwise normal. I have no money but I am going to take out a loan from my parents in order to finance this since I simply can't stand being so ugly by something which is entirely fixable. Pretending money isn't an issue, which type of surgery is least likely to result in a scar? remember this is my face so I really want to make sure that the cure isnt worse than the disease (the scar isnt bigger or more noticeable than the moles). Is laser or surgery the better option? Can lasers remove moles that are cone shaped and deep in skin?

    • ANSWER:
      A bunch of moles does not make a person ugly. You probably have no friends because of your self consciousness. How many times have you seen guys who look worse than you with hot woman?I'm wondering why you have such a collection of moles and for how long you've had them. Have you never been to a doctor to have these evaluated? This sounds like something more serious than an isolated mole or two. i had two small moles removed from my hands. The doctor cut them off with a small scalpel and then cauterized the area with a laser. Its now about 2 months later and the spots where they were are just mildly discolored but flat.You definitely need to see a dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon to get a full evaluation.You could have a few of the moles in the less conspicuous area removed first and see how you like the result and then decide. Until then stop being so down on yourself. There are many people with problems worse than yours that cant be solved through any means. You are young and sound intelligent and by having to suffer with this affliction you may have gained other qualities that may prove to be useful to you in the future, after all, looks are not everything. Good Luck!

    Shaving of a mole on my face?
    I have a small raise mole on my right far chin line. The dermatologist wants to shave it off. Is this going to leave a scar? She said it wouldn't since i'm kind of fair skinned, it may leave a white freckle. but what if im out in the sun for summer? wouldnt it tan its way back to normal skin color? help?? ;/

    • ANSWER:

    Effective home remedies for mole removal?
    I'm asian and I need help from someone who knows the best and effective remedies for mole removal?Does white vinegar effective as apple cider vinegar? what about salt? or does anyone knows the best?I I just want to remove atleast two moles on my face..that's all not too much so I ask for the best. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      If the mole is benign, you can always try natural remedies to get it removed. These include hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, castor oil, baking soda, etc. I personally found castor oil and baking soda to work great on me. Most of my moles dropped off naturally after 10 days. No pain, no scar. I found a website that offers great info on skin moles and the various ways to get rid of it. Thought it may be useful for you. :-)

    How do you get rid of dark moles on your face?
    I'm 16 white male and in the past couple years alot of dark, flat moles have been growing on my face,thy started coming ever since i started masturbting a couple years ago. i think its because i masturbate a lot. can somebody help me? how do i get rid of these things, they're all over my face now and are continuing to grow? my dermatologist doesn't want to remove them because of scars, is there any other safe, harmless way?

    • ANSWER:
      quit shooting your load on your face and into a sock like everyone else.

    Can anyone explain to me why this mole is growing and changing colors on my face?
    Well, someone I know has this mole
    It's above the cheek next to the eye
    Their mom has a mole near that spot I think
    and he's around 50 years of age..
    it's growing and turning a little bit of a white ish color.

    He works out in the sun alot for construction work...
    What may be the reason for this mole???

    Thank You :)

    • ANSWER:

    Challenge for the rock? easy 10 points?
    imagine if the rock had just met these two guys who he hated.

    what are some jokes that you guys can come up with to dis these guys. they have to sound like the rock would say them.

    doesnt matter if the jokes are racist or sexual, can be anything

    Guy 1: tall, white, muscular, acne of his face, short hair, square head, says he is good at basketball.

    Guy 2: white, german, mole on face, short hair, he is really racist.

    what are some jokes that the rock would say to dis these guys!

    • ANSWER:
      guy 1:he pockadot jordan.

