Do Skin Moles Have Roots

Finally Be Free of Warts, Moles, & Skin Tags...Naturally!If you are like many people, you have tried just about everything to eliminate those irritating warts, moles, or skin no avail. Having to endure all of the expensive painful freezing or burning medical treatments is not very fun. Especially when these skin irritations return to haunt you a few months later. It really is a shame to have to spend so much hard-earned money on treatments and so-called "cures" that do not give permanent results.

Not only do these warts, moles, and skin tags affect you physically...they can have profound negative psychological effects as well... affecting your confidence and self-esteem. And possibly leading to social withdrawal and depression. Fortunately, today there is an all natural way to finally be free of moles, warts, and skin tags.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Homemade mole removal
    I found this on this website :

    1. Apples- take some sour apples and apply their extracted juice on the mole thrice a day for around three weeks. Be regular, you will discover that the mole will get dimmer and dimmer by the end of the third week.

    2. Onion- Take the juice of an onion and apply this juice once a day on your moles and continue this for several weeks. This is really effective.

    3. Baking soda with Castor oil- Make a paste of a pinch of baking soda with a little bit of castor oil. Now apply this paste on your mole and leave it overnight. Repeat this for several days..

    4. Drumstick pods- Grind a few drumstick pods finely to a smooth paste like mixture and then add some fresh lemon extract to this paste. Now, apply this paste on the affected area regularly. After a few days, the mole will fade off.

    5. Dandelion roots- Cut the root of a dandelion plant and rub this root on to the mole till it's milky like juice comes out and covers the mole completely. Do this for once everyday and repeat this for several weeks.

    6. Potassium- Try to go for the foods rich in potassium or take apple cider vinegar that is rich in potassium. This will cure your moles permanently.

    7. Garlic- If you place a small piece of garlic over your mole and scrape the flat side of the garlic touching the mole to let the juice get into it. Or the other way is to apply garlic paste by simply crushing the garlic clove, directly over the affected area and leave it open. Keep it like this only for the whole day and night and repeat the same process the next day, you will get astonished to see that the mole will disappear within the next three to seven days. The duration of the cure differs from person to person, some will see the results within three days, while some may take a bit longer (one week). So, be patient.

    8. Iodine is highly beneficial if you apply it over the mole in the night for 2-3 days.

    9. Banana peel- Take a piece of ripe banana peel and apply the pulp side over the moles and cover with a band-aid. Only remove it while taking bath. Apply this daily for many months.

    10. Cauliflower- If you apply the juice of cauliflower over your moles daily, then you will notice that the moles will fall automatically within a few days.

    11. Pure Honey- Apply the purest form of honey over your moles every morning and night till the mole disappears. And this is the simplest home remedy for moles.

    Has anybody tried them? Do you think they work? I cant have them cut or frozen I'm too young!
    Please can anyone reply?!

    • ANSWER:
      I tried the iodine one. It seemed to work. Its smaller and hardly noticable.

    Skin Tabs, what are they, are they bad, can I cut it off myself?
    Another question I know the answer too (Go see a Doctor, have them remove it etc.) but I live in the world of No Health Insurance etc. A few years ago I was looking @ my back in the mirror and saw a small tab of skin about the size of a pencil eraser yet thinner sticking out of my back. It had never been there before. I have no major moles, no other tabs or major skin bumps and have generally clear skin. I ignored it for a bit, it didn't hurt, itch or change shape. After a while though it did seem to get a little longer and started to look gross. Just an ugly skin tab sticking out. Unfortunately i can barely reach it, i can only feel it for a brief moment, it has no feeling and seems to be hollow. Its just flabby, soft and gross. I showed my Mom, she said it was just a skin tab, I said, cut it off me, its gross. Just use an alcohol swab, a sterile blade and zing! all gone. Peroxide it and slap on a band aid. Of course she said no, see a Doctor which i cant afford. Its causing no health problems its just cosmetic. I talked a friend into doing it for me finally. I wouldn't think this is too dangerous. I bet that's exactly what a dermatologist would do but charge me 0 bucks. If we are careful and sterile I don't see a problem. I used to cut out a wart that would appear on my thumb when I was a teenager. After 3 tries it never came back after i dug in and got the root, plus last year in a numb drunken state I literally performed minor surgery on my chest and removed a small but annoying mole/raspberry/skin tab that had appeared and was getting harder and bigger. It came back affter a few months but as a much smaller and less noticeable light mole/bump. I bled a lot on that one though! Where are these moles, bumps, tabs coming from?? Its cuz im getting older. I noticed my Dad has developed some over his late years. Any info and suggestions (besides the obvious :-) Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Fuckingg Hell !, Sorry for swearing ! :P
      that mole/raspberry/skintab, doesnt sound like a normal skin tab ! ,
      Just go to the doctor for gods sake !, would you rather die ?!
      You dont know what it is !!
      So you got money to go get drunk but not for a doctor,
      Just GO !.
      Jeeezz :)
      You dont know what it is , it could be serious !.

