White Mole On Face Bleeding

Moles are round or oval pigmented protruding birthmarks on the skin which usually appear in early childhood. A typical adult has about 15 to 50 moles on the body.

Normally, these don't cause any trouble and are best left alone. But moles that become large, change color and shape, and bleed may indicate cancer and should be removed. A short visit to a dermatologist will confirm this.

aMost moles are harmless, but in rare cases, moles may become cancerous. Monitoring moles and other pigmented patches is an important step in detecting skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma. Not all melanomas develop from pre-existing moles, but many begin in or near a mole or other dark spot on the skin,a said the Mayo Clinic.

"Any mole or other discrete growth, especially one that has changed color, size or appearance, must be shown to your dermatologist right away. It may be a malignant melanoma, a killing cancer which can be cured if removed early enough. Any growth that has persisted for more than a couple of weeks, no matter what it looks like, should be checked out," added Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld of the New York Hospital -Cornell Medical Center in aSymptoms.a

Frequently Asked Questions

    Oozing, bleeding, scabbed over mole?
    Ok, this weekend I notice that my mole on my cheek, which has been there my entire life, had a bump in the middle of it. I thought maybe it was a pimple, but I NEVER get pimples or have ever had acne. (21 yrs old) Anyways, I scratched at it a little and it started oozing a clear fluid. I thought pimple's pus was white or yellowish. I tried not to mess with it but it continued to ooze. Today I was sitting in class and rubbed my face and noticed dry blood flaked off of it and was curious because I hadn't messed with it or scratched it to make it bleed. About 2 hours later I did scratch it and it continuously bled, blood running down my face. I asked my mom what she thought and she said it could have possibly just been a pimple that popped up there and somehow got infected. Any explanations? Do you agree with her? I'm a paranoid hypochondriac so of course my first thought is skin cancer. I don't have time to see a dermatologist though, finals next week at university.

    • ANSWER:
      Phone NHS Direct for some proper advice. 0845 4647.

    Removed mole Scab came off early Open wound HELP ME PLEASEE!!!?
    Hello! I bought some liquid mole remover off of ebay. and when i got the product i started using it right away on 2 moles on my face. One on my cheek and another on my ear, i used the liquid for about 5 days until i felt a scab where the mole was at. I stopped applying the liquid and applied some Band-Aid Antibacterial clear cream. for about 2-3 days the scab still didnt fall off, i still started to apply the cream. and moved on with my day.

    Yestarday when i got out of the shower, i brushed my cheek with the towel i was using to dry off, and the scab came off with some white plasma!!! I saw in the mirror and there was this small open wound on my face! it looks like a crater! its not bleeding its just there, and open wound. I put some Band-Aid anti bacterial cream on it as soon as i saw!

    this morning i had class and i looked again in the mirror and it didnt go away! a small puncture wound on my face. i put some more bandaid stuff on the wound and prayed that it'll go down (so it wont look like a crater fell from the sky and hit my face) and then i read online that applying vitamin E to the wound makes it beter and grows skin. the only thing i had that was vitamin E was a face cream that read Vitamin E in big letters on the front label. I applied that and the redness is down but it still looks like a wound :(

    Please!! how can i cure this? the mole on my ear didnt become a crater! : nor did it fall off! -.- Im soo self conscious now I regret trying to remove the mole!

    • ANSWER:
      It will heal just as any wound or cut will heal, but it will take time. Keep it clean, cover it with a bandaid if you are self conscious about it, use antibiotic ointment if you think it might be getting infected. If it does get infected, see your doctor. To remove moles you really should see your doctor and not try to do it yourself.

    scab on mole..help please !!?
    okay so one day i had like a white dot on my mole. after a few days i was washing my face with an exfoliater and it started bleeding. later on it turned into a scab and i couldn't help but pick it! every time it scabbed over again and i picked it again. now i just picked it for the last time and the mole looks pretty much normal.. help? is this bad ??

    • ANSWER:
      Moles, like any other part of your body, can get cut, bleed and scab over. And it is very hard to resist the temptation to pick at a scab! However, because sometimes moles can become nasty, the best advice I can give you is to go and show it to your doctor just to be safe. Doctors always recommend you see them anytime you notice a change in a mole. He might want to take a small sample of the mole to be analysed, he might even suggest you have it removed, or he might think it is absolutely normal and he does not need to do anything.