    How can I stop moles and freckles appearing on my face?
    My skin's always been a bit prone to moles, and I've always had a few, but lately I've suddenly started noticing a lot more that haven't been there before, mostly on my face. They're really small, but there's so many of them that they're really noticable, and not partciularly pleasant. I've counted that I have thirteen on one side of my face alone, and another five or six on the other side, and you can just about make out more moles starting to appear. It's really annoying! How can i stop more growing, because it makes my face look really wierd! A couple of weeks ago, I had really clear skin at least on the right hand side of my face, even if I had seven or eight moles on the other side, and now suddenly there's loads of moles and freckles there! I wear Factor SPF 50+ sun cream on my face, and apply so much that my face looks ghost white, practically so much that if you scratch my face, the suncream will scrape away and my face is practically a different colour underneath! But still i notice new moles appearing! I don't have REALLY pale skin normally, I mean, I'm white, but not milk-bottle white, and my mum's from Italy in the medditeranian and although i don't really ahve olive skin, there is a slight tint to my skin that makes it more yellowy than white. My sister is really, really pale though, and she hardly has any moles on her face! I don't get it! I barely go ourtside at all, and when i do, let's face it, i live in Britain so there's never any sun around anyway. Why do moles keep growing and what can I do about it?
    PS- i'm 14 years old and never used a sunbed in my life.

    • ANSWER:

    Challenge for The Rock & his fans?
    if the rock were to dis these 2 guys, what would he say?

    you have to answer how the rock would answer it

    Guy 1: White, tall, muscular, acne on face, ugly, square head, short hair, good at basketball

    Guy 2: White, german, mole on face, football player, medium size, racist.

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    • ANSWER:
      Guy 1: go shove your pimply faced head up ur candy @$$

      Guy 2: hey u have a clone of umaga on ur face. umaga means shrivered up monkey penis.

    Caucasian Girl = Freckles and African American Girls = Moles/Beauty Marks?
    I have never seen a black girl with freckles so are moles considered freckles on a african american girls face. I know white girls have moles and can have freckles. And does anyone know how to remove moles. I am a African American Girl with a few moles on my face. I dont think theyre cute though.. I want freckles!..

    • ANSWER:
      Take a look at this website: http://blackchickswithfreckles.com/

      I'm black and I love the way freckles look on black people. It is really cute. There was this boy I went to high school with who was one grade lower than me that we called cookie crisp like the cereal because he was light skinned with freckles. He was really cute. Moles are more serious than freckles and I don't think you can get them in clusters.

    How do you deal with talking to someone face-to-face who has something distracting on their face?
    For instance, a bizarre birthmark or mole, white stuff in the corner of their mouth or something that might literally make you sick if you keep looking at them.

    • ANSWER:
      You be an adult and get over it. It's usually called being mature.

    Does anyone know how to remove moles on your face w/out scars?
    Are their any medications? They are only about 1 millimeter in diameter. Should I go with lasers? I am a 16 year old white male does that help or hurt my chances of scarring?

    • ANSWER:
      you cant freeze moles off, you have to have them cut out. If its a really big mole then you might get 1 or 2 stitches put in but its nothing too serious.Then whiles its healing, after the stitches have been removed, put tissue oil on it every night and every morning, Bio oil is the best, I use this every night and it have evened out my skin tone, reduced the scare on my forehead and leaves my skin moisturized.

    How Doo I Get Rid Of This Thing On My Face?
    Well Ive Had This Thing On My Face Sence I Was Little .. It Was Also Little I Just Thought It Was A Little White Mole Because It Was My Skin Color .. Now Sence Last Summer It Got Bigger .. My Mom Says Its From Touching It But I Dont Know .. Its Weird And I Have Noo Idea What It Is ..Now Its Bigger And White .?? And I Want Too Get Rid Of It .?!

    • ANSWER:
      well if you've had it that long its not a zit, so I'd guess a skin tag. I have them, and whenever i touch them or pick at them they get bigger, so just don't touch them whatever they are and see if you can go to a doctor or a skin specialist.. good luck!

    i want to remove my mole for good? Can i tell the doctor to it?
    i want to remove a mole on my face located rite on my sideburn..i want it gone i alrdy checked it for cancer nd it is not cancer i want to remove i dnt want a doctors big speech i jus want a doctor that would remove it for good ..and yes i would rather take a white scar than a mole anyday plzzz help me??