    Girlz -know any tips for sorting out a patchy skin tone??
    I'm a white 22 yr old, and I have a few moles on my face and I get a red T-zone. I've tried concealer, but I'd rather get the root of the problem so my skin looks good naturally. What are your daily regimes and what tips do you have for me? Any help much appreciated.
    Luv KT xxx

    • ANSWER:
      It may be rosacea. Lots of us have it.
      Iuse Olay Night Firming Cream and it has done wonders for my skin tone.
      You can go to:

      The girls here are experts on all the various face creams and you will find what you need there.

    Removing moles from the sun?
    I have pretty light skin and everytime I go out in the sun a couple days later I will notice a small mole appear on my neck or face. I've went to my dermatologist and I think he is a complete idiot. I know for a fact I have a couple of moles that arent symmetrical (or whatever its called, there uneven) and he said it was fine but I know they should be removed.

    Either way I dont trust the doctor so either I upfront ask him to freeze them off or I go to the store and get that dr.scholls freeze away stuff. Its the same concept I think as the nitrogen the doc uses.

    I know people say well it wont work because moles have a root tree like structure that goes deep. Well no not all moles do, mine are all flat on the skins surface and not raised and dont go deep.

    Reccomendations plz.
    I don't know whats the difference? I just called them 'moles from the sun' because they popped up a couple of days after I went out into the sun.

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend you find another dermatologist. Usually they cut out moles, even if they're flat and not raised. Good luck.

    Boyfriend has red painful spot on scalp with ring around it (not touching it at all)
    He is going to the dermatologist on Wednesday, but we are quite scared that he may have melanoma. I will try to describe the spot as best as possible:

    - Small, about 1 mm in length
    - A reddish color
    - A line in the shape of the circle surrounds it, but not like a Halo Nevi or Halo Nevis- those cirlces actually touch the moles, the circle on his head does not touch the mole
    -The circle is a faint pink color, it is very faint in fact.
    - The pain can described as throbbing, stabbing with a finger nail, "rooted in skin", and has lasted for 1.5 years AFTER a previous biopsy to another mole (noncancerous)

    could this be melanoma?
    I should add that the throbbing pain makes him very agitated as it is constant and has not stopped for 1.5 years.
    it doesnt look like ringworm though.

    • ANSWER:

    does removing mole makes it cancerous?
    helo, im an asian and i have 3 moles on my face, im tempted to remove one thats why i put garlic everynight ( based on my research it is good for moles).. after several days, the skin around my moles became redish , the skin became softer so i peeled it up.. the upper layer of the mole is removed but the root is still there.. im so afraid for what will happen to my mole after it.. what should i do? is it ok if i continued peeling it or not?. by the way, my mole is just small

    • ANSWER:

    I have a hard bump in my mouth?
    i noticed a bump in my mouth today with my tongue.. It is located underneith my top high as it can feels like a peice of skin or a mole just sitting there... I never noticed it before... I don't know if its new or if its been there forever.. now that i noticed it i can feel it rubbing against my gums...has anyone heard of anything like this before? what could it be? I do plan on going to my dentist to get to the root of the problem but it will be a couple weeks so im eager to get some possible answers before than:) thanks!

    oh P.s its very small & has no feeling...feels like its about 1/2 the size of a split pea...I couldnt think of anything small enough to compare it to other than that lol

    • ANSWER:
      Most likely it is a benign growth.