      Hope this helps

    Mole removal on nose - am I going to scar badly?
    I just had a mole on my nose frozen today as it was bleeding and itching, but I am terrified of scarring.

    I have been concealing the mole for years with makeup so I can easily cover a red/white scar, that doesn't bother me - but I keep imagining I will be left with a hige crater in the middle of my face! Is there anything I can do to prevent this or to help with the healing. It hasn't dropped off yet but dreading when it does :(

    Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      I had a really small mole removed off my nose but they "scraped" it out rather than freezing it. There is a small "crater" look to it but it's not too bad. It looks a little darker than the rest of my skin so I need to use a little concealer on it.

    Is my mole cancerous? What's wrong with me?!?
    About 2 1/2 - 3 weeks ago a "mole" of sorts formed on the side of my head. Right near my temple, where your pressure point is. If I pick at it, it BLEEDS profusely. Like blood just runs down the side of my face uncontrollably. I don't know what this is. I'm 25, almost 26 years old. Never had anything like this before. What could it be? It's red in color and circular in shape, diameter a little larger than a pencil eraser.

    Also, the other night, I was driving to pick up some pizza around 7 PM, and I saw random bursts of white light (happened twice in a 45 minute time span). It looked like lightening, but I don't think it was. Just a burst of white light in my vision...that LOOKED like a lightening blot of sorts. Could poison be leaking into my brain? Or could I be on my way to developing powers? Like in the 1996 smash hit "Phenomenon"?

    Last night I had very vivid dreams...but I also sucked down a slice of pizza and some garlic knots before laying in bed for Conan O'Brian.

    WTF is wrong with me???

    • ANSWER:
      I would see a doctor right away so that the spot on your head can be cultured. Please, please, PLEASE don't pick at it anymore- until you know what it is, you have to assume that it's infectious, and you DON'T want it spreading to other parts of your body, or to other people.

      I was seven in '96.

    Serious Cancerous question?!?!?

    My best friend noticed yesterday that a mole on his face was hurting really bad, and it never has before. Then today when he was with me it started bleeding (for no reason... like, he didn't scratch it or anything) and the face of it (like the brown part) fell off and now its swollen, white, and looks like a huge wart on his face. He and I are terrified that he has cancer... so my question is, what could this possibly be besides cancer? He is hopefully going to go see his doctor in the next 2 days or so... Please help, and if you are religious in any way, pray for him!

    • ANSWER:
      Your friend does need to see a doctor (dermatologist) about the mole.
      Catching it early will help, indeed!

      May the Lord be with you and your friend,
      in Jesus' name, I pray.
      May your friend's condition be remarkably
      healed. Amen.

      † Comforting Prayer Warrior †

    I have a pimple that hasn't gone away for three weeks! Help?
    It is on my cupids bow. It started out as a little tiny mole and then turned into a white head and I tried popping it but it just keeps coming right back! One day it started bleeding out of no where. I've tried everything from popping to spot treatment. I wash my face everyday. I just want it gone now!

    • ANSWER:
      Here is what I do when I get pimples --

      Morning - Make a paste with baking soda and water. It should be a little thinner then a paste. Wash face with it.

      Night -

      Wash face with face soap

      Make a face mask and put it on (recipe that I love is below) leave it for 15-20 minutes (I would bring a book into the bathroom with you for this part)

      Gently rinse mask off and put a moisturizer on your face

      Change your pillow case every other day and take a shower every day.

      Recipe I use -

      In a cup or small bowl mix - one table spoon of olive oil,,2 tablespoons vinegar (apple cider vinegar works the best but plain is fine)

      in a bowl mix - oatmeal (eye it, the smaller the pieces the better, you could also grind the oatmeal), baking soda (1 tablespoon), 1 table spoon salt, 1 tablespoon sugar.

      mix together liquid and dry. You can add more of any ingredient to make it the right thickness.

      Good luck!

    Got any advice on how to shut it up?
    My damn conscience, I mean..I'm 17 years old, and I've been over this A THOUSAND times with people..So it's better if I just got information..No links, please..When taken by anxiety, I can often misread things..

    Issue here is..Ever since summer started, I've been growing new moles..And it got me scared, of cancer..I know the stupid ABCs of skin cancer..I cannot express how annoyed I am at how many times those have been shoved in my face to get me to shut up..My family has a lot of moles, on one side...A lot of skin conditions, and moles..Many. But I've been assured, none of my relatives on that side have ever developed skin cancer..So it's basically hereditary..