    • ANSWER:
      go to a dermatologist, they usually work with removing things on human skin. my mother is a dermatologist and she also performs surgeries on the skin. or a beauty surgeon can do this.

    Mole Removed Hole?
    I got my mole removed a month ago, and now where my flat mole was, there is a brownish mole. Will it heal? Also there is a white bump on my face, where my other mole was.

    • ANSWER:

    Am I UGLY!!!!!!!! Rank me on a scale 1 to 10, 10 being the prettiest???????
    Okay, well I do not know how to upload a photo to this, so anyways I have light brown hair with natural highlights. I have a golden skin tone. Big round eyes. Meduim size lips.Oval, not too oval, sized face. Small nose. No pimples at all. A few moles on face look like beuty marks that go with my face. Half white/half mexican. I look middle eastern, or italian

    • ANSWER:
      No one is really ugly, be confident and never think down of yourself, when i see a women i could care less about what she looks like, what i care is about is what's on the inside and that's all that really matters, so to answer you'r question No, not in the slightest.

    What breed of dog has moles?
    I have a 10 wk old lab mix, I am not sure what the mix is but I am getting some sudjestions. I know his mother was a white lab and he is tan with a WHite/ black face (a straight line down the middle of his face, with a white patch on one side of the face around the eye to the top of the knose and the other side is black from the eyes down around the knose and mouth) the rest of his face is tan, but one thing that stands out is the two freckles or moles on the side of his face with whisker like hairs coming out of them. He has whiskers one side black and other side white and he has eyebrows, but the mole like things on the side of face reminds me of a certain type of dog. What breed of dog has moles? I am going to get him a DNA test but this is a bet so I need all of the sudjestions as possible

    • ANSWER:
      All dogs have what you are describing.

    White blotch on where my mole used to be?
    I used to have a mole on the right side of my forehead, just above my eyebrow. About two years ago, the mole wasn't black anymore, and it started discoloring into a while circle, taking off a few hairs off my eyebrow and made my mole disappear in the process. I don't have any other white blotches except for this, and it really annoys me since it's on my face, a different color than the rest of my face, which makes it so obvious and people have to ask what it is and how'd I get it, bla bla...

    Any idea what this is called? And how to get rid of it? My dermatologist said it should heal as the years go by, but I really don't want to wait anymore. I'm tired of styling my hair so that it covers the white patch. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Your dermatologist should be able to tell you what it is called, I would call to find out.

      "Skin Conditions from medline health" This website has lots of information and pictures

      "American Academy of Dermatology" This website has gernal information about skin care

    what should i name him?

    so ive adopted a dog that was a stray, and because it was a stray it has no name .
    its a boy pappilion / pomeranian.
    and its adorable. it is tricolor (brown,white,black)
    it has a large brown spot (going from side to side) on its back
    with brown ears, a white face and black circle around its two eyes.
    everything is perfectly symmetrical
    it also has like black freckle thingys that ressemble moles.

    andis pretty small.
    its energetic.

    and last but not least i have no idea what to name him.

    ive been saving money and waiting for a dog for so long
    im :13

    • ANSWER:
      I like brownie,stains,peanut, and human names you can do anything that matches his personality.This is a great website that matches possible names for your pup based on qualities they have. I am using for my new Yorkie I will be getting soon here it is http://www.dog-names-and-more.com/Clever-Dog-Names.html .

    What do white people have so much brown moles?
    And please, I don't want any comments on my ignorance. I just want to know why. I mean they don't get black moles, just a lot of brown ones, it's not just one, but a lot, all over their arms and face.
    I know they aren't freckles. Probably not all white people have them but just the once I've seen.

    • ANSWER:

    What breeds are my mutt?
    We adopted her from a rescue (was a stray). Shes 27 pounds and has short legs like a corgi, has ears like a rat terrier, has a face like a husky, whiskers, pink mark on her nose(could be a scar), white paws, black body and a little tan and white, white underneath her black coat, white tip on her tail(not curly), mediumhaired and has a german sheperd mole on the side of her face.
    I know that i pretty much answered my question but does anyone have suggestions on what her main breeds could be? Shes energetic and her pic is on my profile.