      Most of us at some point of our lives get cuts and bruises that can also be from hard foods.

      Sometimes those heal with a little bit of scarring.

      The degree of scarring also depends on the race (some Afro-American people tend to get more scarring during healing) and the amount of local irritation in the healing area.

      Though a little irregular and bothersome, these growths do not pose any problem.

      On rare occasions there can be small growths due to some viral infection.

      However, it is premature to make a comment without taking a look at it.

      Your dentist will be able to evaluate better when you go in.

    WTF is this on my hand!!!!?

    i'd convinced myself that i had a mole on my left hand just below my pinky finger

    i was alwayz eventually gonna go to a doctor but just put it off cause its not high on my to do list

    but i just looked up moles and mines doesnt look like a mole, its been there for a couple months, it used to be sorta dark, but i assume thats just from dried blood when i picked the root out, but now its just a little darker than my skin, its kinda like a mole shaped peice of skin

    is not really painful, just kinda of annoying at times

    so anywho does anyone kno what this is, and can i remove it myself or do i have to go to a docter/dermatologist

    hmmmmm ur answer is pretty good,

    i think ur right, it is a wart, its jsut 1 by itself but it kinda looks like google pix,

    ok ill go do something fo sure now

    do u think my family doc cud fix it up or do i need a dermatogolist?

    • ANSWER:
      I think what ur describing seems like a skin infection, they are called warts. They will keep growing if u dont get the doctor to freeze it or remove it from the roots. You NEED to do something about it.. not YOU persnally, bcoz u dont want to scar yourself.. get it fixed up proffesionally. Theres really strong medicine for it in the chemist called WARTNER however, dont misuse it.. u dont want to burn ur skin off..
      most people say that they can fall off if u leave the long enough, and some myths say that if u rub lemon on it everyday the acid will kill it. THATS NOT PROVEN.. just like saying someone can heal a broken bone by just drinking milk. LOL. be careful they are highly infectious. Make sure you wash your hands regularly and carry an antiseptic around in places u know u cant wash regularly.. keep it clean and GO TO THE DOCTOR.
      im not scaring u, but it will keep getting more annoying by the second.

    Which hair colour should I do?
    I don't have any pictures of myself but I can't decide which hair colour to do. I have fair skin with a lot of freckle-mole things. My eyes are blue/grey. My natural hair colour was really light blonde until 9th grade it started to get darker. Now the roots are a dirty blonde/light brown. The rest of my hair is a light brown with a little bit of copper tones and golden highlights. I don't know if I should keep the colour I have, which means I don't need to do root touch ups or if I should go back to really light blonde. I love really light blonde but I just don't know what to pick. Some days I love my hair colour right now and other days it looks gross.
    NOOO. Why do people never answer the freaking question? I asked for people to pick blonde or the colour I have now. NOT BLACK. I already had black hair and when my roots grew in I looked bald because my roots are so light. Black hair does not work for me so just answer the question the way I asked it to be answered.

    • ANSWER:

    Why do people hate on Sarah Jessica Parker?
    I mean is it really becuase of her looks? I'll admit, she's certainly not beautful in the face (prob bc of the long face, mole and big nose) but I do think her body looks great especially for her age. She looks fairly sexy even in many SITC episodes, particularly when the outfits are tight and short. I do hate her hair, but really as long as she doesn't do that dark roots with blonde hair and pale skin thing, she looks fine to me. As a hollywood girl, she's pretty natural, I mean she never got a nosejob, cheek implants, lip injections, or overly fake tan/spray tan, etc to make herself more attractive.