    But it STILL worries me..Maybe because I'm white. And I mean that because..I'm just not used to waking up with these tiny brown spots on my skin..Sure, I've had some since I was born, but these ones I'm talking about just formed..I went to the skin doctor, and he didn't even look at me. I mean, he looked at one mole but, in regards to my family history, he tells me not to worry unless it bleeds, or hurts. I know about the irregular shape, and stuff..

    So could ya please give me some HELPFUL information that will hopefully reassure me and not cause me to go into a damn panic, like what I've been doing all f***king month? Do occasional itches count? How do moles form?
    Try not to give me any warnings on "what if" scenarios..It tends to make me more cautious, which leads to a panic..

    It's true what they say..Ignorance is bliss..I don't know why I had to go beyond that.

    Irrelevant: Mkay, I'm seriously making my Q&A private, I'm getting a reputation for being a schizophrenic crazy guy..I hate having a reputation..Anonymous is where it's at..
    And I'm not treating my goddamn anxiety. I'll get rid of it when it becomes absolutely necessary..And I'm talking if it gets to the point where I become suicidal..
    He checked one on my arm..Those dermatologists are expensive, and..Really, my parents don't have the time. Maybe in a few months, or next year..

    • ANSWER:
      EVERYONE develops additional moles as they age. My skin was pearly white (except for one mole on my right forearm) until I hit 16 or 17 . . .then, slowly, more appeared -- some are more tiny skin discolorations than moles.

      Aging and sun exposure will cause you to develop discolorations on your skin. Can't be helped.

      If the first "skin doctor" (I assume you mean dermatologist) blew you off, find another one and specifically state that you're coming in for a full-body skin cancer check. I live in Florida, and it's not uncommon for folks to go to their dermatologists annually for that. It's covered by insurance, but even if it's not, the peace of mind will be well worth it.

      If you're that freaked out, then just plan on getting your skin checked out annually by a dermatologist who you like. I'm not quite sure why the first doctor blew you off, but he should have at least recognized your signs of anxiety and explained the evolution of moles to you.

      If you have your skin professionally checked on an annual basis, it's VERY unlikely that a potential skin cancer will go unnoticed.

    Help please my skin is a misterie?
    hi im 36 years old and i always had bad skin actually i still have acne some in my back and face,
    lately for a year i have been havin some small dots that look like moles and others are look like just small tiny size pin dots
    they been appearing all over my body, legs, arms, down legs, and few in chest, none of them are itchy bleed or hurt apart from one that looks like redish blood the others are brown,
    they come in rawdom and 2 of them, one each arm are a little bigger the the others,
    they all appeared in the last year since i moved into this old apartment,
    sometimes after sleep i do wake up with some marks in my skin that looks like tiny bits or with some small white pimples , and some of them leave small scab nothing big but some they do,
    im too white and i hardly catch sun and i guess i never did cath a sunburn cause i work at night and i dont like much the hot weather,
    In my health i fell quite good really apart from that,, i even stopped smokin, but those dots are worring me,

    the locations of those dots:
    downer arms 4 right arm. 3 left arm
    left downer leg 5, and 2 on my right knee
    Left Shoulder 4
    2 Chest
    1 stomache
    and a small i mean very small dot in my right point Finger.

    about 2 months i went to a derma and he check me for 15 in a strong light and he said they are moles ,
    ok some look like moles but those little pimples that i get also sometimes leave a tiny scar, maybe cause im too white dunno.
    anyone knows what this might be?? Could it be some skin alergy cause this is a really old flat, ahh nearly forgot
    last year i went holidays for 2 months and when i come back i found in my bed a little whitte bug in bed like a whorm, a friend told me was the Dust and the room close it for so long.
    later last week i found another but this one more grayer closer to wc where my mates room is and i squashed and had gray blood or somethig.
    i thinnk i will leave this place ...
    Any help please cause im also scared.
    thanx and sorry for bad english and big post.

    • ANSWER:
      yes your grammar is hard to read, and I cant remember the question, but you have already seen a dermatologist (skin expert) and they have said they are harmless moles, could be you have a skin parasite now. If a Dr said you are fine then there is nothing anyone here can say to reassure you. Go back to the Dr. And spray insecticide in all your rooms,wash your bedclothes or move house!

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