    • ANSWER:

    7 year old grandson has flesh colored mole on bottom of earlobe with hair growing out of it. Is this dangerous
    The mole is flesh colored so you can hardly see it, but it's about the size of a pea, flat in shape, but it has long hairs growing out of it. His hair is white blond and so is the hair coming out of the mole. I don't know if the doctor has even noticed it before. I'm his Nana and I just noticed it today. Its on the bottom of the ear close to his face and hair so the hair in the mole just seems to blend in with his hair. The hair is soft.
    Should I be concerned about this?

    • ANSWER:
      Only if you notice changes in the size, shape, or color.

    Why do white people have lots of moles and freckles on their faces and bodies?

    • ANSWER:
      I have no idea. I've always wondered that too!
      Both me and my partner have freckles (no moles) all over our bodies.
      It doesn't bother me, it never has, but yes, I have always thought about it.

    Get rid of a mole/beuty mark?
    I had a big mole on the side of my face and i really wanted to get rid of it. My friend said to try to scratch it of my face. I did it and now it is almost white with only a little bit of brown o the edges and its big and red!! Its gross. i want to know if i can smooth it out and have it go to my normal skin tone. i tried foundation but it is still really obvious. HELP!!

    • ANSWER:
      I had a mole on my back removed. Go to a dermatologist, and he will slice it right off (don't worry, they inject it first so it doesn't hurt). Don't scratch it off yourself, because the mole could be deep in the skin, and then you are just wounding your face, which is never attractive. The doctor will also inject cortisone into the mole so the swelling goes down.
      This is not a very expensive procedure, so you should call around and find out costs and opinions from different dermatologists.

    What causes some arm or face hair to be rough.?
    My hair on my face and arms is very soft and once in a while I find a prickly hair that is either a bright white or a dark black. It feels course and thicker. What causes this? It usually happens once in awhile like once or month or so, but lately it hasn't happened for awhile. I know if you have a mole the hair has to grow thicker to get through but there is no mole there.

    • ANSWER:
      aftr u wax n when the hair grow back they're exactly how u said

    how do i get rid of a dark spot on my face?
    Ok well once
    i wnt to the dermatologist and there was a very small mole that had a pimple coming through it.I couldn't help but pick at it.but it became a scab and then it left an even bigger mole.So i got it removed with the liquid nitrogen treatment.first it was white then it was dark.so i got that removed Again.it faded abit but its still dark.Does anyone know how i can lighten it?

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a safe, painless, and effective way to permanently remove moles, warts, or skin tags in just 3 DAYS.


      And ...

      I recommend using herbal cream like Zenmed Scar and Hyperpigmentation Treatment:

      >> http://zenmed.com/specials/?a=5881

      They are giving away an amazing Holiday Sale! I suggest you hurry up while the offer is still available...

      Good luck :-)

    What is this on my face???
    I have many moles (mom calls them beauty marks) all over my body.
    I also know what pimples, acnes, clogged pores period, look like...
    I have this little bump on my face that feels like a mole but it white...???
    I have many mole growing, that are the color of my skin, but none of them have a white head...(This is not a pimple, and it is not popable)
    If you know what I am talking about plz help... Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      this happens to me too, but i wanna make sure, are you in the sun a lot? without sunscreen? then i recommend getting it checked by a doctor as skin cancer, just to be safe. But first make sure its not a whitehead, i always get them on my chest and forehead. try clean and clear, or clearasil, or anything with salicylic acid (acne medication). Use for a minimum of of a week or so to see results. If the bumps don't go away call a doctor.

    Is my mole cancerous?
    I have a large mole on my face and it has turned red (probably from plucking hair from it for years). Gradually it has changed colour from brown to red and swollen slightly. It always stings me and sometimes white puss comes out of it. Is it worth going to the GP about this? Should I get it removed?
    Is it serious?
    The reason why i haven't got it removed is becuase it will leave a scar for about a year

    • ANSWER:
      It may very well be serious and you should have it examined as soon as possible.