    There's tons of uglier looking women on TV/film, so why so much hate towards SJP? her personality seems nice too, it's not like she's some arrogant jerk like other Paris Hilton or Kesha who openly think they're so HOT when nobody agrees. At least SJP has talent compared to those fugly celebs!

    • ANSWER:
      ok yeah her nose is big BUT shes hot! I mean she's getting a bit older but she looks hot in sex n the city! and her acting is sooooo good! she's sweet, funny, bright, and has personality! her nose is her nose atleast she kept it! and her hair is pretty! Paris is ugly with her damn limpy eye and fake personality, and she's slutty trying to act like a good girl ahahhahahahah please and shes way to thin and has crazy big ass feet ew! oh and a big nose! fake boobs now and no ass! and she doesent like mexicans and blacks and im sure other races! lol anyhow SJP is a little hottie in my book!

    I had a mole on my question?
    I had a mole on my face, the hair was coming in dark there
    The mole was removed but the hair keeps coming in dark there
    I pluck it when it gets just above the surface of the skin, it looks like I am taking the bulb/root out, but it there anything else I can be doing to stop/prevent the growth of hair in that spot?

    I think there are about 4 dark hairs that come in there


    • ANSWER:
      laser? its not too hard plucking it out all the time so just keep doing that.

    Will this be an okay outline for all of my characters? Or should I add more?
    What is your character's full name:

    How old is your character throughout the majority of the story:

    Date of birth:

    Place of birth:

    Current address:

    How many brothers and sisters does your character have:

    Which one is he/she closest to:

    What is your character's overall health like:

    What type of personality does your character have:

    Zodiac sign:

    Lives with:

    Preferred nickname:

    Current occupation:

    Dream occupation:


    Political affiliation:



    Has/wants children:

    Has/wants pets:


    Childhood Memories:

    Skin color:

    Cheeks: (Did he have high cheekbones? Shallow check? Flabby jowls?)

    Jaw: (Wide, sturdy jaw? Narrow pointy jaw?)

    Forehead: (Broad forehead? Wrinkled brow?)

    Chin: (A jutting chin? No chin? Square chin? A double chin? Does his double chin have a double chin?)

    Lips: (Does he have full thick lips or pale thin lips?)

    Nose: (Big nose? Small nose? Was it long or short? Rounded? Bulbous? Crooked? Did he appear to have ever broken his nose in the past?)
    Eyebrows: (Full? Thick? Thin? Fair? Dark? Bushy? Wide spread? Did they connect in the middle?)

    Facial hair: (Sideburns? Bangs? Did he hair cover his eyes? Beard? Mustache?)

    Eyes: (Color? Were they wide set? Close together? Large? Small? Round? Almond? Popeyed? Did he wear glasses?)

    Hair: (Color? Was it messy or did it seem rather neat? Greasy? Well groomed? Hair sprayed? Straight? Thick? Wavy? Frizzed? Natural curls? Permed curls? Dreadlocks? Did he have hair? Was it think or balding? Did it look natural or could he have been wearing a wig? What color was it? Brown you say? Was it a light sandy brown or a dark chestnut brown or could it have been more of an auburn brown? Did it look natural? Could it have been dyed? Did you notice any highlights or streaks? Was there a root line? Was it going grey? How long was his hair? Crew cut? Short? Ducktail? Ponytail?)


    Weight: (Was he thin? Underweight? Overweight? About average?
    Athletic? Muscular? Pot bellied?)

    The way he walks: (Did he have a limp? Did he move slowly or quickly? Long strides or little steps?)


    Things that make him stand out: (A mole? A birthmark? Any visible scars? Any deformities?)

    Skin: (Smooth skinned or wrinkled? Pale? Light? Olive? Tan? Dark? Did he have a suntan?)



    Jewelry or piercing:

    • ANSWER:
      Woah, I think that is plently enough. It is a LOT more detailed than I usually do. You should have you characters pretty well sorted out before the story with that plan :D

      Answer mine?;_ylt=Asd0juov7KxAdjHaDMwHUh2f5HNG;_ylv=3?qid=20100322025238AAATOpk

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