    Removed mole Scab came off early Open wound HELP ME PLEASEE!!!?
    Hello! I bought some liquid mole remover off of ebay. and when i got the product i started using it right away on 2 moles on my face. One on my cheek and another on my ear, i used the liquid for about 5 days until i felt a scab where the mole was at. I stopped applying the liquid and applied some Band-Aid Antibacterial clear cream. for about 2-3 days the scab still didnt fall off, i still started to apply the cream. and moved on with my day.

    Yestarday when i got out of the shower, i brushed my cheek with the towel i was using to dry off, and the scab came off with some white plasma!!! I saw in the mirror and there was this small open wound on my face! it looks like a crater! its not bleeding its just there, and open wound. I put some Band-Aid anti bacterial cream on it as soon as i saw!

    this morning i had class and i looked again in the mirror and it didnt go away! a small puncture wound on my face. i put some more bandaid stuff on the wound and prayed that it'll go down (so it wont look like a crater fell from the sky and hit my face) and then i read online that applying vitamin E to the wound makes it beter and grows skin. the only thing i had that was vitamin E was a face cream that read Vitamin E in big letters on the front label. I applied that and the redness is down but it still looks like a wound :(

    Please!! how can i cure this? the mole on my ear didnt become a crater! : nor did it fall off! -.- Im soo self conscious now I regret trying to remove the mole!

    • ANSWER:
      It will heal just as any wound or cut will heal, but it will take time. Keep it clean, cover it with a bandaid if you are self conscious about it, use antibiotic ointment if you think it might be getting infected. If it does get infected, see your doctor. To remove moles you really should see your doctor and not try to do it yourself.

    A pimple in a mole?
    So I have this mole on my face, and it's really tiny. It looks like it's just a freckle untill you pass a finger over it. Well anyways it's kinda turns itself into a pimple, at times. Like it has a white head on it. So heres the difficult part... I'm in the whole skin care business, but I have no idea if this is a "normal" thing. I'm not going to go to a specialist, when I should know these kinda things as it is, and it's not like it bothers me. I just wanna know has anyone had this before?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a slightly raised mole on my face and periodically get a pimple on it and I'm 52!

    Weird spots appearing on face?
    It started a few weeks ago when I woke up and noticed what looked a very tiny flat mole/freckle had appeared on my cheek. It looked a little more redish than a usual mole, but I didn't like much of it. A couple days later it scabbed over & it looked like there was an extremely tiny white circle in the middle. The scab fell off about a week after & it left a dark pink scar on my face with a tiny indent in the middle that is still there. I thought it maybe had been a strange zit afterall. About a week later another one appeared on the other side of my face by my chin. The same thing happened. Since then they have started to show up all over my face about a few days apart. I have about 5 right now within about a week & they are mostly on the lower portion of my face. I'm really scared because I've never seen anything like it & the scars are ruining my face very badly. They start out looking almost like the combination of a scabbed over zit & a flat mole/freckle. They hurt slighty to the touch when they appear & stop hurting once the scab falls off. They all are almost identical in their small size & similar shape. I do have a few other small moles on my face that have always been there & none look like this at all. I also get occasional acne, but these spots also seem different. I'm a 23 year old female if that makes a difference. I don't have health insurance right now, so I thought I would ask on here first if anyone has ever experienced anything like this before.

    • ANSWER:

    Apple cider vinegar on moles?
    I tried to use acv to get rid of a mole on my face and now there's a white ring around it and the surrounding area is a little swelled. Is this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      You're putting (weak) acid on your face and wondering why you might get an adverse reaction? It's pretty normal that your skin will react in this way.

      It's a complete waste of time to use it for mole removal though, vinegar won't do a thing just like it won't do any of the other dozens of claims made for it.

    Male kitten names?
    My cat had 4 kittens.We named 1 domino and another tux.There are 2 more males one is all black and 1 black and white with a mole on his face and no tail.I need names very soon!

    • ANSWER:
      How about T!ts MacGee and Turd Ferguson?

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